As conspiracy theories continue to spread about the COVID-19 pandemic and 5G network, an American woman has taken to her social media page to share her opinion regarding the recent global happenings.

The yet to be identified lady reportedly exposed the plans of China against Africa amid Coronavirus Pandemic.

In a video that surfaced online, the American Lady said that she is married to an African man that is why she is making the revelation, advising Africans to be wise and sit up, because she doesn’t want to loose her in-laws in Africa.

She said: “We all know that Coronavirusoriginated from China, they lied about when it started, how it started and where it started, we know that it started 6 weeks before they actually told the world.

She also explained why china is kicking Africans out of their homes (racism)

“Chinese is living in Africa and they are kicking Africans out of their homes, accusing them of bringing coronavirus to china, Coronavirus came from China.

“China is a country that doesn’t speak the truth, a country that dislike Africans.

She also said that her husband is a black man, explains how they treated him badly in china, seeing him as a robber or an enemy.

Further, she explained why Chinese is in Africa, adding that they are not in Africa for the good of Africans they have secret agenda.

“They are not just in Africa for your gold, not for your minerals but to kill you and takeover your country.

“By 2050, the Population of China is going to be so much, so, there is not going to be enough place to live in china, so they want your country and they don’t want you in it.

“we are talking about people who hold their nose when you walk pass, and now they are sending a vaccine, what vaccine? They haven’t created a vaccine, no country has created a vaccine yet, so what ever they have sent to Africa; is not a vaccine for coronavirus but a poison.

“There is no vaccine they have sent to African that has ever done any good.”

She also revealed that during HIV, they created a vaccine and infected a lot of people with HIV in Africa.

She warned Africans not to accept any Coronavirus Vaccine, that if a vaccine has been created, they would first use it on their people, adding that if Africans accept any vaccine which has not been tested in America or other high risk countries that it is not a vaccine, but a poison.

“If they create vaccine, they will first use it against the virus in the Lab, use it on animals before testing it on humans, so whatever Vaccine they have brought to Africa is to kill you.

“China wants to wipe out African because they want to take over the continent.

She also revealed that china is giving out Trillions of Loans to African Countries with Low interests as a plan to take over Africa.

“China is giving African Leaders, Billions of Dollars, they are giving out Loans to Build Infrastructures, your Leaders won’t be able to pay back and will forever be indebted to China.

“So, get ready, If Coronavirus Doesn’t kill you, the vaccine will kill you, and if the vaccine didn’t kill you, Ebola will kill you, so get ready for whichever way you want to die.

She disclosed that the Chinese People in Nigeria have a hidden Agenda, they left their country and arrived to Nigeria, Nigerian Government welcomed them, adding that one of their plans is to spread the Virus in Nigeria and give people poison in the name of drugs or vaccine.

“How can you accept them into your country, do you think they are coming to help you, you think they are coming to build infrastructures for you guys? They are preparing it for themselves.

“Many People around the world are against the Vaccine, why are African Leaders accepting it?”

In conclusion she said, “China want to wipe out Africa, they have a secret agenda, Your Leaders should stop accepting their money and offers, they want to take over Africa, take over your country, they want you dead, they are giving Billions of Dollars to your Leaders to Bribe them so that they can do whatever they Like, they have already sent a vaccine to Senegal, they are already in Nigeria and other African Countries, They don’t want you in their Country but they are coming to your country, your Leaders are accepting them because they are indebted to them, the Vaccine they want to test in Africa is poison. Africans wake up!!”

Watch video below:

Video-Stop sidling into my Dm,IKE will run you,Mercy warns men

Mercy Eke
BBNaija winner, Mercy Lambo

Mercy Eke, the winner of 2019 BBNaija reality TV show, has warned men to stop sliding into her Dm advising them that her boo, Ike, would run them over.

The reality TV star who is still on her media tour made the comment in response to a question from an interviewer on ‘Beat Fm’ who asked how she has been coping with advancement from men.

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She further shared that she and Ike are for real and ready to do a lot of big things together.

Watch the video below;

Laila Ijeoma |

Here’s what Mercy had to say when she was asked about all the men messaging her.

Credit: @THEBEAT999FM

Embedded video

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Video slay queen angrily smashes her p$$$y with a big stone.

VIDEO: Slay Queen Angrily Smashes Her Tonga With Big Stone

We don’t know if it’s some test to prove how strong her ‘Tonga’ is or she’s been possessed. There’s no blood flowing too as she continues to smash the place with the stone.

It appears the incident happened somewhere in Jamaica but we are not certain yet, but from all indications, this woman wanted to prove that she has a very very strong distin.

Watch the video below and for more interesting videos and stories, head to always for more.

Video Buhari Tells Nigerians -when you are in a foreign country abide their law.

Following the recent Xenophobic attacks in South Africa, President Buhari has charged Nigerians in other countries to ensure they respect the laws of the land in their host countries.

President Buhari gave the charge when he spoke at a joint press conference with the South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa, yesterday September 3rd.

President Buhari is currently in South Africa to express his displeasure of the Xenophobic attacks that led to destruction of properties owned by Nigerians and other African nationals residing in the country.

Speaking at the press conference, the President said;

”I think Nigerians know the stand of the leadership that when you are in Rome, you do waht the Romans do. When you are in a country, you study the people and the laws and you get yourself in line with what the authorities and the people accept there” he said

Watch a video from the press conference below.

Special video for the ladies on how to make him get the best ‘orgasm’ of his bedroom life

Please don’t argue with me, I have an article to write. The male orgasm does not just happen spontaneously every time. Sometimes it needs a little nudge (wink, wink) in the right direction. Here are some tips.

1. Be enthusiastic

Friends, there is nothing that will NOT make you orgasm, like a partner who is just lying there…. fwaaaaah! No enthusiasm, no reaction…. Just nothing. As long as you are having fun, an explosive orgasm is not far behind.

5 Ways To Give Bae The Most Explosive Orgasm of His Life
2. Dirty talk

Ladies, next time before you get down and dirty. Grab your man by the hips, look him the eye and describe in great detail what you plan to do to him. There will be an orgasm. If that doesn’t happen, you can come to ask us for your money back.

5 Ways To Give Bae The Most Explosive Orgasm of His Life
3. Play with all the toys

Do you really live in 2018 if you and bae don’t play with sex toys? I mean, they are all the rage and have gotten great reviews from everyone that has used them. Start with a simple blindfold, ask your man not to touch you, use your tongue on him from his lips all the way further down. Tell us in the DMs if that did not work or not.

5 Ways To Give Bae The Most Explosive Orgasm of His Life
4. Try edging

Edging is like unwrapping a piece of chocolate and …eating it later. It sounds painful and disappointing but the orgasm at the end is out of this world. All you have to do is stop before you cum. Once or twice is enough and then completely let go at the 3rd time.

Haiya bas, there you have it. Watu wa “this article makes no sense”, tell us what tips you have, to give bae the best orgasm of his life. Twende kazi!

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