God killed Onan for pulling out and ejaculating on the ground instead of impregnanting his brother widow.

The value we place on something deter-mines how we treat it.

For instance, you probably wouldn’t give much thought to caring for an old shoebox. Yet if someone placed $10,000 inside before handing you that same cardboard container, you’d likely rearrange your day to make sure it was properly protected against damage or theft.

Similarly, once we realize the worth of scripture, we no longer read merely out of obligation. Instead, we hunger for its revelation and life-changing power.

Here’s how God instructs us to read His “instruction manual for life.”

First, turn to it daily with eager expectation for what the Lord will reveal.

Second, meditate upon the Word by thinking about what you’ve read and absorbing its meaning and implications.

Third, study God’s truth. There are a variety of ways to do this. For example, follow a specific word through the Old and New Testaments by using a concordance or search engine. Or study an entire book by dissecting one chapter at a time.

Fourth, believe what the Lord says.

Fifth, obey. In other words, apply what you read to your life situation. This often requires courage and discipline.

Sixth, share what you’ve learned. This will encourage others while strengthening you and sinking the lesson deep in your heart.

The Bible may look like just another book. But it is living truth that can protect and guide, pierce and encourage. Nowhere else do we learn how to be saved so we can eventually dwell with the Lord in heaven. When we grasp scripture’s value, our interaction with God’s Word will reflect its worth.



I always rape my uncle cause he is long in bed,Alexndra Gauteng girl.

Gaunteng gir

I touch my uncle’s penis and everything starts.

“My uncle is a very generous man, i always tell people but they do not understand me. The magnet he has for my hormones is very strong because im the one who is always approaching when he is spleeping.

The first day he was sleeping and i got on his bed and i seduced him and he did exactly what i expected. As long as her wife is not around i makw sure i drain every single energy in him.” sayed a South African 19 year old sleeping with her aunt’s husband (32).[names not disclosed as per girl’s wish.]

“I recently moved to Alexandra Gauteng where my aunt is staying, so my aunt works at Sasol garage and most of the times we will be only two with my uncle. His muscles are one of the things that makes me melt whenever i see him and thanks to my intelligence i and now know were to touch him and its a one touch move.”

This is now the part of us as the Mr Gossip crew what does this mean to our 21th century generation. I strongly believe we need to change the ways we teach in school and the way we behave as adults in communities because some of the behaviors we are seeing are due to lack of good parenting. This is not good at all as The Gossip team we continue to find stories and lets hope we will get someone to change this with

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This is why I like to Dominate my man in the bedroom.

Quote me not! I am not a feminist but this is what I really want. Men have been known to be the stronger one,s in every aspect and always ruling the women.

This is why I take the opportunity when in the bedroom with my man and feel authoritative and manly within the few minutes of enjoyment. I always feel in charge when me and my man are on the love making.

This makes me not feel inferior and also make sure my man succumbs to all my need at that particular moment. This is because whenever I dominate him in the bedroom he always feels weak and can’t exercise his authoritative power as a man.

Besides this, he enjoys it too and often compliment it.

if you are a lady like me and you want to take control of your man for some couple of minutes try my method and thank me later.



Nigerian Billionaire Hushpuppi wants to know where all covid19 Donations is going.

The Dubai-based Nigerian billionaire, who’s in his 30s, shared his thoughts to his over 2 million Instagram followers on Monday, noting that many hospitals and orphanages are in dire need while all that is being heard is “audio billions.”

Hushpuppi, a real estate developer and media personality is wondering where those donations are and perhaps when they would be put to use.

He wrote: “I am directly in contact with some major orphanages and hospitals. They are lacking majorly in this crazy time so that makes me wonder where did all those privately donated funds go to”

He wrote: “I am directly in contact with some major orphanages and hospitals. They are lacking majorly in this crazy time so that makes me wonder where did all those privately donated funds go to”

Where is the money going to be sincere, some said they wants to give each family 30,000, some said 10,000 but why haven’t we seen anything. God knows those will spend the money because those leaders are something.


No man have been able to handle my behind that’s why I’m still single-Aisha laments.

No Man Has Been Able To Handle My Behind, That’s Why I’m Still Single” – Aisha Laments

In Nigeria when a woman comes of marriageable age then there is pressure on her from her peers parents and even relatives to get married

Most women have succumbed to such pressures and end up getting married to a man that they don’t really desire

A Muslim girl of marriageable age who isn’t married yet, draws lots of criticism from and it isn’t different for this Twitter lady Aisha who decided to tell her critics via Twitter her reason why she isn’t married yet

She said she hasn’t met a man who is capable of handling her behind and that’s why she is still single

She seemingly isn’t bothered by the Arewa community coming to criticize her for her kind of post as she further says she is ready for them

See screenshot below

No one should be rushed into marriage or pressured, we all have our time, so it might just be Worth commending Aisha for taking her stand till she finds her Mr right

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