Video of some high school girls disgracing their parents and their selfs

Police officer sued a friend for failing to impregnate his wife after 77 times

A police officer Darius who hired his friend to impregnate his wife is now suing the said friend for breach of contract. Tanzanian couple A Tanzania police officer is suing his friend for failing to impregnate his wife after having sex with her 77 times. […]


Special video for the ladies on how to make him get the best ‘orgasm’ of his bedroom life

Please don’t argue with me, I have an article to write. The male orgasm does not just happen spontaneously every time. Sometimes it needs a little nudge (wink, wink) in the right direction. Here are some tips. 1. Be enthusiastic Friends, there is nothing that […]

Donald Trump said Arnold Schwarzenegger is dead,and Arnold Schwarzenegger Responded quickly

Washington, July 12: US President Donald Trump on Thursday reportedly claimed that Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has died. According to Yahoo News White House correspondent Hunter Walker, Donald Trump declared Arnold Schwarzenegger dead during his speech at a social media summit at the White House. Here it may […]

Yahoo boy Dies after Barking like a Dog-watch video

Wonders shall never cease to end. Many have heard stories of ritualists coughing to death, but what will one say about man barking like a dog and died afterwards? This is the story of an alleged internet fraudster (Yahoo Yahoo) who barked like a dog […]

BBNAIJA2019 kim oprah blows hot this morning after last Night Eviction-video

Well just after tempers rose following Biggie’s eviction, Kimoprah decided to set the tone a little bit higher this morning by giving us a little pepper soup behaviour.   According to her, she felt insulted by someone who she claims she helped to restore their […]