You are disrespecting me for being friend with Tacha -mercy tells ike

You are disrespecting me by being friends with Tasha, Mercy told her boyfriend, Ike at the Big Brother Naija reunion show last night.

The show began with the host, Ebuka giving the topic of discussion of the day, which was “gossip”, it started with Jacky saying she doesnt gossip and sh has never did.

Ebuka then decided to show her a clip of her calling Khafi to come have a sit for them to gossip, and she was heard in the video gossiping about Mercy’s ” fake ass”.

It then got to Tasha’s turn, then she began by saying she didn’t engage in gossips during her stay in the Big Brother House.

Tasha’s session went on until she made a reference about her and Ike not discussing other housemates since they got out of the house but, business.

Tasha went on to say that she did not gossip anyone in the house except when Ike, Mercy’s boyfriend came to report Mercy to her.

Ebuka then cut in and asked how Mercy was feeling about the friendship of Ike and Tasha considering the sour relationship between Mercy and Tasha.

Mercy and Tasha were sworn enemies during the Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem show last year, as a matter of fact, Mercy was responsible for Tasha’s disqualification, while she went on to win the show.

Mercy told Ebuka that she did not have any issue with their friendship, but she only feel disrespected by the show off of the relationship on social media.

She said, the people on social media are always quick to jump on any issue or topic, and considering the sour relationship between her and Tasha, her man was very disrespectful to have gobe on social media to display his friendship with Tasha.

Aside that, I have no problem with their friendship, Mercy said. Ebuka then asked Mercy if she feel disrespected by her boyfriend, Ike, with Tasha, without blinking an eyes, Mercy said yes, that she feel disrespected that her boyfriend is friend with someone who is not her own friend.

When Ebuka asked Tasha if she feels her friendship with Ike is disrespectful to Mercy, she responded by said “no comments”.

Can you allow your partner to be friends with someone that you are having a fight with?

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You’re very stupid-Idris Elba Tells Cardi B

Hollywood and Versatile Actor Idris Elba has taken dig at Cardi B, and calling the female rapper stupid. The beef between Idris and Cardi was started by Cardi yesterday, when she suggested that many celebrities with coronavirus like Idris Elba were being paid to say they were infected.

According to Cardi, the coronavirus epidemic may all be fake.

In a video she did, Cardi explained to her fans, I see a celebrity come out and say, I have the coronavirus, but I don’t have no symptoms [and you should] stay home. Cardi says that it sounded like a flat tummy tea commercial.

Cardi later suggested that the celebrities – like Idris, were getting paid to say that they had the coronavirus.

Well Idris is now fighting back against Cardi B’s misinformation and he calls her stupid for her actions.

Idris told his fans, The notion that someone like me is getting paid to say I have the coronavirus is bullishit, just stupidness. . . And people who say it are stupid.

We await Cardi b response to this.

You are ungrateful element,Nigerians React as Tacha says she prefer to live in the UK.

When Tacha embarked on her UK journey,it left Nigerians wondering why she will choose to go the UK when the Coronavirus is spreading like a wildfire around the United Kingdom,some Twitter users went ahead to condemn her move at this critical point in time while some warned her not to bring the virus to Nigeria and it seems their words proved to be true as Tacha have refused to come back,she took to her twitter page to tell her followers that it is better to be quarantined in the United Kingdom than to be quarantined in Nigeria,although it is the glaring truth but some Nigerians are not finding it funny with her at all,someone called her out and tagged her an ungrateful element,that she was nobody till Nigeria gave her the fame she is enjoying today,check below for hilarious tweets

Another user went ahead to say,Your Market nor go sell for there oo,We know say na your body you dey sell,but those people nor know you for there oo,Nigerians always finds a way to get back at you no matter how you try to avoid them,What is your reaction to what Tacha said,let us hear it

You are taking too long to die-Durban man beheads wife with kitchen knife.

A Phoenix, Durban man, unable to care alone for his “large” bedridden wife, decided the only way out was to kill her.

First, he attempted to suffocate her with a pillow. When that failed, he fetched a large kitchen knife and slit her throat.

Dickson Naidoo, 64, then went to the Phoenix police station where he allegedly confessed to killing his wife Dhunalutchmee, 69. He appeared in the Verulam Magistrate’s Court today on a charge of murder.

A source close to the investigation alleged Naidoo told them that he could not take care of his wife any longer.

“He described her as a large woman and said he had been struggling to pick her up or give her bath. He said he would bath and feed her but with his frail state, he could no longer perform the duties. He said he had no additional support and was left to care for her on his own. He was fed up,” the source said.

She suffered from an unknown disease which had left her bedridden. The couple was renting a flat in Landbury Place, Eastbury, north-east of Durban. Naidoo allegedly told police that his son had died and their daughter was on the run from police for theft.

“He claimed the only way to end his pain and suffering was to kill his wife,” said the source.

Neighbours found the dead woman lying on her bed, covered in blood. Last week, Naidoo had sought help from his neighbour Yvonne Chetty to try to place his wife in frail care.

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“They were both lovely people but you could see taking care of Dhunalutchmee was taking its toll on him. He wanted her to go for treatment to hospital but she refused. She only wanted him to care for her,” said Chetty.

She said Naidoo had asked her to help him fill out forms to place Dhunalutchmee in a home, but because she did not have any medical records confirming her condition, the home rejected the application.

“He did everything for her from cooking and cleaning to feeding and bathing her. He sought help from his family but nobody could assist him. On some days he would just come to our home and cry because he felt abandoned and helpless.”

Shortly after the murder, Chetty said Naidoo went to her home.

“He was supposed to take her to the hospital and when I questioned him he said she was already dead. He told me he was going to the Phoenix Plaza and closed my gate. As he walked up my stairs to the road I heard him tell someone on the phone he had slit her throat,” she claimed.

Chetty said she screamed for her neighbour for help. “The neighbour went to the house and pulled back a curtain via an open window only to find Dhunalutchmee was dead. She had a deep wound across her neck and there was blood everywhere.”

Chetty said she was in shock.

“I’ve known him for so many years. He really loved her and she loved him. They only had each other but he could not cope with the stress.”

Chetty said his son had died of cancer and the whereabouts of his daughter was not known. Their families declined to comment.

Police spokesperson Nqobile Gwala said a case of murder is being investigated.

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