Woman spend 4years growing nails and call it her baby’s

For most of my life, I’ve had pretty long nails. For some reason, I would scream bloody murder when anyone cut my nails as a child, and it seems they’ve gotten used to all the real estate I’ve given them over the years.

I say that because it’s never too long after I cut them that they spring right back up like sharp little weeds.


However, even if I wanted to, I doubt I could get them to grow until they actually start curling. And although that’s never been a dream I’ve had, it’s one that a particular Russian woman has adjusted her lifestyle around.

For 35-year-old Elena Shilenkova of Saint Petersburg, Russia, it’s likely hard to recall a time when she didn’t have long nails.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

As she told The Mirror, “When I was a child and went to school, I already had nails longer than most adult women.”

“But my teachers were quite tolerant about it,” she said.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

“They even did not let me wash the windows as they were afraid that I could break my nails.”

However, one bet she made with a friend compelled her to take the length of her nails to the extreme.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

It’s unclear whether this friend was convinced she couldn’t grow them to 12 centimeters (the equivalent of 4.7 inches) long or couldn’t grow the longest in Russia, but she was willing to take on the challenge all the same.

And after four years of growing, it seems that Shilenkova’s friend lost the bet.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

As The Mirror reported, she has both grown 4.7 inch nails and broken the record for the longest in Russia.

But she has no plans to get rid of them because she now considers them her “babies.”

Instagram | @elena___beauty

As she said, “I call them ‘my babies,’ as they are four years old and I take care of them as I would do with babies.”

Although she takes pride in her nails, she also worries about breaking them often.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

For this reason, she takes hair and nail vitamins to keep them strong and avoids making sharp movements as much as possible.

Reactions to her nails have been mixed, but she notes that a lot of people think they’re cool or respect her patience for growing them.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

As she put it, “My nails are like personal calling card.”

She also said that having such long nails hasn’t had too severe of an impact on her daily life.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

She still considers most activities perfectly doable, if in a different way than most people would normally do them.

Although she didn’t elaborate on this, she said, “For example, I would say that my way of typing is a little bit different.”

As she said, “I am most worried about breaking the nails in my sleep and I often have nightmares that I wake up with short nails.”

Instagram | @elena___beauty

“I am afraid to break them as I would have to waste my time on fixing them – they do break sometimes but I always fix them.”

She explains that her nails are quite the rage with men in particular.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

“Quite often men just don’t notice my nails, but when they do, they get surprised and start asking all those typical questions. I am never short of male attention.”

That said, she has felt the need to make some sacrifices so she can keep her nails as long as possible.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

Although she enjoys swimming and traveling to the sea, she now feels that it would be too risky to do either of those things.

The same goes for playing tennis.

Considering where she lives, another issue is that she can no longer wear gloves.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

As she told The Mirror, “I miss gloves –it can be quite cold in Russia and I have to put my hands in my pockets.”

“People see thousands of faces and are always erased from the memory – but someone with nails like mine would never been forgotten.”

Instagram | @elena___beauty

“It’s impossible not to notice me.”


Breaking!Nollywood actor jim iyk and wife welcome baby boy.

Nigeria’s popular veteran actor, James Ikechukwu (Jim Iyke) has been blessed with a bouncing baby boy.

The 42-year-old actor, who took to his Instagram page to announce the baby’s arrival, said, “I’m ultra-private with my family but this is the rarest of moments.

“Back to 2hours sleep nightly.

“Back to cat naps with my subconscious peaked for the slightest movement.

“Back to groggy mornings and big unknowing smiles.

“Welcome home king. I can’t find the right words now.

“Every being in me is pulsating with raw primordial energy.

“A lion beget a lion, welcome to my pride dear son.

“I don’t know what I’m doing right to deserve it all. It takes a man to bring a child home, it takes a community to raise him.”

