Here is the WhatsApp wooden chair that got everyone Talking.

The art of wood carving is an integral form for expressing the Nigerian culture and traditions dating back to the 12th century. It is a very creative and lucrative business for those who still indulge in this form of art. A lot of people love art and like beautifying their homes and offices with artistic objects.

But then, what do you think of this hand-carved wooden chair in the form of a naked woman?

Would you have this in your house?

Of course, it is a beautiful carved piece of art, but then, is this really proper?

What to do when a girl look at you.

Have you ever had an attractive girl look at you and you didn’t know what to do? If you respond the wrong way or even too late, your chances to seal the deal could even slip away.The FIRST GLANCE can already create tension and set the tone before you even talk to her. So in this article I’m going to help you capitalize on that crucial moment.

Now, it’ pretty common for guys to feel off guard when an attractive girl looks at them from afar especially if they haven’t been in the game for a while. Most of the time a girl looks at you means she is interested in you,That’s a great start all you need to to is capitalize on the situation.

First, Make sure to look back, Alpha males are the ones that attracts women the most so, take charge and control women usually are not the ones to make the first move, men do.She’s looking at you to make sure that you get the message, when you have caught her looking at you look back without hesitation now if she looks away before you have the chance to make eye contact just keep looking for few seconds to catch her attention because it is important that she knows that you noticed her.The beauty is that looking back can create sexual tension and that before any words have even come out of your mouth, make sure you maintain dominance when you are looking back don’t act all meek and stare at the floor, if she looks back keep looking at her as if you are enjoying each other and enjoying the moment even before you get near. Now that you have got her attention make sure you smile at her because looking at someone smile literally brightens up your day, a chin-up confident smile is the way to go as it actually gives her comfort and shows her you are a fun guy to be with.

Looking back at her the moment she notices and give her the best smile you have, one that says “hey,let’s have some fun” you can also look away and smile for a moment then look back at her, this brings a certain allure and mystery while at the same time acknowledging that you are going to approach her and will like to know her better.

Here also are somethings you should not do:

Avoid a creepy nodding smile or a cheesy smirk and please don’t frown to thinking it is cool and don’t try too much to force the smile either, Just relax and make sure it comes natural as if you appreciate her looking at you and you are enjoying every moment.How you can really know your perfect smile? is to practice everyday in the mirror, go ahead it actually helps.

Next, i want to talk about establishing eye contact “Confidence dictates control”.When you look at a woman always maintain eye contact even before the conversation starts check her reaction,The moment she looks back lock eye contact. If she looks away quickly she’s either creeped out,she’s shy or playing hard to get(Women play hard to get all the time ) so whatever you do don’t give up yet, if you think she’s the shy type then give her enough room to adjust but don’t wait too long to approach or you may lose your chance and if you think she is playing hard to get keep the confidence up and take control and remember to focus on her eyes it can be a total turn off if you are staring down at her body rather than her face.

Now taking all the other tips into consideration, approaching her is the best part, always remember a woman looking at you is an invitation women don’t always make the first move men do instinctively women go for the aggressive and assertive man because that is what the look for in males “Security” and if you are sloppy and slow that will look like a weakness and turn off.

Remember that body movements are important, Walk tall with a straight back and your head up no slouching or looking at the ground and keep the eye contact when it is already established and talk to her. Remember an attractive girl looking at you from afar can men many things but one thing is for sure be a man and look back and make your move she’ll appreciate that.

What an ungrateful personality-Angela blast Tacha

Nigerian actress, Angela Okorie has taken to Instagram to blast reality star, Tacha for not showing gratitude to her even after she stood by her during her stay in Big Brother’s house.

Tacha and Angela Okorie
Reality star, Tacha and on-screen diva, Angela Okorie

Okorie wrote:

“Some people I helped like Tacha can’t even say Thank you for giving her my platform To push her Brand. As a matter of fact she ignores me when I write her. It takes 2 days to reply me Or she directs me to her manager. What an Ungrateful personality

Tacha, it took you 2 weeks to call me after you
Left Big brother house,
That was After @hairess_gallery told u to call to at least say thank you,
Now I understand why Jaruma unfollowed you
Tacha, I told you to post her picture publicly and Say Thank you to her for all she did for you, Cos is not easy to spend money on who doesn’t Know u

Gratitude is important. I told you that “A good character will keep you in the industry for a long time” But a bad character will make u loose everything. I was the First public face to post ur picture when you entered big brother house. This alone can make me not to help anybody again, But you know what??? I will keep helping people Cos this is part of my work on Earth.

