UN house reopened in Abuja after 8years after Bomb by Boko haram-photos

The Nigerian Government has officially handed over the rebuilt United Nations (UN) House to UN members and assured them of its commitment to ensuring the security and protection of their lives and property.

President Muhammadu Buhari made the commitment at the 74th UN day celebration and official handover of the rebuilt UN House in Abuja on Thursday.

The Day has the theme: `The future we want, the UN we need’.

Represented by the FCT Minister, Malam Muhammad Bello, Buhari said that the Federal Government would ensure maximum protection of all UN institutions in the country.

According to him, the efforts of the UN in confronting global issues such as international conflicts through mediation and peace keeping, global battle against climate change and environmental degradation have continued to yield positive results around the world.


Video-Uganda vice president offered a female singer a brown envelope after she twisted her waist for him

VIDEO: Uganda vice president offers female singer brown envelope after twisting her waist for him

A viral video has surfaced showing the Ugandan vice president Edward Ssekandi giving out a brown envelope to a female singer after shacking and twisting her waist for him.

According to THEWATCH NEWS the president was carried away by the twisting of the singer’s waist and her performance.

watch video below

Undocumented foreign nationals Arrested in CBD JOHANNESBURG to be Deported

Bomkazi Malobola Bomkazi Malobola
More than 600 illegal traders were kept at Johannesburg Central Police Station for verification

More than 600 illegal traders were kept at Johannesburg Central Police Station for verification

The Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court has ordered the deportation of some of the foreign nationals who were arrested during a counterfeit goods raid in the city centre last week.

More than 600 illegal traders were kept at Johannesburg Central Police Station for verification.

While some of them have since been released, more than 300 of them are now appearing individually in court, with those without proper documentation facing deportation.

Seven police officers were also arrested for allegedly trying to resell confiscated counterfeit goods to illegal traders.

The Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court has made an order that the foreign nationals who failed to prove that they are legal in the country must be deported.

The illegal foreigners, who are going to be deported within the next 30 days, will be detained at the Lindela Repatriation Centre in Krugersdorp. The seven police officers who were also arrested on Wednesday will be appearing in court Monday afternoon.

Watch video below for more on the story:

Undocumented foreign nationals to Appear in court on Monday

Wendy Mothata Wendy Mothata
Large quantities of counterfeit clothing and footwear have been confiscated during an ongoing raid.

Large quantities of counterfeit clothing and footwear have been confiscated during an ongoing raid.

The Home Affairs Department says over 500 people, including hundreds of undocumented foreign nationals arrested during a police raid in the Johannesburg CBD, are expected to appear in court on Monday.

On Wednesday police swooped on shops belonging to foreign nationals and confiscated large quantities goods including clothing and sneakers as well as unlicensed firearms and ammunition.

Hillbrow raid 

The Police together with the Johannesburg Metro Police have also raided Hillbrow in a sting operation on Saturday. The raid comes after members of the community raised several complaints about escalating crime in the area.

The complaints range from drug trafficking, contravening by-laws and the presence of undocumented foreign nationals.

Johannesburg Metro Police spokesperson Wayne Minnaar says a number of arrests have been made.

“At least 17 will be processed for drinking in public and one for possession of counterfeit goods. We are not targeting anybody based on their nationality. The focus of the raid is anyone who is contravening the law. So if the person is an undocumented foreign national, unfortunately they will have to be taken. If you are in possession of unlicensed firearms or drugs, these too will have to be taken in and charges accordingly,” says Minnaar.

Migrant rights 

Meanwhile, the Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR) have called on police to conduct their raids in a procedural, fair and legal manner.

The head of the LHR’s Johannesburg Law Clinic, Jessica Lawrence, has warned police against putting all foreigners in a category of illegal migrants.

“What we are seeing currently is that many people have just been arrested on the basis of being foreign. So migrants within South Africa particularly asylum-seekers and refugees are incredibly vulnerable and often people flee their home countries due to persecution on the basis of political opinion, gender, sexual orientation as well as war, so people come to South Africa seeking protection from the South African state.”

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