Video-woman turn into goat after picking up money she drops for school kids.

A woman who suspected to be a ritualist has reportedly turned into a goat after being forced to pick up the money she dropped in Oganganmodu Grammar School, Ido Ekiti, in Ido Osi local government area of Ekiti State.

According to reports, she was said to have dropped the money, expecting that some unsuspecting school children passing by would pick it up.

She was then spotted by onlookers who quickly pounced on her and forced her to pick up the money.

She was allegedly said to have turned into a goat as soon as she picked up the money.

A source who posted the incident online said:

“A woman entered OGANGANMODU GRAMMAR SCHOOL ido Ekiti, Ekiti State, she wanted to give a student money but the student refused to collect the money from her, after several attempts it yielded no positive answer, none of the students collected the money from her, but to the greatest surprise of everyone at the scene, instantly she turned goat”.

Watch video below:

Five reasons you should marry this Type if women.

Why you should Marry a kalenjin woman

Kalenjin women are the most adorable to have as a wife or girlfriend. They have unique features that every man wishes to see in her woman. Here are the 5 reason why you should marry a Kalenjin woman;

1. Trustworthy
A Kalenjin woman trusts alot in true love. She will stay with you in times of trouble and happiness as the bible dictates.

2. Faithful
Most of the Kalenjin women believe that when a man falls for them, it means they truly love them and never will they set an eye on another man.

3. Perfect In Bed
Every time you spend a good time with a Kalenjin woman, you will hunger for more days to be with her as she’s good between the sheets.

4. Respect For a Man
This is the one thing you will never lack in a Kalenjin woman. She will always respect you as the head of the family.

5. Very Generous
Generosity is a norm Kalenjin ladies learn from their elder women. For example, when a visitor requests for water, they can give a glass of milk instead.

EVIL- family threatened to be killed one by one- A must read.

The family of a Delft father who was shot dead in front of his children say they’re still receiving death threats, EWN reported. It is not clear from the report when this incident took place.

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EWN reports that alleged gangsters told family members that they would “all be killed one by one”, reportedly after a relative refused to join a gang.

On Saturday night, another relative was reportedly killed at a braai one day before his 44th birthday.

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In a separate report on the incident, an unnamed relative told EWN: “They asked his son: ‘Where’s your dad?’ He called his dad, who was in a happy mood because we were all invited for the braai. He came to see the guys and then they argued. Another guy came to help but when he saw the gun he backed down. The three guys came and then one shot him [the dad].”

The Delft Community Policing Forum’s Soeraya Davids told EWN that the family will be receiving trauma counselling, and that there’s increased police visibility.

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The family is reportedly living in fear.

“Sunday and Monday there was a death threat. The guys are still walking around with guns, marching up and down; the doors are closed. We don’t even want to go out. They don’t care who sees them with a gun; they have no fear and somehow we’re going to need protection,” an unnamed relative told EWN.

The family is reportedly engaging with police, various organisations and safety and security Mayco Member JP Smith for assistance.

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Gang violence in Delt has been a problem for many years.

In August 2016, 31 young people were killed in that month alone, mostly having been forced to join gangs, Cape Times reported.

Last year, Times Live reported that Delft was in the top 10 worst crime areas in Cape Town.

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It reported that new neighbourhood safety teams costing R25m per year were operating in Delft alone.

A total of 120 officers from departments including traffic‚ law enforcement school resource and metro police reportedly patrol the area daily.

Video of some high school girls disgracing their parents and their selfs

If some of these Ghanaian children we have today will grow up to become as good as some of the leaders and elders we have in this nation today, then trust me, parents, caretakers and all of us have a very big task to accomplish.

This is because some of the strange things these ‘uncultured kids’ are capable of doing, their great grandparents cannot even stand.

A video of some senior high school students disgracing their parents and themselves by exhibiting their stubbornness and in open grounds, their campus (I don’t want to mention names) have been sighted on social media. And in the video, these Ghanaian future leaders were captured giving us hot atopa dance with Medikal’s Omo Ada song.

Unbelievable!Bobrisky regrets bleaching his skin,watch his pitiful comment in this video

UNBELIVEABLE! Bobrisky bitterly regrets bleaching his skin- Watch his pitiful confession in this video

A lot of Nigerians would scream “WHO SENT YOU?”. I’m sure you’re  even saying it now sef but she can’t hear you. Bobrisky can’t hear you.  Anyway, beauty is pain for every woman, even those that joined the club later.

Controversial cross-dresser, Bobrisky has disclosed that he regrets bleaching his skin and he wished to go back to his natural complexion. According to the transvestite, it is stressful to apply creams all over your body on daily basis.

The popular crossdresser made this statement in a documentary by Beverly Naya titled “Skin”.

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Speaking about his skin lightening cream business and how he bleached his skin, Bobrisky said: “If I could change one thing about myself it’s going back to my complexion. Do you know why? Because the stress I use in rubbing my cream everyday is terrible.”

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Watch the video below.

Embedded video


Awww….. is tired of robbing cream

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Beverly Naya spoke extensively about something I’d call “light skin priviledge” and the discrimination and real life issues that come with being dark skinned, especially as a celebrity. There is a lot of pressure to bleach your skin just to fit in and be recognized.

Watch the documentary by Beverly Naya below

Its  such a horrible danger that just a few weeks after Blac Chyna launched a new skin bleaching cream in Nigeria, the East African country has deployed a lot of agencies to get the products off the shelves.

The Rwandan government with the help of the Rwanda National Police (RNP) are on a mission to stop the sale of skin bleaching creams

Despite the numerous health risks associated with skin bleaching as a result of harmful chemicals like mercury, cortisone and hydroquinone, it remains a major issue in Africa. This is why the Rwandan government is going all out to hopefully put an end to this dangerous beauty trend.

Image result for harmful effects of bleaching creams in Nigeria

The use of skin lightening creams can be potentially dangerous and harmful and carry out several complications ranging from dermatologic consequences include: epidermal atrophy, ochronosis, eczema, dermatitis, acne to more serious health risks include diabetes, skin cancer, foetal toxicity , renal and liver impairment and failure.

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The harms caused by using skin lightening products extend from the acute or chronic long-term exposure to the often hazardous chemical agents that are present in these products.

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In addition, the damage from bleaching products is often exacerbated when users mix skin bleaching products with household chemicals such as toothpaste, laundry bleach, detergents and even automotive battery acid, a very common practice in some areas, to try to enhance their effect.

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Source: / / LNS 247

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