UGANDA-Covid 19 patients are having intercourse during 14 day quarantine.

Of all the countries i know, Uganda is not first country that comes in mind when it comes to this kind of misconduct. Instead of practising social distancing for them not to spread the virus, they do the opposite. It is reported that they visit each other during the 14 days quarantine and have intercourse.

“According to the Ministry of Health in Uganda, Citizens in coronavirus quarantine centres were having intercourse with each other, which is against the social distance measures taken by the government to prevent the spread of the disease.

Watchdog Uganda reports that Permanent Secretary, Diana Atwine, made the disclosure on Radio One talk show. Atwine said the accused persons go out of their rooms and have romance with others they only met in quarantine centres.

“Ugandans are not serious. Some who are in quarantine have even begun having (sexual) affairs. They move to rooms of others in the hotels where we have placed them.

“Others like in Mulago move from their rooms to visit their colleagues who are in other rooms. This is too dangerous and it will distract our efforts,”

said Atwiine.”

I wonder how do they do it. Do they kiss or they just go to it without foreplay? It must be really boring and lonely to be under quarantine.

VALENTINE TRAGEDY-man who set to suprise his girlfriend at work,get the shock of his life.

A young man who tried to surprise his girlfriend at work today, got the shock of his life, after his girlfriend’s colleagues informed him that she was absent at the office throughout today.

According to Catchvibe who shared details of the sad incident on Twitter, the anonymous girlfriend had earlier informed her lover that she would be at work.

He got to the office with a bouquet of flowers to surprise her on Valentine’s day and she wasn’t at the office. He called her on phone to confirm where she was and she insisted that she was at the office.

Frustrated by his girlfriend’s action, the young man headed home, heartbroken, depressed and almost in tears for being deceived by the one he loves.

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