Video -I6 years old boy shed tears as girl friend dump him on her birthday for not making a party for her

A video of a 16-year-old Nigerian boy who burst into tears after his girlfriend dumped him for refusing to take her out on her birthday has provoked Nigerians, especially men.

According to reports, the young boy was unable to afford enough money to take her out on her birthday, and as a result, his bittered girlfriend quit the relationship with him.

The young boy who couldn’t hide his emotions cried seriously in public, while his friends who were already recording the scenario, mocked him at the same time.

Reacting to this, Nigerian men have slammed the young lad for crying over a girl at his young age, while his mates are at their father’s house washing plates and cutting firewood.

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Video-Stop sidling into my Dm,IKE will run you,Mercy warns men

Mercy Eke
BBNaija winner, Mercy Lambo

Mercy Eke, the winner of 2019 BBNaija reality TV show, has warned men to stop sliding into her Dm advising them that her boo, Ike, would run them over.

The reality TV star who is still on her media tour made the comment in response to a question from an interviewer on ‘Beat Fm’ who asked how she has been coping with advancement from men.

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She further shared that she and Ike are for real and ready to do a lot of big things together.

Watch the video below;

Laila Ijeoma |

Here’s what Mercy had to say when she was asked about all the men messaging her.

Credit: @THEBEAT999FM

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Video slay queen angrily smashes her p$$$y with a big stone.

VIDEO: Slay Queen Angrily Smashes Her Tonga With Big Stone

We don’t know if it’s some test to prove how strong her ‘Tonga’ is or she’s been possessed. There’s no blood flowing too as she continues to smash the place with the stone.

It appears the incident happened somewhere in Jamaica but we are not certain yet, but from all indications, this woman wanted to prove that she has a very very strong distin.

Watch the video below and for more interesting videos and stories, head to always for more.

Special video for the ladies on how to make him get the best ‘orgasm’ of his bedroom life

Please don’t argue with me, I have an article to write. The male orgasm does not just happen spontaneously every time. Sometimes it needs a little nudge (wink, wink) in the right direction. Here are some tips.

1. Be enthusiastic

Friends, there is nothing that will NOT make you orgasm, like a partner who is just lying there…. fwaaaaah! No enthusiasm, no reaction…. Just nothing. As long as you are having fun, an explosive orgasm is not far behind.

5 Ways To Give Bae The Most Explosive Orgasm of His Life
2. Dirty talk

Ladies, next time before you get down and dirty. Grab your man by the hips, look him the eye and describe in great detail what you plan to do to him. There will be an orgasm. If that doesn’t happen, you can come to ask us for your money back.

5 Ways To Give Bae The Most Explosive Orgasm of His Life
3. Play with all the toys

Do you really live in 2018 if you and bae don’t play with sex toys? I mean, they are all the rage and have gotten great reviews from everyone that has used them. Start with a simple blindfold, ask your man not to touch you, use your tongue on him from his lips all the way further down. Tell us in the DMs if that did not work or not.

5 Ways To Give Bae The Most Explosive Orgasm of His Life
4. Try edging

Edging is like unwrapping a piece of chocolate and …eating it later. It sounds painful and disappointing but the orgasm at the end is out of this world. All you have to do is stop before you cum. Once or twice is enough and then completely let go at the 3rd time.

Haiya bas, there you have it. Watu wa “this article makes no sense”, tell us what tips you have, to give bae the best orgasm of his life. Twende kazi!

7 years old boy beaten to death by angry classmates fir writting their names in the list of noise makers

Festus Kalela died on Wednesday after 4 of his classmates beat him to death while coming from school. It is alleged that the 4 boys, one aged 8, two aged 7 and one aged 6 were annoyed when Festus the class-monitor, booked them down as noise makers who were told to pick papers as punishment. And upon knocking off, the young criminals teamed up and beat Festus, the class monitor to death.

Mpundu identified the boy as Phestus Kalela who was pronounced dead a few minutes after arriving at Kitwe Teaching Hospital.

He said the boy is said to have been in an unconscious state at the time of arrival at the hospital but died later in the intensive care unit as efforts to resuscitate were being advanced.

“I wish to confirm…a 7-year-old boy who was beaten to death by peers. I received this information after my visit to the hospital,” Mpundu said.

Kitwe district Commissioner Binwell Mpundu,said the body of the boy is lying in the Kitwe Teaching Hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem. And Mr Mpundu, who has described the incident as saddening, wondered how children below the age of ten could beat a peer to death.

He said it was sad that children could be so savagely at such a tender age.

But according to Zambian law, these 4 young murderers cannot be arrested or prosecuted as they are under the age of 10. So they have no case to answer.

A 7 year old boy of Kawama Township in Kitwe who was beaten to death by his peers will finally be put to rest tomorrow

Festus, May Your Soul Rest In Peace!

-Zambia reports

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