Woman caught spraying insecticide in meat for sale-click to watch video

The woman was caught in the act spraying the meant met for sale

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A woman has been captured in a viral video spraying insecticide mosquito spray on meat in the open market for sale.

The act was ostensibly meant to kill and drive away houseflies hovering around the meat.

The gentlemen who took the full video is seen in it claiming attempts to question the traders at a market in Ghana he did not mention fell on death ears.

“In fact, for evidence sake, those of who watching, I just caught this woman using mosquito spray spraying the meat that we buy with our own money to eat,” he said in the video.

He wondered if “we are in Ghana or not” and cautioned Ghanaians to be mindful of what they buy from the market for consumption.

Tonto Dikeh finally spilled the Beans, exposed and revealed what obasanjo told her.

Tonto Dikeh Finally Spills The Beans, Exposes It All, Reveals What Obasanjo Told Her

Actress Tonto Dikeh has uncovered that ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo told her himself that her ex Olakunle Churchill isn’t his child.

This was after an adherent of hers taunted her for bragging about how rich her man was and how he was an ex-president’s child.

The follower brought the issue up in the warmth of a claim that the actress sold the N22million Prado Jeep Olakunle Churchill purchased for her.

Tonto Dikeh, notwithstanding, confessed to passing the information that her ex is Obasanjo’s child since she was additionally persuaded such. She likewise uncovered that since the claim of selling the Prado

Jeep was documented before the Inspector General of Police, her attorneys haven’t gotten any notice on the issue.

This makes her to trust it is every one of the a media crusade of defamation.

Obasanjo told me that Olakunle Churchill is not his son - Tonto Dikeh
Obasanjo told me that Olakunle Churchill is not his son - Tonto Dikeh

On March 27 2018 Premuim Times had reported that Nigerian on-screen character, Tonto Dikeh, had said that previous Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo, isn’t her child’s granddad.

The on-screen character eliminated any confusion air over the connection between her child, Andre and the two-time Nigerian president on Tuesday on Instagram.

The motion picture star responded after an Instagram page devoted to big name kids said Mr Obasanjo was her child’s granddad.

Tonto quickly answered the blog, redressing the suggestion.

“Reason me that is my child and that is not his granddad at all. Baba is an extraordinary man and has been superb to me and my child however lamentably we have no blood association with Baba,” she answered.

It didn’t finish there, as the disputable on-screen character proceeded to uncover that her ex, Oladunni Churchill “cheated on her into trusting that Mr Obasanjo was his dad.”

“In any case, I would not make them utilize my child’s picture for a falsehood. He has two granddads. One is late and mine is particularly alive. I was as unmindful as you until I found reality so please and please again I’m a mother and I would not endure this… Thanks and God favor you and your business,” she said.

Tonto’s most recent online life upheaval did not come as an amazement despite the fact that she had freely proclaimed Mr Obasanjo as her dad in-law in 2015 amid her wedding presentation.

But following her messy divorce, Tonto has repeatedly told anyone who cared to listen that she does not want to have anything to do with her ex-husband.

Although they do not see eye to eye, both parties have launched an unending social media war against each other.

The Nollywood star confirmed there were cracks in her 17-month-old marriage in February 2017.

By June 2017, Tonto’s dad returned her traditional marriage bride price to his ex-son in law.

The 32-year-old actress who recently revealed that her much publicised beauty surgery cost N5 million recently told PREMIUM TIMES that she hopes to remarry some day.

Durban man shoots himself to death a day after stabbing and killing girlfriend

Demisha Naik, 23, was dead at her home in Shallcross, south of Durban, on Tuesday March 26 2019
Demisha Naik, 23, was dead at her home in Shallcross, south of Durban, on Tuesday March 26 2019 Image: Facebook/Trevin Govender

The man wanted in connection with the gruesome murder of 23-year-old Demisha Naik from Shallcross, south Durban, has committed suicide, police confirmed on Wednesday.

Police spokesperson Lt-Col Thulani Zwane said members of Chatsworth police went to the scene of a shooting at a home in Montford at approximately midday on Wednesday.

“On their arrival they found a 24-year-old man inside the house with a gunshot wound to the chest. He was declared dead and a pistol was found on the scene. An inquest case was opened at Chatsworth police station for further investigation. He was identified as the same suspect who was wanted for a murder at Shallcross on [Tuesday] afternoon,” he said.

Zwane said Naik’s lifeless body was found at her flat in Shallcross on Tuesday after she was believed to have been stabbed.

“It is alleged that the police attended to a murder case at Shallcross area on Tuesday at about 4.45pm. On arrival they found a 23-year-old woman with stab wounds on her forehead. Police received information that the suspect was known to the victim, however the motive for her killing is unknown at this stage and the matter is under investigation,” said Zwane.

Meanwhile social media has been flooded with tributes to Naik.

Something serious:Reno omokri said that this Bootilicious lady ask him out for a lunch

SERIOUS SOMETHING!! Reno Omokri Reveals How Lady With Gigantic Behind Offered To Take Him Out For ‘Lunch’ – See His Reply

Former aid to former president Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has opened up on his recent ‘challenges’. Reno who is on a vacation in Amsterdam has turned down a lunch invite from a very curvaceous lady over fear of being set up.

