War loom-As Guinea Government Arrests Chinese citizens

Lately, there has been online reports of xenophobic and racism attack on African residents in China. The US had intervened and called the Chinese to check itself. The xenophobic attack on Africans by Chinese is as a result of the fact that radical Chinese people blame Africans for the spread of Corona Virus.

The Chinese government had come out to deny this news saying things were being exaggerated on Social media and are not really the way things are being portrayed. However, more videos and pictures of Africans being bullied and oppressed continue to trend daily on social media. Africans are even restricted from buying things and even entering shopping malls by some Chinese.

In retaliation, a West African country, Guinea, arrested all Chinese nationals in Guinea and threatened to deport all of them if Citizens of Guinea do not return safely from China, Rise Again reported. The situation is now an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

A similar situation had happened in 2019 between South Africans and Nigerians where a lot of lives and properties were lost due to retaliations from both countries.

Could this lead to war and loss of lives and properties if China continues to attack Africans? The world needs peace right now, not war.

Watch video-GHANAIAN men lie too much they dont know how to lie.

Singer and actress, Paulina Oduro has disclosed that Ghanaian men lie too much and that they have to learn how not to lie.

The singer who was on the Delay Show made this known while talking about her love life and relationship.

Delay asked about her baby daddies and while making the submission, she revealed this thing she had realized about Ghanaian men.

According to her, Ghanaian men lie too much, as she said in her local dilate, Fante.

Watch video below;

Watch video-My Pu$$y is to small for a man to insert his foot in-sister. Afia.

Recall! A few months ago, a snapchat blogger, Fatpu$$y055 released an ‘at0pa’ video of sister Afia.

Today, singer Sista Afia has finally debunked reports of her involvement in a leaked ‘atopa’ video some months back.

The blogger alleged that Sista Afia’s ‘tonga’ is so big that her boyfriend used his legs to ‘chop’ her because his small ‘cassava’ couldn’t fit in and recorded her unaware because she was on ecstasy pills.

Speaking in a recent interview on Accra based Hitz FM, Sista Afia denied the allegation that she was the one in the ‘atopa’ video.

According to her, the ‘tonga’ is very small and can’t accommodate a man’s foot as portrayed in the ‘at0pa’ video.

“That was never me..Whoever was in the video,a man was putting like a whole foot…me my own is small so how can…” Sista Afia told Andy Dosty in an interview on Hitz FM

“Come on that is never me.I will never do stuff like that. That is like a video they took from a p0rn site and they posted it”  Sista Afia disclosed.

Watch the video below;

Watch video ludacris officially becomes Gabon citizen

The star obtained his Gabonese citizenship recently

Ludacris obtained his Gabonese citizenship, the same country that his wife, Eudoxie Mbouguiengue, originates from.
Ludacris obtained his Gabonese citizenship, the same country that his wife, Eudoxie Mbouguiengue, originates from.

Halalaa! US rapper Ludacris has got his Gabonese citizenship and we are all singing hallelujah.

Ludacris recently announced the good news on social media.

His wife, Eudoxie Mbouguiengue, is a citizen of Gabon along with the couple’s children.

Luda couldn’t contain his excitement and took to Instagram with a post of him and his family showing off their passports.

Rap All-Stars 🏆@RapAllStars

Ludacris and his family went to Africa to become Gabonese citizens 🇬🇦

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Well, welcome neighbour and don’t stress about anything, we’ve got your back and we are in the same WhatsApp group.


Malume, if you decide to reside in SA, let us balance you real quick with things you need to know.

1. Eish! Mchana, Please don’t mess with taxi drivers because they are our SA defence force.

inkosi yase Goli- ZN⚪@MTHEMBEH

After today i can declare that Taxi drivers have the same attitude and not only Zulu taxi drivers demand greeting even other tribes. Watch this joutnalist being reminded of manners 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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2. Don’t ask directions from the police because they can’t differentiate between left and right.


as we march right and left just like our police

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3. Don’t be shooketh when you see us eating chicken feet. It’s our favourite snack in Mzansi — ask Cardi B for the recipe.

4. We have load-shedding any time, neh. Please organise a generator as soon as you land.


My friends are hilarious

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5. If there’s an emergency and you call the police, don’t expect them to come immediately. They don’t always come quickly, so rather relax, drink water and mind your own business.

Dingi Ndawo@NdawoDingi

Sibo Nene@Sibo_Nene

Let’s put a phrase together as a group. Here are keywords.

Drink. Water. Mind. Business. Own.

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Watch video ike denied breaking up with mercy.

Former Big Brother Nigeria housemate, Ike Onyeama, has reacted to the viral reports that he has broken up with his reality TV star girlfriend, Mercy Eke.

The speculation was further fuelled after he was spotted in the same car with Tacha, a rival of his girlfriend.

However, reacting to the rumour, the former housemate downplays such reports as untrue.

He further stated that the fact that he has been busy is why they have not been together lately.

He made this known via a live Instagram video.

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