Zodwa wabantu left heartbroken,sometimes you have to let people go.

People usually say:”What goes around comes back around.”

This proves to be true as Zodwa Wabantu bids farewell to her second ben10 boyfriend, Vusi Buthelezi. Remember when Zodwa decided to end things with previous boyfriend, Ntobeko Linda?

Not only that but to take back her lobola from the Linda family, she now pays the price. Vusi and Zodwa have allegedly been on lockdown together but have since decided to end things for reason unknown.

Zodwa seemed sad over the break up as she said, sometimes you just have to let people leave.

This was said because Vusi was the one to break things off for reasons unknown. He even recently left her house.

Heartbroken Zodwa took to instagram and poured her heart out saying it is really over.

Did this drama involve her house robbery incident or was it totally different?

Above is a picture capturing the happy times Vusi and Zodwa shared.

Video-zodwa wabantu having a good time with her ben10

Zodwa Wabantu

Local entertainer Zodwa Wabantu took some time out from her busy schedule to spent some R&R with her boyfriend Vusi Buthelezi. The festive season is approaching and the vosho queen is booked and busy with appearances all over the country. On Thursday, Zodwa took a bit of a break and spent time with her boyfriend while she was Durban and posted a cute video of them together.

Zodwa Wabantu

In the video, the happy couple is seen laughing and in the caption, Zodwa mentions that they are laughing at her comments section

Last week, Zodwa and Vusi also had an outing to uShaka Marine World where they took a ride on a gondola as a part of a magazine shoot. In September, the “Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored” star revealed she was dating someone new following her public breakup from Ntobeko Linda.

Zodwa Wabantu

Since then the Afrotainment star has revealed why she chooses to date Ben 10s and shared that men have been sliding into her DMs after she announced that she was single. She also revealed that she is giving away her R18 000 wedding dress as she wanted to make someone else happy since she couldn’t live her dream.

Watch Video

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Kanye West

The 42-year-old rapper has vowed to “create so many jobs” if he is elected to be commander-in-chief and thinks it is a race he would “walk”. Speaking at Fast Company’s Innovation Festival, he said: “When I run for president in 2024… What y’all laughing at?

Zodwa wabantu gets herself a new boyfriend

Zodwa Wabantu

Just three months after she called off her wedding to long-time bae Ntobeko, Zodwa Wabantu has found love again. The reality TV star is on cloud nine after finding love in the arms of her new Ben 10, Vusi Buthelezi, who made his big debut on Zodwa’s Instagram feed earlier this week.

Zodwa told TshisaLIVE that she and Vusi were head over heels with each other and you could tell by the tone of their voices.

Zodwa Wabantu

I will decide whether I include him on my reality show because I have 13 episodes ahead of me. We have been dating for three months, he makes me happy and I love him, can’t you see my skin is even glowing?” Zodwa asked. The dancer added that Vusi was the reason why her skin was beautiful and glowing lately.

“Since I’m very busy I don’t want to make him understand my life or involve him because my previous relationship was ruined by that. After they get used to this life they become big-headed and think they are a superstar and the only superstar is me.”

When asked how she was going to do that Zodwa explained that she needed to come up with a strategy on how she was going to handle her current relationship.

Zodwa Wabantu

“What attracted me to her is her honesty, she’s pure. I love being happy and she loves being happy. I’m an entrepreneur and also furthering my studies,” Vusi said.

Zodwa Wabantu

Vusi explained that spending time was quite a mission but they always made it work.Sometimes our work schedules clash so I sacrifice by travelling with her to make our relationship stronger. We understand each other’s job pressures. I spend time with her when I’m not working.

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This comes after investigative journalists amaBhungane reported that Masondo had allegedly set the Hawks on his ex-mistress following disagreements over a financial settlement for counselling after the woman allegedly underwent an abortion at the advice of the deputy minister. The DA said the Hawks’ job is to pursue serious, organised commercial crimes and had nothing to do with disputes of the bedroom.


Zodwa wabantu-fans insert there fingers in her private part on stage-watch video

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South African Pantless Dancer, Zodwa Wabantu’s Fan Sticks His Finger In Her Private Part (Video)

Zodwa Wabantu, the South African dancer is famously known for dancing pantless at occasions has made news yet again.

During her recent appearance at an event, the controversial South African celebrity, 34, went closer to some of her fans while she was on stage speaking in a very skimpy outfit.

At one point, some excited fans were seen lifting her dress and groping the dancer on stage. But one man went a bit far as he was filmed sticking his finger in between the legs of Wabantu, who was clearly unbothered.

Watch the video below.

How much zodwa spent on V@ginal Tightening

Zodwa Wabantu

She drops a few thousand just to get results. Socialite and entertainer Zodwa Wabantu has revealed that she pays about R3,970 per treatment for her ongoing aesthetic s-e-xual medicine treatments at Herwood Medical Centre.

Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa caused a stir less than two weeks ago when she revealed that she was undergoing treatments to tighten her nether region in an effort to return it to the condition it was in before she gave birth to her son. According to a video posted on her Instagram, Zodwa explains to the doctor that women often feel like something is out of place after giving birth, adding that the idea of possibly getting it back is important to most women.

Zodwa Wabantu

Many raised their objections to the ideas she was perpetuating and the amount of attention she was getting. Others were curious about the mechanics and cost of the process. Ay I never thought of such it must have cost you thousands hey,” commented one user on Zodwa’s video.I was not aware that I can service my nunuberry… Thanks Zodwa wethu,” added another.

Zodwa Wabantu

Nam funa ukuba neMali so that when i give birth bese ngiyenza, [I also want to be rich so that when I give birth I can also do this] added a different user. Zodwa, who has been chronicling her journey on social media, took to Instagram to share that one of her procedures is currently on special. For just R3,970.00 you too can have the PRP V@ginal Shot/Boost if you were thinking of following in her footsteps.

Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa has been a patron of the Herwood Medical centre for some time now and has thus far gotten procedures such as vampire facials, Hair PRP restoration and a non-surgical breast lift, to name but a few. Although she has not confirmed the news publicly, rumours are swirling that Zodwa is officially newly single after she called things off with her beau Ntobeko Linda.

Zodwa Wabantu selling vegetables

The pair were reportedly set to tie the knot this weekend but the wedding never happened. When called for confirmation and comment by The Citizen, Zodwa was unavailable and her manager Nkuli claimed to know nothing about her current relationship status.

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