Nasty feel bad about jaden Smith stealing his idea-details and video

Remember how we all rolled our eyes and just laughed off at Nasty C for announcing that he was “pregnant” with a new album? What a silly but funny idea. However, seems like another American artist is stealing from our local star. First it was Cassper and Kanye west and now its Nasty c and Jaden Smith.

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Fans of Nasty C were fuming this week after US star Jaden took to social media to pull a stunt that was nearly a carbon copy of one pulled by the local rapper last year.

Well a post by Jaden Smith on Instagram has surfaced online showing the US star pulling the same stunt. Nasty C got the alert from fans and was conflicted on whether to be chilled or angry by it.

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“Dunno if I should say great minds think alike, or get mad because bra jacked my sh*t. I’m kinda looking forward to his sh*t, but I’m also kinda pissed,” he wrote, before asking fans to decide whether Jaden had stolen the idea on purpose. We think he stole it honestly!

Watch Nasty C’s Pregnancy Prank Here:


Tonto Dikeh finally reveals what that Will bring her back to her ex-husband Churchill

Tonto Dikeh Finally Reveals The Only Thing That Can Take Her Back To Her Ex-Husband Churchill After Disgracing Him On Social Media (Video)

Controversial Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has taken to her Instagram page this morning to express herself more, amidst the drama between herself and her ex-husband. Tonto Dikeh is not going to stop talking about her failed relationship with ex-husband and father of her son,  Olakunle Olatunji Churchill as she talked about the only thing that can make her go back to him.

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The actress and her ex-husband have for a while now, been embroiled in a messy controversial feud since they called off their marriage – they both have soiled each other’s name on social media and also in interviews. Taking to her Instagram, this morning, she wrote;

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“You see I think alot of you are missing the point here, NOBODY I MEAN ABSOLUTELY NO ONE CAN MAKE ME STOP SPEAKING MY TRUTH!! I already said it I am totally shameless especially when I am fighting for my life!!”

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“So you can send in all the comic skits I will help repost!! Make we all laugh together! No One married with me, No one was beaten with me, No one enjoyed with me, etc.”

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“#Facts is if I hear PIM again from this man on any interview again, I will be up again doing exactly this same thing BUT this time even worse using more documented proofs!!”.

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“PSA:- AM I HURT? phyuk YES! (don’t use me then come out to the world and lie on me, Use me and keep walking(NEVER PUBLICLY FOUGHT AN EX B4) DO I WANT HIM BACK? ???”

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“Even him knows the answer, Only maybe to KILL him(which I will never DO cause my baby gonna Holdup on me + I’m better than Murder)”.

“DO I WANT CHILD SUPPORT? ??HELL NO, with my son I’m too selfish!!”.

“If He is able to afford child support constantly he will have the right to hold my child as long as he can’t afford that(which is the case here) he has no right to come close to my child!! And that’s exactly what I want)”.

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“SO, MY PEOPLE, I AINT FINNA STOP UNTIL MY HEART SAYS STOP.. If I love and respect you pls don’t call my phone on this subject you will be totally DISRESPECTED!”.

“You can, however, call to PRAY!! THANKS, AND HAVE AN AMAZING WEEKEND”

Source: Gistmania

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I wish I dragged my ex as Tonto Dikeh is doing to Churchill

Ex-beauty queen, Dabota Lawson has revealed how she wished she dragged her ex in the same manner Tonto Dikeh is doing to her ex-husband Olakunle Churchill.

Dabota Lawson who is divorced from her marriage to billionaire Sunny Aku who is 35 years older than her took to social media with the quote:

Don’t lie o.. I have someone I wished I dealt with like this back then .. TGIF … @tontolet

It is ot quite clearcwhether the ex Dabota wished she had dragged is Sunny Aku, but in reaction to her post, Tonto Dikeh dropped the below comment.

We go Shuck hand inside their eye!!’

Recall that Tonto Dikeh few days ago dragged her ex-husband in an interview in which she revealed that he’s a 40 seconds man in bed who suffers premature ejaculation. She stated that the longest he’s lasted is 59 seconds and that was the sex that produced their son King.

She also accused the businessman of being a Yahoo boy who engages in fetish rituals.

Yes! My son’s father is a fraud. He does Yahoo. How I know? Because I caught him in the middle of a red candle with laptop in his lap, with a red pant on, red cloth tied around his waist.”

Killer of albino sentenced to death in malawi

a group of people around each other: Malawi has seen a surge in attacks on people with albinism in recent years
© ERICO WAGA Malawi has seen a surge in attacks on people with albinism in recent years

Malawi’s high court has sentenced to death a man who murdered a young albino, an unprecedented penalty in a country which has seen a surge in attacks and killings of people with albinism.

Willard Mikaele, then 28, was convicted of killing 19-year-old Mphatso Pensulo in the southern district of Thyolo in 2017.

“He planned to kill an albino so as to get rich fast as advised by the herbalist,” judge Maclean Kamwambe said in handing down the sentence on Friday in Thyolo.

“It has been reiterated that there will be times when death sentence shall be unavoidable due to the circumstances and that it should be reserved for such occasions,” the judge said.

Malawi has not carried out any executions since 1994, with death sentences commuted to life imprisonment.

The verdict suggests a growing awareness by the Malawian authorities of the attacks on albinos, said Ikponwosa Ero, the UN independent expert on albinism.

“I am watching with keen interest, what seems like an awakening on the part of the government of Malawi vis-a-vis the terrible crime spree that has been going on in the country against persons with albinism,” she told AFP Saturday, while expressing strong opposition to the death penalty.

Malawi, one of the world’s poorest and most aid-dependent countries, has experienced a surge in violent attacks on people with albinism since late 2014.

In many cases those with albinism are targeted for their body parts to be used in witchcraft rituals meant to bring wealth and luck.

In a June 2018 report, rights group Amnesty International said that since November 2014 there had been 148 crimes reported against people with albinism, with at least 21 deaths.

Just 30 percent of those attacks have been properly investigated, according to official statistics, with only one murder and one attempted murder case successfully prosecuted.

President Peter Mutharika in March appointed a commission of inquiry to investigate the spate of attacks on people with albinism after coming under mounting criticism over his response to the attacks.

a person sitting on a table: UN expert Ikponwosa Ero says the Malawian authorities seem to waking up to the spate of attacks on people with albinism
© Amos Gumulira UN expert Ikponwosa Ero says the Malawian authorities seem to waking up to the spate of attacks on people with albinism

Albinism is a genetic disorder that causes a partial or total absence of pigmentation in the skin, hair and eyes.

As a result, in addition to discrimination, many albinos often experience eye problems and have a heightened risk of skin cancer.

Basket mouth,Juke okoye,Paul okoye and other celebrities slams Tonto Dike

Internet Would Be Peaceful If Networks Start Checking The Mental State Of Peeps Before They Can Buy Data - Basket Mouth Slams Tonto Dikeh

Celebrities like Juke Okoye, Paul Okoye, and a popular comedian MC tagwaye have agreed with Basket Mouth for calling on network providers to check out the mental state of peeps before they can buy data so as to restore sanity to the internet – a perceived jibe at Tonto Dikeh over her comment that her estranged husband, Olakunle Churchill, is a yahoo boy.

Jude Okoye in his reaction to the comment which was shared by Basket Mouth via his Instagram page said ”leave bitterleaf for toxicology” while Paul Okoye said the day Internet would shut down some people would hand themselves.

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