Wife squeezes husband manhood in Edo state,leaving him dead

Hyacinth Chinweuba


Operatives of the Edo State Police Command have arrested a woman for allegedly killing her husband by squeezing his manhood.


‎The suspect, Eki Ekhator, committed the act at the Ukhiri community in Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area of Edo State.


‎The woman is said to be disagreement ‎with her husband any time he returned home late,‎ as usual, had a quarrel with him after accusing him of infidelity.


‎According to a source, on that fateful day, the deceased slapped his wife after a fracas and the woman went for his trousers and held onto his manhood in a violent manner.


Consequently, ‎the man was said to have collapsed and later confirmed dead at the hospital.


‎Meanwhile, men of the Homicide Department in the Edo State Police Command are said to be investigating the incident.


Police sources, however, said the suspect has blamed the incident on the devil.

I want to change the Narrative of Nigerian culture-Ned Nwoko

Hon Ned Nwoko is a former member of the House of Representatives. In this interview with select journalists at his resort centre in Idumuje Ugboko, Aniocha North, Delta State, Nwoko speaks on why he ventured into philanthropy, the idea behind his sports university, tourism, amongst other matters

What is the motif behind your building a tourist centre in a remote village?

I want to make Delta State a world tourist centre. As a billionaire, my billions are useless if I cannot use it to affect people’s lives and change my environment. That is why I am building a tourist centre in Idumujen-Ugboko. My town will soon be known all over the world because the whole world will soon be visiting the place for tourism. We have built a monumental edifice that is displaying our cultural inheritance such as artefacts and you can see culture being preserved. I want to preserve our culture and show the world that we have rich cultural values.

People see our cultural inheritance as fetish but that is a lie. Other countries of the world are preserving their cultures while we are in a cultural dilemma, throwing away what God has endowed us with. I want to change the narrative. You can see for yourself what is being done here. We have preserved lives.

In this resort, we have a zoo where we preserve animals. A company has been contracted to bring in bigger animals, especially those that are going into extinction. There is a poultry farm among other things. This resort centre is to make the world appreciate our rich culture. This place will soon host the world. You have seen the Star University. It is also called Sports University. It is the first of its kind in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

Why a sports university?

Students are going to study Sports Science there.  We would teach 13 different types of sports, though we will add some conventional courses -such as Accountancy, Law, Business Administration and so on. However, we are going to focus more on sports. After study, our students will compete and blend with the international community.

Why are you investing in tourism?

Tourism empowers a country economically. People asked why I am “wasting” billions in a remote town such as Idumuje-Ugboko? And I smiled. After developing the resort centre to a level, this town will become a city. People do not know that tourism develops and empowers a country economically. There are countries that do not have mineral resources but they are run with money made from tourism. Right now, there are over 300 staff working in my resort centre. It is a way of empowering my people. After building the University of Sports and developing the tourist centre, there is no way we won’t have more than 1,000 staff.

The Nigerian government and individuals should start investing in tourism. Tourism is a money-spinning business that can take care of our annual budget. Our natural resources may finish, but tourism is forever. We need  more tourist centres in Nigeria. There are many artefacts and many monuments in the resort centre. It is a research centre, where many things have been preserved for our children’s children to learn from.

You are reputed to be a philanthropist. What is the reason behind your philanthropic gestures?

A philanthropist is someone who blesses people with what he or she has. To be a philanthropist is to empower people. When people call me a philanthropist, they make me laugh. There are over 500 people eating free of charge in my centre. They are not eating because they are lazy but because they are not opportune. That is why I have opened a foundation to empower them. I give jobs and scholarships to many of them. The foundation is sponsoring over 1,000 students and I have assisted over 10,000 students worldwide. This year N50 billion has been earmarked for scholarships. It has been established that we have intelligent people who are wasting away because they do not have rich parents to pay their school fees. I am using my God-given wealth to bless them. I give to people without expecting anything in return. It is not because of politics. A genuine philanthropist should give without expecting something in return. My joy in life is bringing hope to the hopeless. I am not celebrating anything. Once I’m around, they come here.

I am happy when a person who cannot boast of a square meal eats and becomes happy. I am happy when a sick person who has no money for hospital comes and I give him or her money for medical bills. What is in this world when you have surplus while another person is suffering from lack? I will remain a friend to all. I remain committed to enhancing the fortunes of the needy through selfless humanitarian service and human capital development. There is a scholarship scheme for all categories of students and empowerment scheme for market women, artisans and others in the informal sector. All these are taken care by my foundation.

