Latest picture of lulu Menziwa the KZN Bootilicious teacher

#WCW Latest pictures of Lulu Menziwa the KZN b00tilicious teacher. If you remember very well we had an article on this teacher after her sexxy pictures went viral on the internet and spend almost 2 days trending on Twitter. If you have forgotten below is a catch up of what I’m talking about.

Okay, so there are pictures that are circulating and have gone viral on all social media platforms. Yesterday the Twitter streets were on fire due to these pictures. The pictures are of a teacher who has got an awesome body structure that has caused social media to melt down.

Not much is known about this teacher at the moment but we promise to tell you more about her as soon as we get the information. For now, we are just going to show you the pictures that made her trend on Twitter and went viral on Facebook and other social media platforms…

Now she is back and we have some information about her. We now know that she goes by the name of Lulu Menziwa a teacher at one of KZN schools. The name of the school is not yet known.

Lulu Menziwa

She is goals for days. this kind of teachers will make you wanna go back to school and start learning again. And if you see the type of clothes she wears it only shows the good taste she has in fashion. Nike, Puma and Fashionnova..etc.

Lulu Menziwa

Did Addidas make that tracksuit specifically for her? The way it is fitting on her is just marvellous, out of this world.

Lulu Menziwa

She might not be hitting the gym but she possesses a fine body. From what we have gathered through her Instagram account it seems as if she is a clothes designer too. She refers to herself as Madam B and tagged one of the pictures this message: Madam B wearing @speletepta t-shirt 💃.. #madambclothing

Madam B

Which made us think maybe she is a part-time designer. Well only time will tell but for now, we just keep admiring her stunning pictures.

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I slept with different men just to get help, mother of 4 cries out

A woman identified as Mirabel Anaedo from Anambra state, has put shame aside to reveal on social media how men have taken advantage of her before rendering assistance to her.

In a video posted online, the widow and mother of four boys – revealed that her husband died while she was 6 months pregnant with the fourth child and since then life has been difficult for her and her kids.

The woman admitted to have had Se-x with different men in a bid to get help from them but most disappointed her.

She also revealed in a WhatsApp chat posted online with her consent, how she was asked by a man to send her nude pictures to him with her fingering herself before she could receive help from him.

She disclosed that she has met with her priest and have also turned a new leaf because she’s tired of messing around.

Internet users have drummed up support online to see a way the woman can be helped.

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Taboo!wife catches husband with the daughter.

TABOO: Marriage Comes To An End As Woman Catches Husband With Daughter Red-Handed

Ayobami Ogunleye, a trader and mother of three, on Friday told a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan to dissolve her marriage to Olaniyi because he allegedly raped her 16-year-old daughter.

Testifying before Chief Ademola Odunade, the court’s President, Ayobami, who lived at Liberty-Oke-ado area of Ibadan said that her husband raped her 16-year-old daughter whom she had before getting married to Olaniyi, NAN reports.

Image result for man defiles daughter

“If I had known that Olaniyi was heartless, I would not have ventured into marrying him, let alone having children with him.

“I caught him red-handed raping my 16-year-old daughter that I had before I married him.

“I told Olaniyi in clear tones that I have a female child before he agreed to marry me.

“What I saw was that he started disturbing the girl until he eventually raped her.

“In fact, that was the reason I sent the girl to her father.

“Worst still, Olaniyi is a gambler and a thief.

Image result for man defiles daughter

“I kept a cash of N9,500 in a safe in our living room, Olaniyi stole the money to play Niger Bet without anything to show for it.

“When I asked him for my money, he started threatening to kill me.

“Then, he stabbed me with cutlass and my body is full of different machete cuts now.

“I reported him at Iyaganku police station and they advised me to institute a legal action against him in the court of law.

“Besides, I acquired a motorcycle for Olaniyi on instalments and he has remained an ingrate.

“He doesn’t even take care of the the children and I, please separate us,” Ayobami begged the court.

The respondent, who consented to the suit, however denied the allegations levelled against him.

Olaniyi, a commercial motorcyclist, submitted that his wife was a notorious prostitute in the neighbourhood.

Image result for man defiles daughter

“My lord, it is true that Ayobami brought a female child into my home when I married her, but it is not true that I raped the girl.

“She framed all sorts of lies against me after I caught her in adulterous act.

“The money I took in the room is actually mine and not hers,” Olaniyi said.

The respondent was, however, silent on the issue of the motorcycle which the plaintiff said she got on instalments for him.

