Tonto Dikeh reveals that his Ex-husband is Dead as his son prepares to Bear another man’s Name

DRAGGING SEASON!! Tonto Dikeh Reveals Her Ex-Husband Is Dead As Her Son Prepares To Take Another Man’s Name – SEE WHAT SHE SAID

Controversial Nollywood star Tonto Dikeh is out with yet another insult for her ex-husband as she claims Olakunle Churchill is a dead man. Tonto Dikeh has continued and won’t stop dragging her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill on social media. It was reported that a blogger allegedly bashed her on Twitter, calling her a liar and accusing her of pushing Churchill’s mum down the stairs.

Tonto Dikeh is of the opinion that the blogger was sponsored by her ex-husband. She has now continued to drag him, saying he will remain dead to their son, King Andre and he will watch as Andre takes another man’s name.

See her post:

This is coming after Tonto Dikeh claimed that she has always been a man. She said she will keep disgracing her ex-husband. Recall that earlier the actress who arrived Lagos yesterday to hold a talk with her Best Friend Richard Nnadi who threatened to release names of those owing him, also dropped a shade for her ex-husband as she claimed she has always been a man.

According to Tonto Dikeh, she has always been a man because she paid for her wedding,  housed, clothed and fed her ex-husband, Olakunle Church. However in same heated comment section, Tonto Dikeh promised to always disgrace her ex-husband and his mother, until they “confess to all their lies and evil”.

Also recall that Tonto Dikeh took to her Instagram to slam those questioning why she changed her son’s surname to her father’s name. Tonto who has been accusing her ex-husband, Churchill Olakunle for being a dead-beat dad, has changed her son Andre’s name to ‘King Andre Dikeh’.

Ripples Nigeria

Seems people are questioning the move, and she has this to say: “Don’t even Bleep with me! NO MAN BOTN OF W WOMAN CAN TELL@ME WHWT TO AND NOT TO DO!! KEEP YOUR BASELESS ADVICE TO YOURSELVES!!! #MAMA DE PAPA @kingandre_dikeh” She wrote.

Tonto Dikeh who is still firing shots, recently disclosed that she is now learning the act of ignoring worthless men and their lies. According to the actress, so many beautiful things are happening in her life as she indirectly calls her estranged husband an Imbecile.

Recall that what was interpreted to be a shade for her husband, she wrote: “I don’t have an I DON’T CARE FACE NO MORE, I simply don’t look to even have a face that tells you I DONT CARE”. #A WORTHLESS MAN WLD ALWAYS BE A WORTHLESS MAN!!

I'm learning the act of ignoring worthless men Tonto Dikeh, I’m learning the act of ignoring worthless men – Tonto Dikeh, LATEST NIGERIAN NEWS, POLITICS TODAY, CELEBRITY GISTS | UNCLE SURU

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Fresh xenophobic attack Rock’s Durban

Unconfirmed reports reaching this publication indicate that there have been discomfort in Durban, South Africa over fresh xenophobic attacks where foreigners have been brutalized, houses burnt and cars torched down.

This is in reference to the pictures that have recently been shared online showing the supposed scene of the xenophobic attack.

More information on the issue will follow once this publication establishes real facts on the ground…

Below are the pictures making rounds on internet.


A man Beat up girlfriend for dumping after paying her school fees

Man publicly beats up his girlfriend for dumping after he paid her school fees (Video)

A story currently trending in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, has it that a lady identified as Jane, was publicly assaulted by boyfriend after she allegedly dumped him.

According to report, the boyfriend paid for Jane’s school fees but she later dumped him for another man.

This made the boyfriend furious, and he apparently, went to her class to demand for ‘his money’ angrily.

Watch the video below;

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She was Tied to a bed,while her husband killed 26 people,see video

Pastor’s faith stronger after daughter’s death

(CNN)The widow of the Sutherland Springs church shooter says the Devin Kelley who perpetrated the massacre isn’t the person she fell in love with, but rather, a broken young man who had lost his faith in God.

In a series of interviews with the San Antonio Express-News, Danielle Kelley said that she contemplated suicide after the killing spree in the one-traffic-light town outside San Antonio, but has since returned to the church where the shooting unfolded.