What are the things the foundation is actually meant for?

Prince Ned Nwoko Foundation is meant primarily to bring down poverty to a reasonable level. Outside of poverty eradication, it is interested in culture, tourism, sports and socio-economic development of people, especially the Anioma people, home and abroad. Concerning technical development of artisans in all trades, we are also focusing on catching our children young. I want young people to be interested in education and sports. Those who cannot pay school fees, junior and senior secondary school, I have made provision for those who have no money for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board examination. Ordinarily, JAMB form should not be more than N7,000, but I earmarked N30,000 for each student so that he or she can pay for lesson. Over 900 students have applied, but we are making provision for 1,000 students.

Is there any political undertone to these?

I’m always home with my family. A rich man whose family members are away from home is not a happy man. I’m happy that I am always at home with my family. It is not because of politics. My children can afford all the good things in the world but I bring them home to see what I am doing. They have seen that I rear animals. They have seen my poultry farm; they have seen the cows, goats and other things that we produce on my farm. They now know that they have to do certain things though they were born in affluence. They have seen the less privileged and how I treat them. So, they will continue from where I stop. They feel home and dream home. They have seen my stands on nature and culture. They are indigenes of Delta State so they should feel it and they should mix with their people.

What is your advice to people world over?

People should show love to their fellow human beings. There is no need for rancour. We should preserve life and think of posterity in whatever we do. He who has should give to those who have not. We should use whatever we have to help people without expecting something in return. There are people who are looking for money to pay school fees, give a helping hand. There are people facing one challenge or the other, give them encouragement. We should help the needy and not oppress the weak and the poor. People should be their brothers’ keepers.


Tonto Dikeh reveals that his Ex-husband is Dead as his son prepares to Bear another man’s Name

DRAGGING SEASON!! Tonto Dikeh Reveals Her Ex-Husband Is Dead As Her Son Prepares To Take Another Man’s Name – SEE WHAT SHE SAID

Controversial Nollywood star Tonto Dikeh is out with yet another insult for her ex-husband as she claims Olakunle Churchill is a dead man. Tonto Dikeh has continued and won’t stop dragging her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill on social media. It was reported that a blogger allegedly bashed her on Twitter, calling her a liar and accusing her of pushing Churchill’s mum down the stairs.

Tonto Dikeh is of the opinion that the blogger was sponsored by her ex-husband. She has now continued to drag him, saying he will remain dead to their son, King Andre and he will watch as Andre takes another man’s name.

See her post:

This is coming after Tonto Dikeh claimed that she has always been a man. She said she will keep disgracing her ex-husband. Recall that earlier the actress who arrived Lagos yesterday to hold a talk with her Best Friend Richard Nnadi who threatened to release names of those owing him, also dropped a shade for her ex-husband as she claimed she has always been a man.

According to Tonto Dikeh, she has always been a man because she paid for her wedding,  housed, clothed and fed her ex-husband, Olakunle Church. However in same heated comment section, Tonto Dikeh promised to always disgrace her ex-husband and his mother, until they “confess to all their lies and evil”.

Also recall that Tonto Dikeh took to her Instagram to slam those questioning why she changed her son’s surname to her father’s name. Tonto who has been accusing her ex-husband, Churchill Olakunle for being a dead-beat dad, has changed her son Andre’s name to ‘King Andre Dikeh’.

Ripples Nigeria

Seems people are questioning the move, and she has this to say: “Don’t even Bleep with me! NO MAN BOTN OF W WOMAN CAN TELL@ME WHWT TO AND NOT TO DO!! KEEP YOUR BASELESS ADVICE TO YOURSELVES!!! #MAMA DE PAPA @kingandre_dikeh” She wrote.

Tonto Dikeh who is still firing shots, recently disclosed that she is now learning the act of ignoring worthless men and their lies. According to the actress, so many beautiful things are happening in her life as she indirectly calls her estranged husband an Imbecile.

Recall that what was interpreted to be a shade for her husband, she wrote: “I don’t have an I DON’T CARE FACE NO MORE, I simply don’t look to even have a face that tells you I DONT CARE”. #A WORTHLESS MAN WLD ALWAYS BE A WORTHLESS MAN!!