View this post on Instagram

Im ultra private with my family. But this is the rarest of moments. Back to 2 hrs sleep nightly. Back to cat naps with my sub conscious peaked for the slightest movement. Back to groggy mornings and big unknowing smiles. Welcome home King. I cant find the right words now. Every being in me is pulsating with raw primordial energy. A Lion begets a Lion. Welcome to my Pride, dear son. Thank you for choosing me to be your Papa. You're the rarest of the rare Love. It's my duty to honour you even against your wishes. You're a lady in every way a man desires. You live for those you stand by and not the public. My song of praise and blessing is for you and not in the court of opinions. I am beyond blessed by you. Wherever my voice stops in gratitude my heart continues to say thank u. Thank you lord for yet another blessing this year. I dont know what I'm doing right to deserve it all. It takes a man to bring a child home. It takes a community to raise him. My people please welcome my king. Welcome home JJ. Let's have the fun of our lives! 💪🙌 HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY! #JJCHRONICLES

A post shared by Jim Iyke (@jim.iyke) on

Tonto Dikeh reveals that his Ex-husband is Dead as his son prepares to Bear another man’s Name

DRAGGING SEASON!! Tonto Dikeh Reveals Her Ex-Husband Is Dead As Her Son Prepares To Take Another Man’s Name – SEE WHAT SHE SAID

Controversial Nollywood star Tonto Dikeh is out with yet another insult for her ex-husband as she claims Olakunle Churchill is a dead man. Tonto Dikeh has continued and won’t stop dragging her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill on social media. It was reported that a blogger allegedly bashed her on Twitter, calling her a liar and accusing her of pushing Churchill’s mum down the stairs.

Tonto Dikeh is of the opinion that the blogger was sponsored by her ex-husband. She has now continued to drag him, saying he will remain dead to their son, King Andre and he will watch as Andre takes another man’s name.

See her post:

This is coming after Tonto Dikeh claimed that she has always been a man. She said she will keep disgracing her ex-husband. Recall that earlier the actress who arrived Lagos yesterday to hold a talk with her Best Friend Richard Nnadi who threatened to release names of those owing him, also dropped a shade for her ex-husband as she claimed she has always been a man.

According to Tonto Dikeh, she has always been a man because she paid for her wedding,  housed, clothed and fed her ex-husband, Olakunle Church. However in same heated comment section, Tonto Dikeh promised to always disgrace her ex-husband and his mother, until they “confess to all their lies and evil”.

Also recall that Tonto Dikeh took to her Instagram to slam those questioning why she changed her son’s surname to her father’s name. Tonto who has been accusing her ex-husband, Churchill Olakunle for being a dead-beat dad, has changed her son Andre’s name to ‘King Andre Dikeh’.

Ripples Nigeria

Seems people are questioning the move, and she has this to say: “Don’t even Bleep with me! NO MAN BOTN OF W WOMAN CAN TELL@ME WHWT TO AND NOT TO DO!! KEEP YOUR BASELESS ADVICE TO YOURSELVES!!! #MAMA DE PAPA @kingandre_dikeh” She wrote.

Tonto Dikeh who is still firing shots, recently disclosed that she is now learning the act of ignoring worthless men and their lies. According to the actress, so many beautiful things are happening in her life as she indirectly calls her estranged husband an Imbecile.

Recall that what was interpreted to be a shade for her husband, she wrote: “I don’t have an I DON’T CARE FACE NO MORE, I simply don’t look to even have a face that tells you I DONT CARE”. #A WORTHLESS MAN WLD ALWAYS BE A WORTHLESS MAN!!

I'm learning the act of ignoring worthless men Tonto Dikeh, I’m learning the act of ignoring worthless men – Tonto Dikeh, LATEST NIGERIAN NEWS, POLITICS TODAY, CELEBRITY GISTS | UNCLE SURU

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Lil Wayne daughter sparks pregnancy Rumours with this photos

One of her Instagram followers is sure that Reginae Carter is imitating Beyonce and Cardi B’s way to hide their pregnancy.

