We want our money back-zodwa urged to pay back-here is why

Events promoter David “DJ Token” Issa said Zodwa was booked as the headline act at the African Block Party but didn’t pitch.

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Dancer and Entertainer Zodwa Wabantu failed to show up at a gig in Benoni, Ekurhuleni, on Saturday.

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“I contacted her on WhatsApp about an event I was organizing and told her I had R15 000. “She said ‘let’s work’ and I asked for her bank details and transferred the money.”

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But before the event, David got a call from a woman claiming to be Zodwa’s manager. She asked if Zodwa could perform at 9 pm instead of 11 pm.

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“I called the manager of African Block Party at around 9 pm as agreed, but they never took my calls. I continued to call Zodwa, but she ignored my calls.

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“I called the woman supposed to be her manager and she said I must call back in 30 minutes. When I eventually spoke to her, I heard Zodwa was in Newcastle.”

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“I’m very disappointed. We want our money back. I want to clear my image,” he said.

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Why doesn’t Zodwa wabantu get arrested ke?

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Zodwa apologized for not making it to the gig. “I am sorry to my fans and the organizer and will definitely pay back the money used to book me,” she said.

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She said she had to perform in Newcastle on the same day. “I thought I’d manage, but time was against me. I ended up being available for the Newcastle event only. I’m sorry I disappointed my audience.”

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Eden hazard was to chose between chelsea and real Madrid,this is his Response

CHELSEA star Eden Hazard gave some VERY interesting answers in a Q&A with Belgian Media – and it’s good news for Blues fans.

Eden Hazard has been linked with a move to Real Madrid since last summer (Image: GETTY )

Eden Hazard’s future has been up in the air since the beginning of the season, following speculation that Real Madrid wanted to sign him last summer.

His brilliant form for the Blues has only made Real’s interest stronger.

With 12 months left on his contract, it seems likely he leaves Stamford Bridge in the summer.

The Belgian has said on numerous occasions, however, that he is fully focussed on Chelsea and that the transfer talk could take a backseat.

Hazard has contributed to 25 goals in the league for Chelsea this season, with many feeling his loss would impact the club massively.

But when asked in a Q&A from Belgian outlet “Chelsea blue or Real Madrid White?”, Hazard had one answer.

“Blue,” he answered simply.

Read Hazard’s Q&A in full below:

Q) Would you like to be your brother for a day?

A) “I’d like to be Thorgan many days, not just one, as he’s a great guy.”

Eden Hazard has been brilliant this season for Chelsea (Image: GETTY )

Q) And Cristiano Ronaldo?

A) “Sure, it would be great to reach his level of excellence. It would be brilliant.”

Q) You do not like to defend in games, right?

A) “Correct.”

Q) Do you prefer beer or wine?

A) “If I have to choose I’ll say beer, but I’ll also enjoy a good red wine. A Bordeaux wine.”

Q) Could you eat three hamburgers?

A) “If they are small, yes. But if they are big, I would have to say no to the third hamburger.”

Q) Have you ever smoked?

A) “Yes, I have smoked.”

Q) Tottenham Hotspur or Arsenal?

A) “As a child I liked Thierry Henry.”

Q) Real Madrid or Barcelona?

A) “[They are] two big clubs.”

Q) Lille or Paris Saint-Germain?

A) “Lille.”

Q) Kylian Mbappe or Neymar?

A) “If I have to choose, I’ll take Mbappe. I’ll choose him because I know him very well.”

Eden Hazard has contributed to 25 goals for Chelsea this season (Image: GETTY )

Q) Do you want to end your career in the MLS?

A) “No. You do not know [what will happen] in the future, but I doubt I will play in the United States.”

Q) Would you like to end your career in Belgium?

A) “Yes, but it is complicated.”

Q) Will you ever win the Ballon d’Or?

A) “Yes!”

Q) Do you follow politics?

A) “I’m not interested in politics.”

Eden Hazard has been brilliant for Chelsea since he joined in 2012 (Image: GETTY )

Q) So, Brexit does not interest you?

A) “That really interests me, mainly because many Chelsea employees are affected by Brexit. I talk to them and I’m worried about what’s going to happen.”

Q) Would you play in China?

A) “No.”

Q) Will Barcelona win the Champions League this year?

A) “Maybe, but Cristiano Ronaldo wins the Champions League every season. I think it will be difficult.”

Q) Chelsea blue or Real Madrid white?

A) “Blue.”

My girlfriend send me a later meant for someone else

A man has taken to a popular Nigerian forum to write on how his girlfriendmistakenly sent him a text message meant for someone else.

In his narration, he revealed that he recently met the lady, 2 weeks precisely, and it was all smooth at the initial stage, only for her to change her reaction towards him after she left for another state and stopped communicating with him as she used to do.

My girlfriend sent me a text message meant for someone else lailasnews
My girlfriend sent me a text message meant for someone else

He wrote:

Ok, let me make this as short as possible as I need urgent insight.

I met this girl 2weeks ago through a friend. We had casual chat, then I noticed my friend was always saying good things about her (I got the hint the lady must have incited him to do that so I’ll pick interest).
On meeting (by coincidence) a second time we exchanged numbers, I dnt know how she did it but she got under my skin in a flash. We went on dates twice in a week and the most shocking fact was she footed the bills. (I didn’t like that fact tho, but she gets angry when I protest).

Fast-forwarded to few days ago, she travelled back to the west where she works and started acting weird. Actually they were really subtle changes but my 6th sense has a way of magnifying such anomalies, painting vivid pictures. She stopped calling as she does, misses my call without calling back, starts speaking Ibo when she’s on phone with me around her colleagues and many more of such acts. I acted cool and matured by not jumping into conclusions.

