Withdrawal of police escorts from Nigerian business Mogul E-Money sparked reaction.

Nigerian billionaire and business mogul, also brother to Nigerian singer Kcee; Emeka Okonkwo professionally known as “E Money” has had his police escorts withdrawn by the Inspector General of Police, Adamu Muhammed.The reasons cited were the disrespect to the police force as he uses his securities for menial jobs and also errand boys.

This came up after an order was passed on investigating the flamboyant lifestyle of the Chairman, Five Star Group, Emeka Okonkwo aka E-Money.

According to reports, the probe was due to his flamboyant lifestyle and also from knowledge of his use of police officers attached to him.

The probe and withdrawal of the escorts have sparked debate and reactions from celebrities and fans alike on social media.

Some people think there is a nefarious reason behind the probe since E Money has been in the spotlight for a long time while some says it’s just a means of extorting him.

These are some of the reactions on social media:

War loom-As Guinea Government Arrests Chinese citizens

Lately, there has been online reports of xenophobic and racism attack on African residents in China. The US had intervened and called the Chinese to check itself. The xenophobic attack on Africans by Chinese is as a result of the fact that radical Chinese people blame Africans for the spread of Corona Virus.

The Chinese government had come out to deny this news saying things were being exaggerated on Social media and are not really the way things are being portrayed. However, more videos and pictures of Africans being bullied and oppressed continue to trend daily on social media. Africans are even restricted from buying things and even entering shopping malls by some Chinese.

In retaliation, a West African country, Guinea, arrested all Chinese nationals in Guinea and threatened to deport all of them if Citizens of Guinea do not return safely from China, Rise Again reported. The situation is now an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

A similar situation had happened in 2019 between South Africans and Nigerians where a lot of lives and properties were lost due to retaliations from both countries.

Could this lead to war and loss of lives and properties if China continues to attack Africans? The world needs peace right now, not war.

Watch Video- as man get stuck on married woman and snake stop people from separating them.

Cheating couple

Drama as a man gets stuck on a married woman and a snake stops people from separating them – Video. Undated bizarre footage of an identified man who got stuck whilst enjoying the forbidden fruit with a suspected married woman has wildly gone viral on social media.

According to unconfirmed reports reaching iHarare, the woman appearing in the video was ‘fixed’ by her husband without her consent, which resulted in the two adulterous lovebirds getting stuck after a candid game of hiding your sausage in my cookie jar.

In the 60-second long video, people scramble to take videos and photographs of the pair who are covering themselves with a thin blanket to preserve their modesty. More shockingly, an angry Cobra snake is lying on one side of the bed with its head raised and seemingly ready to strike.

It is alleged the reptile mysteriously appearedto prevent people from separating the couple until the husband was returned. This publication was not in a position to confirm the authenticity of the viral video and the exact location of the incident at the time of writing. Watch the video below…

In Other News – The Nasty Side of Social Media – Innocent and Patience Moyo Fight it off in a battle of words

The Nasty Side of Social Media – Man and Woman Fight it off in a battle of words that might actually lead the both of them under investigation. What started as a joke in a Facebook Group quickly escalated to what some might call cyberbullying.

A man and woman took to Facebook and shared nasty thoughts about one another but here is the tricky bit, these 2 don’t even know each other. According to witnesses on the Facebook Page, the man shared a post insulting people and when the woman, Patience Moyo commented, the man who is known as Innocent insulted Patience further.

Patience Moyo then made up bogus allegations claiming that Innocent [email protected] a 5-year-old girl. Innocent didn’t take this lightly, he took Patience’s picture and had nasty words of his own claiming that Patience Moyo was a prost!tute who stole R15000 from him.

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