You are ungrateful element,Nigerians React as Tacha says she prefer to live in the UK.

When Tacha embarked on her UK journey,it left Nigerians wondering why she will choose to go the UK when the Coronavirus is spreading like a wildfire around the United Kingdom,some Twitter users went ahead to condemn her move at this critical point in time while some warned her not to bring the virus to Nigeria and it seems their words proved to be true as Tacha have refused to come back,she took to her twitter page to tell her followers that it is better to be quarantined in the United Kingdom than to be quarantined in Nigeria,although it is the glaring truth but some Nigerians are not finding it funny with her at all,someone called her out and tagged her an ungrateful element,that she was nobody till Nigeria gave her the fame she is enjoying today,check below for hilarious tweets

Another user went ahead to say,Your Market nor go sell for there oo,We know say na your body you dey sell,but those people nor know you for there oo,Nigerians always finds a way to get back at you no matter how you try to avoid them,What is your reaction to what Tacha said,let us hear it


You cant sleep with me and just leave like that-princess shyngle

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Ghana based Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle has said in a new post that it’s impossible for a man to dump her just like that after eating from her honeypot.

Apparently clarifying a post she made recently whereby she said actresses sleep around to fund their lavish lifestyles, Princess Shyngle said she never exempted herself from the post.

However she emphasised that she will rather make sure she dates the person rather than allowing him to chop and go.

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Princess added that any man who sleeps with her for the first time date her so she can enjoy their wealth.

“Some of y’all saying I am among let me tell y’all something, first of all, I don’t make speeches lying that I made all my money from acting movies, secondly I don’t fuck men for money I date them, you cannot fuck me one time and go it’s not possible you must date me, I must continue to enjoy that money I don’t date broke guys, google can tell you that if you don’t believe me,” Princess Shyngle said.


Video-Bobrisky I regrets bleaching my skin

I regret bleaching my skin - Bobrisky
I regret bleaching my skin – Bobrisky

Nigerian Male Barbie and Bleaching Cream Entrepreneur, Bobrisky has said that he regrets bleaching his skin and if he could go back to his natural complexion, he would because of the stress involved in applying his creams daily.

The popular crossdresser made this statement in a documentary by Beverly Naya titled “Skin“.

Speaking about his skin lightening cream business and how he bleached his skin, Bobrisky said:

“If I could change one thing about myself it’s going back to my complexion. Do you know why? Because the stress I use in rubbing my cream every day is terrible”. he said

Watch the video below:

What is Nollywood turning into,look at the suffering this actress put herself through just to land a role

Popular Ghanaian actress, Ella Mensah, has revealed that she bleached her skin in other to be getting movie roles in Nollywood. In a snippet of an interview that Delay Ghana posted on her Instagram page, Ella revealed how much she spent on bleaching her skin. According to the actress, she had to take an injection which cost about costs £2,000 “I don’t use cream to bleach my skin, I took an injection.” 


She claim to have  spent a whooping N960k on bleaching just to ge roles in Nigerian movies.

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The actress who added that she owes no one an explanation for bleaching her skin, says it has helped her gain recognition in the movie industry. ‘I thought about it and it is my own skin and thank God I am not going to hurt or kill anybody. So I did it because I love it and also partly because of my job.’

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In a previous interview with Sammy Flexx on Zylofon Fm,  Ella revealed that Nigerian movie producers and directors prefer giving roles to light-skinned actresses as they see them more attractive.

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‘If you are a dark-skinned person, your talent alone is not going to push you up because a producer once told me that I have the height, the body and that I am look attractive’’

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Perhaps this is the very thing that actress, Beverly Naya was trying to address, when she  recently shot a documentary titled “Skin”.  The documentary which is is produced byBeverly Naya and directed by Etim Effiong features several notable celebrities like Phyno, Bob Risky, Eku Edewor, and Dianna Yekinni.

WOW! Beverly Naya spills shocking details about self-esteem issues and discrimination against skin colour

Watch the trailer of her documentary here

The dark-skinned actress revealed her reason behind shooting her documentary as she drew from her personal experiences to make the documentary.

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In an interview with a presenter on Wazobia Max TV, she recounts her experience on she was being bullied because of her crooked teeth and eczema which messed up her self-esteem. Naya said while she has not necessarily felt low self-esteem because of her skin color, but she has seen that happen to other people.

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You shouldn’t have slept with my uncle


A South African lady got more than what she bargained for on Twitter on Monday when she expressed her wish to have a loyal boyfriend.

The lady who identified herself simply as Sbahle tweeted: “I wish I had a loyal Boyfriend.”

See tweet:

Sbahle ❤@Quen_Sbahle

I wish I had a loyal Boyfriend

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But a man, Zwelithini, who appeared to be her ex, immediately hit back at her.

Responding to Sbahle’s tweet, Zwelithini tweeted: “When you slept with my uncle you were still searching for a loyal blesser?”

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The exchange quickly attracted the attention of some tweeps, who reacted to Zwelithini’s comments.

See reactions:

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