youths condemn the deportation of Nigerians by Ghanian GOVT

According to experts these are celebrities who are going to die in 2019

According to the experts, this is who will be singing with the choir invisible come the end of the year It’s a new year, a new dawn, a whole 12 months of virgin territory rich with endless possibilities and opportunities. And also a year in […]


The story behind a giant shark crashing into UK roof

NICK MILLER/SYDNEY MORNING HERALD Bill Heine’s home – with the shark crashing through the roof. A bit over a year ago my one-year-old daughter threw up all over both of us on a bus from London to Oxford. We made a dripping, crying, unscheduled exit […]

15 photos that proves that Japanese are ahead of the world

3 23 5 29.9k Japan has always had a reputation for its distinctive culture and unique traditions. Anime cosplay, ancient shinto temples, and the elegant charm of geishas are just a few things that come to mind when thinking about Japan. But there are many other reasons why Japan […]

Woman moulded to death by her own dog,while visiting them at the shelter

A woman, Johana Villafane, has been mauled to death by her pitbull dogs while visiting them at O’Connor Animal Hospital on Saturday. The dogs had earlier attacked another person and were scheduled to be tested for rabies when the incident happened. The 33-year old mother of two […]

Johannesburg father Drawn in KZN beach trying to save daughter

A Johannesburg man died at a KwaZulu-Natal south coast beach on Friday while trying to save his daughter who was caught in a rip current. A Johannesburg man has died at at a beach on the KwaZulu-Natal south coast while trying to save his daughter […]