I'm learning the act of ignoring worthless men Tonto Dikeh, I’m learning the act of ignoring worthless men – Tonto Dikeh, LATEST NIGERIAN NEWS, POLITICS TODAY, CELEBRITY GISTS | UNCLE SURU

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Bale in trouble again with his teammates see what he did to Luka modric

Bale in trouble with Real Madrid teammates again…See what he did to Luka Modric

Real Madrid record signing, Gareth Bale has been in the headlines for various reasons this season, from failing to replace Cristiano Ronaldo, who joined Juventus in the summer of 2018, to poor goalscoring form, to leaving the stadium while the team was losing to rifts with players, now another interesting scene happened as Luka Modric asked his former Tottenham Hotspur teammate a question in Spanish.

Gareth Bale struggled to understand when asked a question in Spanish by Luka Modric

Los Blancos assistant captain Marcelo once said Bale cannot speak Spanish, despite spending nearly six years in Spain, and it was evident when current Ballon d’Or winner Luka Modric asked him a question and he replied ‘I don’t have a clue what you’ve said’: The Welshman struggles to converse with his Real Madrid team-mates in Spanish as he is left stumped by a question from the Croatian.

Modric waited for an answer while Sergio Ramos could be seen breaking into laughter

Gareth Bale has been playing his football in Spain for almost six years now. The Real Madrid forward does however still struggle with the language. During a recent chat with Spanish publication Marca, Bale could not understand. Former Tottenham team-mate Luka Modric asked him a question, but to no avail.

A bemused Bale was honest in his response, admitted he didn't have a clue what was asked

Gareth Bale may have been living in Spain for almost six years, but he’s still struggling when it comes to the native tongue. Bale took part in a recent chat with Spanish publication Marca, during which a small group of Madrid players exchanged information about themselves in order for fans to get to know them a little better.

Embedded video



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Huddled together in the plush Real Madrid team plane, Bale joined Luka Modric, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo and Casemiro in conversation. With the others proficient in the language, Bale stood by while attempting to follow the topic of conversation. As his former Tottenham team-mate, Modric fired him the question, in Spanish, of ‘what are the three things you carry in your luggage?’ Bale looked perplexed.

Bale's position at Real Madrid continues to be uncertain following Zinedine Zidane's return

‘I don’t have a clue what you’ve just said,’ replied the Welshman with a deadpan expression. Ramos attempted to save the situation by asking Bale, in Spanish, who he spends his Christmas time with. To which he responded correctly in the local tongue, ‘with my family.’

Fans were expecting Bale to step up after Cristiano Ronaldo's exit and become the main man

Full back Marcelo recently revealed in an interview that communication with Bale – who he sits beside in the club changing room – can often be difficult. ‘I have Bale, but Bale does not speak [Spanish] as he only speak English and we talk with gestures and I say, “Hi, hello and good wine”.’

Image result for 'I don't have a clue what you've said': Gareth Bale struggles to converse with his Real Madrid team-mates in Spanish as he is left stumped by a question from Luka Modric

Last month goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois revealed that Bale was a bit of an outcast at the Bernabeu. Bale’s future in the Spanish capital remains up in the air, despite word from the player’s camp that he wishes to remain with the La Liga giants.

Image result for 'I don't have a clue what you've said': Gareth Bale struggles to converse with his Real Madrid team-mates in Spanish as he is left stumped by a question from Luka Modric

The return of manager Zinedine Zidane has cast further doubt on Bale’s position, with the pair not seeing eye-to-eye in Zidane’s last spell. Upon his first game since returning, however, Zidane selected Bale in a 2-0 win over Celta Vigo. The Wales international repaid the faith by scoring the second goal of the game, getting a crucial three points on the board for Madrid who are desperately trying to salvage what is left of their season.

The Welshman did however get among the goals in Zidane's first game back as manager

White sugar mummy cries for love, says black men are not coming forward

A white sugar mummy has been lamenting for a while now on social media for reason being that bl^ck men don’t come forward.

According to the US-based woman, it’s her utmost desire to have an Afric*n guy for the serious and real r^latiosh^p that might lead to a settlement.

But, however, her dream and desire are far from coming to past as long as these African guys are not approaching and proposing to her.

“All I need is your love. I want the young bl^ckie men to approach, propose and love me. I have all the monies to take care of ourselves”.

She also pleaded with anyone who can get her hooked up with a cute and strong young man who is trustworthy with a good heart.

“I want to use this platform (social media) to send my message to all young dark men out there. Don’t be scared to approach. I can change your lives in a moment”.

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