Lil Wayne's Daughter Sparks Pregnancy Rumors Because of This Photo

AceShowbiz – Is Reginae Carter having a bun in the oven? That’s what people have been speculating about when the daughter of Lil Wayne recently took to Instagram to post a picture of herself flaunting her fashion. But instead of focusing on her clothes, fans noticed a slight difference in her body that got them thinking she might be eating for two.

The said image featured Reginae going braless in a bright orange suit with her hair and makeup done to the nines. “I’m the Queen of my own little world,” she wrote in the caption. Seeing this photo, several of her followers pointed out that her face looked rounder than usual, prompting them to speculate that this might be pregnancy weight.

“Ur face is getting fat sis are u carrying a lil Lucci,” one user wondered, referring to her on-again boyfriend YFN Lucci. One convinced fan, meanwhile, said, “Yupppp she’s pregnant this the dead give away. [Beyonce Knowles] [Cardi B] both wore these to hide baby bumps and her face is round. U ain’t slick nae.” One other simply asked, “Pregnant?”

This isn’t the first time Reginae was hit with pregnancy rumors. Earlier this month, fans speculated that the 20-year-old was pregnant with Lucci’s baby as they thought that she attempted to cover her baby bump with a scarf in an Instagram photo. However, her mother Toya Wright quickly shut down the rumors during an Instagram Live and gave a relationship advice to her eldest daughter.

“You don’t need a n***a in the world for nothing and you damn sure ain’t having no babies,” she said. “That’s what the boyfriend said on the internet. He got the game messed up period negative.” Reginae then chimed in, “Ain’t nobody having a baby it’s cool.”

Reginae and Lucci have been dating on-and-off for a nearly a year.

This posh Mercedes sprinter has it own kitchen and bathroom…video

It’s called The Presidential, and it’s how the one-percenters go camping.

Ultimate Toys is a company where its products are certainly befitting to the name. Consider this very black Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – a vehicle we are well acquainted with when it comes to luxurious aftermarket upfits. We’ve seen the Sprinter configured as everything from a full-on work vehicle to a sweet private jet for the road. This version is called The Presidential, presumably for its luxurious interior appointments and Secret-Service-approved shade of black on the outside.

Travel in Sprinter style:

So, what all makes this van special? Ultimate Toys bills it as either a mobile office for high-powered executives or a snazzy home-away-from-home for high-powered families. Aside from the plethora of leather, The Presidential offers accommodations for 10 adults with three rows of seating. The rearmost seats can fold out to make a bed for power naps between meetings, or for catching some overnight sleep on a weekend family adventure. It’s got a kick-butt stereo system, lots of trick lighting, and of course there’s a flat-screen television that can connect to pretty much anything – be it a work laptop for a PowerPoint presentation or Netflix for cartoons.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Presidential By Ultimate Toys
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Presidential By Ultimate Toys
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Presidential By Ultimate Toys
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Presidential By Ultimate Toys

Such capability is impressive, but certainly not unique in the realm of luxury transportation. The Presidential does, however, offer something virtually impossible to find in this size class – a bathroom. Nestled in back and accessible either from the cabin or through the rear doors, the facilities also include a small kitchenette with a sink, microwave, dorm-sized refrigerator, and a fair amount of storage space. For buyers not interested in such things, Ultimate Toys can swap out the throne for even more storage. That’s not bad for something just a bit larger than a full-size van. This nifty 360-degree virtual tour pretty much says it all.

Of course, such a machine coming from a company called Ultimate Toys isn’t exactly cheap. We don’t have specific pricing, but the video above mentions a cost of “sometimes below $135,000” once discounts are applied. Then again, you are getting a decked-out Mercedes-Benz with its own toilet and enough interior space for a summit meeting, all in a package that can still be easily driven around town. It’s definitely cool, and for those who prefer the finer things in life, it could well be the family truckster of choice.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Presidential By Ultimate Toys

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Presidential By Ultimate Toys

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