The endowed lady invited him for lunch but Reno turned down her offer. In reply, he tweeted:

“Touring Amsterdam with my lookalike twin sons in whom I am well pleaded. Thank God my notoriously camera shy first twin agreed to be photographed. ‘You can take me, but I won’t smile’ he said. May God bless the fruit of your body and may you have blessed twins, like Reno Omokri.”

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He went on to send a thoughtful message to his would have been date. He said: “Dear @Iyke83012262, Whether it is food eaten on the table or elsewhere, I have enough food in my own home. Thank you very much. Even if I had wanted to mingle with my fans, your profile picture speaks volumes. It radiates something that I have no desire to have outside my home. I ate from my city before coming to your city. But if you like, I can invite you to a church whenever I am preaching the word of God.”

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Some Nigerians who didn’t see anything wrong in him honoring this request bashed him and labelled him an attention seeker. In reply, he wrote “Those saying this is just lunch don’t know the times we live in. What if this person takes a photo and accuses me of having a relationsip and then @fkeyamo comes up to take the case for free? It’s the very same people saying I should have gone that would be the first to crucify me. People don’t understand this kind of people who offer you a free food and money like how they framed a legendary icon like @Areafada1. They can be hired by likes of Buharists and Festus (Stephanie Otobo) @fkeyamo to frame you up for free.”

He went on to dish relationship advice as he is known to do. He said: “Dear wives, Don’t just be your husband’s wife. Be his side chick and slay queen. Gym. Look trim. Slow down on carbs. Eat deliciously but healthily. Be proactive in pleasing each other in the bedroom. Tire him out there so he won’t have strength to look outside. “

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“Dear men, Once you marry, avoid being alone with women who are not your wives. Looking at some women’s BACKSIDE can make you BACKSLIDE. Focus on the back that you have back at home and don’t allow any EVE’s APPRENTICE make you back out of your marriage vows.”

Source: Yabaleft/Twitter

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We are getting old,Why is that guys are scared of us.

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Women in military are like ordinary women too, they have blood flowing through their veins and have needs which they long to see satiated. They go through many ordeals like ordinary people and are susceptible to pains too; they however, handle their pain better than most people out there would. Most men believe it is going out of bounds when you approach a military woman for advanced friendship.

They blow things out of proportion by thinking these women could beat them up any time or set them up peradventure they misbehave, it should however be noted, that dating a woman in the military is the same as dating any other woman. What depicts how far that friendship would go is the manner of approach and the ability to present oneself with an aura of dignity and gentility.

Below are some of the things you don’t know about women in the military.


Women in the military have been trained to be brave and courageous. They are by profession fighters who have been toughened by various phases of trainings. However, the trainings they have gone through haven’t shielded them from the trauma accompanied by love. They have cravings too and desire fulfillment; they want to date and experience love in a beautiful way. The only problem is most men often feel intimidated by the personalities and avoid them.

Most Female Nurses Are Disrespectful And Arrogant – Ghanaian Men

They Embrace Motherhood

While so many people share an unreal belief about military women being wrecks when it comes to marital bliss, some of them are married and they embrace motherhood with a shocking interest. They are after all normal and have all it takes to raise a family. They put everything they have into use to ensure their children live normal lives. They could be stern and instill discipline in their wards at tender ages. They are regular moms who strive hard to perform their motherly obligations.


Most people believe military women are mean and therefore avoid them. They could be excellent friends when people get to know them more. Same way they could be tough and intimidating, they could also be fierce when it comes to fighting for their friends and loved ones.


It is misconstrued when people think military women’s problems have been completely solved due to the financial security that comes with their appointment. Nevertheless, they have stacks of responsibilities that go beyond sorting with money. They get weighed down by the thoughts of the risks of their jobs, instability often brought by deployment, affairs that concern their children and spouses. With all these, they tend to vent and exhale; like everyone else. But people get sentimental and believe they are naturally aggressive.

Sexual Favors

Not every woman in the military sleeps around. Many people believe most women in the military are loose and have traded sexual favors for work favors. It is the general perception that there is a major somewhere rocking their boats. Some women in military have dignity and have been able to maintain healthy non-sexual relationships with their superiors thereby maintaining stability in their career.

Enduring Scrutiny

Unknown to the general public, women in military also fight different battles in their chosen profession. The military is still dominated by testosterone while the women struggle to fit in. Failure is always expected when they are given tasks as a result of gender discrimination. It is disheartening for them to know the public also scrutinize them by seeing them as a different entity.

Attacking The Mole

Women in military have had their fair share of failures in marriages just like the successes have been discussed. The fundamental problem has still not been addressed. Seeing the women in uniform is a turn on for some men. They appreciate their bravery and get infatuated. At the long run, broken homes and relationships aren’t inevitable. The whole blame is mostly put on the women oblivious to the fact that the military indoctrination didn’t break the relationship. Are men ready to give up their job security and pack up when the women get deployed?

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