“No matter what, I will love him,” Danielle Kelley told the newspaper. “Even though he went off and ruined more people’s lives than I could ever imagine.”

‘We had no secrets’

She met her future husband when she was 13. He was 17. Theirs was a bond of shared hardships.

Adopted when she was four years old, Danielle Kelley was prone to cutting herself. She had been abused — including being scalded with hot water — before adoption, and a male relative sexually abused her after she was adopted. She tried to kill herself during her senior year of high school, she told the newspaper.

Devin Kelley had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and confided in her that he had been bullied as a child. Classmates thought he was “creepy,” but she didn’t see him that way.

Danielle Kelley says her life with Devin Kelley was tumultuous.

“We had no secrets,” Danielle Kelley said. “He only ever kept one from me.”

Devin Kelley joined the military in 2010, the year after graduating high school in New Braunfels, Texas. He and Danielle Kelley kept in touch, although he was married to another woman.

His time in the Air Force was marked with problems. He was caught sneaking weapons onto a New Mexico base. He threatened to kill his commanding officers and was sent to a mental health facility.

The Air Force eventually court-martialed him after he assaulted his then-wife and cracked his stepson’s skull. Though Danielle Kelley blames the boy’s injury on his first wife, Devin Kelley conceded in a video statement that he’d made a mistake.

‘Devin was sick’

After the Air Force, Devin Kelley was easily upset, Danielle Kelley told the newspaper. He’d yell and swear, and she’d block him from contacting her phone.

He always apologized, and she always unblocked him. Her adoptive mother, Michelle Shields, said this was a theme: Devin Kelley would be controlling and abusive, and Danielle Kelley would either accept it or act as if it hadn’t happened. Danielle Kelley told the newspaper she would defend Devin Kelley if Shields tried to intervene.

After they married in 2014, Devin Kelley accompanied her everywhere. He’d tag along on every errand and pick her up and drop her off from her job as a cashier.

The victims of the Texas church shooting

“It was frustrating,” Danielle Kelley said. “But you would be surprised, when everything’s gone, how much I miss it.”

About six months before the November 2017 massacre, Devin Kelley grew more depressed. His temper got shorter. Fights were common. He abused his anxiety medication and never wanted to go outside, Danielle Kelley said.

In April 2016, he bought an assault-style rifle and began accumulating clips that hold more than 30 bullets.

On the rare occasion Danielle Kelley could convince him to go to church, he would laugh during sermons. He became an atheist and told her that if God existed, he wouldn’t let the couple endure so many hardships.

“Devin was sick. He lost who he was. Because the real Devin would’ve never hurt babies. He was a family person. He would never have hurt anybody,” Danielle Kelley told the Express-News. “He lost the touch of reality.”

‘I’ll be right back’

On the morning of November 5, Devin Kelley took his wife into the bedroom, where their 2-year-old son, Michael, watched his father tie his screaming mother to the bed with rope, handcuffs and duct tape, Danielle Kelley said.

He kissed 5-month-old Raeleigh and told Michael, “I’ll be right back,” Danielle Kelley said. Devin Kelley grabbed his Ruger AR-556 and two handguns. He donned tactical gear and a bulletproof vest.

“You get a sense of what’s going to happen,” Danielle Kelley told the newspaper. “Because no one just leaves in all-black attire with a ballistic vest.”

Robinn Alvizo embraces her daughter, Lillian Alvizo, 9, Saturday as they view obituaries for victims at a San Antonio museum.

Among the 26 people he killed at the First Baptist Church that day were Danielle Kelley’s friends, people she admired, children she once babysat.

No one seems to know exactly what set off the murder spree, but when Devin Kelley first walked into the church, he seemed to be aiming for the corner of the sanctuary where Shields usually sat. She wasn’t there that day.

“If it was only me that could’ve died and everybody else could’ve been alive, I would’ve gladly taken that,” Danielle Kelley said.

Devin Kelley called his parents and wife after the killings. He had previously told his parents to go to his home because Danielle Kelley was there and needed help. They begged him to stop.

“He was like ‘I can’t, I’ve killed so many people. So, so many people,'” Danielle Kelley recalled. “He kept saying how sorry he was.”