Called you for a shoot. And I was shocked u said u will post it for free. Forgetting I post u on my page 2/47 without u paying a Dine
I pleaded with my lovely fans on daily basis to keep Voting for you until you win. I lost lots of fans cos of you.

Some even wrote me messages threatening me. For supporting you,”
I told them I saw something different they can’t see in you. Even when everyone was against you. I supported you till the end and also gave them Reasons to support you,
Gratitude is very Important. Gratitude is a Must. Does it mean if you were Angela Okorie
You won’t give me same opportunity I gave you????

Desist from being Ungrateful to people who Helped you when u were a nobody Else it will Ruin You forever
NB: Gratitude is everything
Morning world.

See the full post below:

Okorie's post

Tonto Dikeh said Bobrisky can marry me


Controversial Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, has revealed that if she was to get married to popular Nigerian cross dresser, Idris Okuneye, a.k.a Bobrisky, she won’t be spending any money at all, because she knows he is up to the task.

The mother of one who recently disclosed in a bare-it-all interview that she sponsored her own wedding, revealed this in reaction to a doctored photo of herself and Bobrisky, depicting them as husband and wife, with Bobrisky being the husband.

“You people are mad. Bobrisky my hubby, look at us. The wedding I didn’t pay for. Bob, with you at least I know that I won’t spend one naira to marry you,” she said.

While many see it as a stylish mockery of her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill, others are still puzzled about the true gender of Bobrisky and the nature of his relationship with Tonto Dikeh.

Woman spend 4years growing nails and call it her baby’s

For most of my life, I’ve had pretty long nails. For some reason, I would scream bloody murder when anyone cut my nails as a child, and it seems they’ve gotten used to all the real estate I’ve given them over the years.

I say that because it’s never too long after I cut them that they spring right back up like sharp little weeds.


However, even if I wanted to, I doubt I could get them to grow until they actually start curling. And although that’s never been a dream I’ve had, it’s one that a particular Russian woman has adjusted her lifestyle around.

For 35-year-old Elena Shilenkova of Saint Petersburg, Russia, it’s likely hard to recall a time when she didn’t have long nails.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

As she told The Mirror, “When I was a child and went to school, I already had nails longer than most adult women.”

“But my teachers were quite tolerant about it,” she said.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

“They even did not let me wash the windows as they were afraid that I could break my nails.”

However, one bet she made with a friend compelled her to take the length of her nails to the extreme.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

It’s unclear whether this friend was convinced she couldn’t grow them to 12 centimeters (the equivalent of 4.7 inches) long or couldn’t grow the longest in Russia, but she was willing to take on the challenge all the same.

And after four years of growing, it seems that Shilenkova’s friend lost the bet.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

As The Mirror reported, she has both grown 4.7 inch nails and broken the record for the longest in Russia.

But she has no plans to get rid of them because she now considers them her “babies.”

Instagram | @elena___beauty

As she said, “I call them ‘my babies,’ as they are four years old and I take care of them as I would do with babies.”

Although she takes pride in her nails, she also worries about breaking them often.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

For this reason, she takes hair and nail vitamins to keep them strong and avoids making sharp movements as much as possible.

Reactions to her nails have been mixed, but she notes that a lot of people think they’re cool or respect her patience for growing them.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

As she put it, “My nails are like personal calling card.”

She also said that having such long nails hasn’t had too severe of an impact on her daily life.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

She still considers most activities perfectly doable, if in a different way than most people would normally do them.

Although she didn’t elaborate on this, she said, “For example, I would say that my way of typing is a little bit different.”

As she said, “I am most worried about breaking the nails in my sleep and I often have nightmares that I wake up with short nails.”

Instagram | @elena___beauty

“I am afraid to break them as I would have to waste my time on fixing them – they do break sometimes but I always fix them.”

She explains that her nails are quite the rage with men in particular.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

“Quite often men just don’t notice my nails, but when they do, they get surprised and start asking all those typical questions. I am never short of male attention.”

That said, she has felt the need to make some sacrifices so she can keep her nails as long as possible.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

Although she enjoys swimming and traveling to the sea, she now feels that it would be too risky to do either of those things.

The same goes for playing tennis.

Considering where she lives, another issue is that she can no longer wear gloves.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

As she told The Mirror, “I miss gloves –it can be quite cold in Russia and I have to put my hands in my pockets.”

“People see thousands of faces and are always erased from the memory – but someone with nails like mine would never been forgotten.”

Instagram | @elena___beauty

“It’s impossible not to notice me.”

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