This evening*
I got a text from her which read “Smiles, lovey-dovey. and where is he going to??”.

Normal me would ignore the text and wait for her to come up with flimsy excuses before I flay her, but am scared she would have time to cook-up a coverup story if I don’t point it out that I SEE HER.
whats ur opinion guys.
sorry for the lenghty write and typos tho

My father,My mother,my two sisters including the elderly one and her child,they all died

Agony is etched in Tapiwa Chanyawo´s face as he tells of the night the storm came, a mudslide swept away their home, and his family died.

Their home, in the eastern Zimbabwean town of Chimanimani, lay in the path of Idai — a gigantic tropical cyclone that may have left more than a thousand dead in its wake.

“My father, my mother, my two sisters including the elder one and her child, they all died,” Chanyawo told AFP from his bed at a local hospital, counting the numbers on his fingers.

His family was among 98 confirmed dead in Zimbabwe. At least 217 more are missing and 44 stranded, according to the information ministry.

The storm struck overnight Friday after first smashed into central Mozambique, whose president, Filipe Nyusi, said on Monday that at least a thousand people there may have perished.

More than a hundred houses in Ngangu township in Chimanimani were destroyed by heavy rain, raging winds and rolling rocks.

The structures are made of home-baked bricks and corrugated iron sheets.

Homes of this type are a familiar sight across Zimbabwe, and are known for their resilience.

But, in Ngangu, they were no match for a storm packing hurricane-force winds, pounding rain and mudslides.

Jane Chitsuro, 42, miraculously survived but struggled to hold back the tears of loss.

“I have no clue where my daughter is buried in the debris,” she said, her head wrapped in a bandage.

“There is no house left to talk about, no furniture, nothing to wear or cover oneself with. Only masses of broken bricks and rocks”.

Praise Chipore’s face is bruised and swollen — the evidence in pain of what happened to her on Friday night.

“A flood came and my house was destroyed and I was buried underneath it. My daughter who was with me on the bed was washed away from me and then a bigger flood carried me farther away,” said Chipore.

Grief pervaded the Chimanimani community on Monday as families started burying their dead in damp graves, with some family members sharing one grave.

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A tractor did several trips carrying coffins, fashioned out of crude timber by local woodworkers, to the burial site.

Chimanimani is one of Zimbabwe’s most picturesque regions, a verdant place of mountains, water falls and rainforests that is deeply popular with tourists

But the scene following Cyclone Idai was one of awful desolation.

The storm not only destroyed homes. It also washed away crops awaiting harvest in the fields and ripped bridges to pieces, leaving destruction that acting defence minister Perrance Shiri said “resembles the aftermath of a full-scale war”.

Some roads were swallowed up by massive sinkholes, a business centre was wiped out while bridges were ripped to pieces by flash floods.

“This is the worst infrastructural damage we have ever had,” Zimbabwean Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Joel Biggie Matiza said.

Stranded: Loggers on a damaged road on Charter Estate, Chimanimani

 The eastern district of Chimanimani was worst-hit, with houses and most of the region’s bridges washed away by flash floods.

Some of the most affected areas are not yet accessible, and high winds and dense clouds have hampered military rescue helicopter flights.

Two pupils and a worker at a secondary school in the area were among those killed after a landslide sent a boulder crashing into their dormitory.

A cyclone survivor sits outside Chimanimani Rural District Hospital

 Soldiers on Sunday helped rescue the surviving nearly 200 pupils, teachers and staff who had been trapped at the school in Chimanimani.

The majority of the missing are thought to be government workers, whose housing complex was completely engulfed by raging waters. Their fate was unknown because the area was still unreachable.

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa who cut short a visit to Abu Dhabi, visited the affected areas on Tuesday. — DailyMail, UK

Floyed mayweather,is Dating Agentinian star yasmi mendeguia

Boxing legend recently took his private jet to his Las Vegas strip club – but his heart has now been captured by one dancer

FLOYD MAYWEATHER is dating Argentinian Big Brother star Yasmi Mendeguia, who is 20 years his junior, after meeting her in a shopping mall, according to reports.

The model first asked for a photo when she bumped into the boxing legend in Los Angeles last month before the 42-year-old replied by asking for her phone number.

 Floyd Mayweather has been dating a model 20 years his junior for the past month
Floyd Mayweather has been dating a model 20 years his junior for the past month

Speaking to Mundo Deportivo, the 22-year-old said: “I was in a store with friends and friends. And when I see it, and I want to ask for a picture, a bodyguard interposed.

“But he asked to let me pass and we took some pictures. He stayed talking to us about coming to Mexico, partying. It seems very cool and even asked me for contact. I love that so scandalous way it has to be.”

Mendeguia, who appeared on the Spanish Big Brother back in 2016, is now working as a model, actress and dancer in Mexico.

Mayweather, who turned 42 last month, has not been in action since his December exhibition bout in Japan against kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa.

The five-weight world champion took just over two minutes to take out featherweight Nasukawa, dropping the boxing novice three times on the way to collecting £7million.

Though the fight was not an official contest, “Money” Mayweather seems keen to replicate his Tokyo appearance – revealing he has another exhibition bout in Japan lined up this year.

Despite seeming happy to avoid real boxing matches, the American is not short of potential opponents to put his undefeated record on the line against.

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, who was beaten by Mayweather in 2013, expressed his interest at another crack at boxing’s richest pugilist.

While UFC star Conor McGregor, who was taken out in 10 rounds on his boxing debut in 2017, posted a clip of his fight with Mayweather and suggested another bout.<

However, Mayweather, not riled by the callouts of his ex-opponents, told TMZ Sports “everybody wants a rematch”.

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