Return to First Baptist

A neighbor, Stephen Willeford, shot Devin Kelley with an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, then chased him in a car. Devin Kelley drove his Ford Expedition into a ditch and called his wife and parents again.

He told them he wasn’t coming home but that he loved them — before shooting himself in the head.

“How could you leave me with two kids to raise?” Danielle Kelley said she asked in the days after the shooting. “And how could you destroy so many other people because you couldn’t face things in life?”

The First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs is now a memorial honoring those who died.

She said she doubted her belief in God for a time, but has since returned to First Baptist Church, where Shields says she has been welcomed back.

“Nobody truly knows somebody,” Danielle Kelley told the newspaper. “You can live with that person and love that person for years, and you still cannot truly know that person because you can’t know their inner thoughts and feelings.”

She hopes her story emboldens others to shake off the stigma of therapy and seek help when they need it.

“I wish people had more compassion and for people, to take things seriously when somebody says they don’t want to live anymore. Or little factors that say, ‘You’re not the same person,'” she said. “Because it’s OK to get help. It won’t mean that you’re different; it just means that you need a little extra love in life.”

6 Reasons why married woman get into extra marital affairs

Sometimes even women who have the picture perfect life find it difficult to resist the love seeks them out of the wedlock. We spoke to Dr Sanghanayak Meshram to know what makes women fall into extramarital relationships, sometimes despite living a perfectly happy married life.

Women extramarital affairs

A few days back we spoke about reasons that make men indulge in extramarital affairs. But this doesn’t mean that women never try to cross the line or they don’t do it when an opportunity arises. It is humane enough to give into temptations; emotions can be wild and desires like an untamed child. They can make you put all logic, rationale and ethics into the backburner. It takes a lot of effort and not to mention one has to endure a different kind of pain altogether when one decides to side with morality. It is the pain of never knowing how the forbidden fruit would taste. Whatever it is infidelity or loyalty is a personal choice. But to say married women cheat is a wrong and unethical statement. Well, not all married women but why some married women cheat is what we are getting at. Sometimes even women who have the picture perfect life find it difficult to resist the love seeks them out of the wedlock. We spoke to Dr Sanghanayak Meshram to know what makes women fall into extramarital relationships, sometimes despite living a perfectly happy married life.

Here he cites few reasons:

Sheer boredom: They say variety is the spice of life for a reason. When sex becomes predictable and routine and your life just a bunch of to-do lists to be followed with dedication, monotony kills the zeal for life and the joy of companionship. This could be one reason for women to look for an affair outside the wedlock. Sometimes career goals keep partners away from each other and loneliness can make one crave for companionship like crazy. If a woman (or even a man) gets an opportunity to share some space with the member of the opposite sex it stands the potential to turn into an extramarital affair.

Craving for more: We cannot always blame the man for looking out for variety, fun and enjoyment outside the wedlock; women too can follow the same lines of infidelity just for the heck of it. For some women, the word contentment doesn’t have a concrete meaning and they might have a sexual appetite that is hard to satisfy being in a monogamous relationship. This can make a woman sneak out new love interest keeping the partner in dark.

Lack of love: Some marriages are not act of love but an act of convenience and these kinds of relationships are headed for doom sooner or later. So when there is no real love or when two partners fail to establish a connection that go deep and touch a chord within, looking for love outside marriage isn’t surprising. What cannot be nurtured cannot blossom and what gets nourished (in this case an extramarital affair) grows wild and fierce. Many women might not even consider family or abide by the so-called societal norms in pursuit of their love or while siding with their new found love.

A tormented marriage: For some women, an extramarital relationship might be the only way to get away from a tormented marriage. Domestic violence, alcoholic partner, marital rape all could take a toll on her, which can force her to look for some solace in someone else’s loving arms and get engulfed in his warmth and care. Chances are the marriage might not survive long.

Ex-flames: Sometimes when two ex-lovers meet the spark can kind of get reignited and this could be the reason for an affair to bloom. Of course, it all depends on how the relationship ended in the first place but then when lost love crosses your path a lot can get ruffled in the way.

Revenge: Some women get into an extramarital affair just to take revenge over a cheating partner and more often than not the affair ends up with the man’s friend, colleague or a distant relative.

Whatever the reason for an extramarital affair remember to takes away a lot from you than it gives so way your pros and cons carefully.

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