The court’s president, Odunade subsequently pronounced the marriage dissolved, citing threat to life as reason.

“In the interest of peaceful living, the union between Ayobami and Olaniyi has ceased to be.

“Custody of the three children produced by the union is granted to Ayobami and Olaniyi shall pay a monthly allowance of N30,000 for the children’s upkeep in addition to been responsible for their education and other welfare,” the arbitrator said.

Transgender man birth baby boy

Wyley, 28, discovered that he was pregnant by his fiancé, Sephan Gaeth, in February 2018. At this time, he was still transitioning.

At first, the very thought of getting pregnant as a man crippled him emotionally. Given the fact that he had started testosterone treatment in 2012, the effects of this let him to believe that it was impossible for him to conceive.

Transgender who welcomes baby boy after years of being a man opens up on pregnancy journey

This caused him to feel a great level of unpreparedness when he discovered his pregnancy. Even more, he received a lot of “judgement from strangers”. Despite all this, he and his partner decided to go through with the pregnancy.

Image result for transgender man pregnant

In September 2018, Wyley gave birth to a son, Rowan, through emergency C-section. But before the baby was born, it was a tug of war for the pregnant man. For one, he was terribly abused and insulted by many.

With regards to this, Wyley said: “It’s not every day that someone sees a pregnant man walking down the road so we received a fair amount of abuse. I would be told that I’ll never be a man, ‘men don’t carry babies’ and everyone called me ‘it’.”

Image result for transgender man pregnant

“Once my physical bump had disappeared and I was able to take my hormones again, I felt good about everything,” he explained. “Now myself and Stephan are just revelling in fatherhood and can’t wait to continue our journey as a family.”

Image result for transgender man pregnant

Despite their happiness over their son, Wyley said he did not think he and his partner wanted another child. H still has plans to fully transition into a male.  “I am looking to fully transition in the future, so the likelihood of having another child naturally is unlikely,” he said.

“It was a great feeling to be able to carry Rowan, feeling him kick and going to baby scans, but for me as a person, it isn’t something I can continue to do.” “I don’t see myself as any less of a man because of what happened, but I just do not identify in such a feminine way as to be pregnant – so it won’t be happening again.”

see what Annie idibia said to her own mother

Annie Idibia, a popular Nigerian actress who is also the wife of famous pop star, 2Face Idibia, has shown off her mother online. The actress made the post on her Instagram page on Sunday, March 10, 2019 and termed it an ‘appreciation post’ as she showers the older woman with praises.

Image result for annie idibia daily advent

In the photo, Annie’s mother is seen with a happy smile on her face as she checks out things on her phone. Captioning the post, Annie expressed her undying love for her mother, asking what she would do without her. She wrote: “My Sweet Mother
“What Would I Do Without You Mama?? T H A N K Y O U #appreciationpost”

Annie was born in Ibadan but is originally from Eket in Akwa Ibom State. She moved to Lagos with her mother after the divorce of her parents. She holds a degree in Computer Science and Theatre Arts after completing undergraduate courses at Lagos State University and the University of Lagos respectively.

Image result for annie idibia

Prior to the start of Annie Macaulay–Idibia’s acting career, she competed at the “Queen of All Nations Beauty Pageant” where she placed runner-up and she also went on feature in a cameo appearance on the music video of 2face Idibia’s “African Queen” song. Her Nollywood career came to limelight for her role in the movies titled Pleasure and Crime and Blackberry Babes

Image result for annie idibia daily advent

Beautiful wife of 2baba Idibia and actress, Annie Idibia goes braless in a new photo she shared on her instagram page. Arguably one of Nigeria’s most loved couples, 2Face Idibia and Annie Idibia have come a long way to be together and their true love story is one that could even bring tears to your eyes.

The actress shared this photo with caption saying: “May the blessings of this day locate you. May your labour bring sweet reward. May the universe come to your aid. May Everyone One fighting any illness be healed!.

Image result for Annie and her mum

Despite the ups and downs, baby mama drama and crazy careers, they have always found a way back into each other’s arms proving that truly, love conquers all. Annie first met 2face Idibia at Even Ezra Music Studio when she was just fifteen. She once said,“I think there was some electricity that second”. By the time they shot the “African Queen” video in 2004, they had started dating and everyone could tell how in love they were. Annie has always been 2Face’s African queen. A true story of “started from the bottom…”

Don’t you just love Annie Idibia


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