You are a disgrace to woman hood -Snapchat blogger to Jackie Appia

Yahoo boy who Threatened to assassinate Regina Daniel’s Arrested After Ned nwoko paid N400,000

A 24-year-old boy who specialized in sending threat messages to his unsuspecting victims, has been arrested by the police. Opoma Terry, who operates from Lagos state, sends messages to his victims, threatening to assassinate or kidnap them if some specified amount of money is not […]


Man who escaped from Alcatraz sends message to FBI after being free for 50 years

Alcatraz is a place of legend, the inescapable prison that housed the most dangerous criminals in America. For years we all believed that no one had ever succeeded at breaking out of Alcatraz, although dozens have tried. But new evidence has come to light and […]

Container ship carrying 2000 cars,37 Porsches worth millions of dollars sink in the coast of France.

An Italian container ship bound for Brazilwhile carrying some 2,000 cars including some three dozen Porsches caught fire and sank in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of France last week. All 27 crew members aboard were rescued by the British military, though French authorities quickly began […]

A man Dies while ‘chewing’ girlfriend in a lodge

Police arrive at a scene of crime. [Source/Kenya Police/Twitter] Police in Migori county are investigating an incident where a man, aged 30, reportedly died while in the company of his girlfriend in a lodging. The incident happened on Tuesday night at a lodging within Rongo […]

What is Nollywood turning into,look at the suffering this actress put herself through just to land a role

Popular Ghanaian actress, Ella Mensah, has revealed that she bleached her skin in other to be getting movie roles in Nollywood. In a snippet of an interview that Delay Ghana posted on her Instagram page, Ella revealed how much she spent on bleaching her skin. […]