Nigeria to suspend passports of those who shun virus tests




Nigeria to suspend passports of those who shun virus tests

‘Passports, as a deterrent, will be suspended until June 2021,’ says official

30.12.2020Nigeria to suspend passports of those who shun virus tests


The Nigerian government announced Tuesday that the details of the passports of the first 100 passengers who fail to undergo COVID-19 testing after returning to the country will be revealed publicly and the passports will also be suspended until June next year, local media reported.

“With effect from 1st January 2021, the passports of the first 100 passengers that failed to take their day seven post-arrival PCR test will be published in the national dailies,” The Punch local website quoted Boss Mustapha, the chairman of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, as announcing in a briefing.

”The passports, as a deterrent, will also be suspended until June 2021,” he added.

The move comes as the country has been witnessing a second wave of the virus in recent weeks which has caused a spike in cases across the country, according to Nigerian officials.

In its latest update, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) announced 10 more COVID-19-related deaths and 397 new infections from tests conducted Monday.

To date [Monday], 84,811 cases have been confirmed, 71,357 cases have been discharged and 1,264 deaths have been recorded in 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory,” the NCDC said.

The first cases of COVID-19 were reported in Wuhan, China in December 2019. However, Beijing has denied that China is the origin of the deadly disease, which has affected over 81.9 million people worldwide. More than 1.78 million people have died from the virus while over 46 million have recovered.

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My man called me a borehole- lady cries.

My Man Called Me A Borehole – Lady Cries Out.

A Nigeria lady had shared story of how she was called a Borehole by her estraged lover. Borehole meaning her opening is just to big.

According to her account, she was regarded as very randy and promiscuous person who sleeps with anything that comes her way.

She also accused the man of raping her on the first night they shared together.

According to the lady, the guy checks her phone at will and she doesn’t complain because she is honest with him. She added that the guy abuses her at the slightest.

What is your take on this?

Leave your comments and share to others.

They are now not the solely one bearing the disgrace alone, the stress is additionally coming from their respective family, mainly from their mothers, when a woman has attain the stage to get married, and there is no man involved in her , the household starts offevolved to be very anxious.

Possible answer to make positive she get married are carried out with the aid of her mother and father to take away disgrace from the girl.

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After Donating N10M for my father kidney sugery,my father refuse me to marry him-please Advice me.

After he donated 10 million for my father’s kidney surgery, my father said I can’t not marry him because he is an Osu (Slave).

Things people go through in life can be so challenging that after all, one wonders what is the essence of this whole life.

Ngozi has a bitter complaint about her parents, according to her, because of the outlawed Osu caste system the Fiance who was set to marry her was stopped.

And this her fiance was so nice to her and her family, but now all of a sudden the family that was the biggest beneficiary of Chinedu ‘s generosity turned their backs on him from the Osu caste system.

Listen to her narrative as the relationship expert shares it.

Hello, please treat my issue in Osigwe, my name is Ngozi and I am from the east.

There is this young man with whom I should be married by name Chinedu.

To get my education Chinedu dropped out of school for me it was years later that he had to go back and complete his own education. All this while Chinedu has done a great deal for my family, from paying rent to helping with school fees. My dad was down with kidney failure just two months ago, and needed 10 million for immediate surgery.

Chinedu gave the money without us even stressing him. Now my dad is hale and hearty back in Nigeria.

Chinedu proposed to me last week and I accepted that I called for a party with my friends to celebrate that,

My father sent a high delegation from my village just two days ago to inform me that I can not marry Chinedu because he is an Osu.

I never heard 0 where they still practice this kind of thing. My father who was saved knew all this while where Chinedu came from and yet he was a beneficiary of this incredible generosity, what pains me most.

Please I can’t let anyone leave Chinedu. How do I handle this issue in other ways to avoid hurting my parents and still marry Chinedu.

Please advise.

If you want to end things with me pay me off-ike Tells mercy.

If You Want To End Things With Me, Pay Me Off” — Ike Tells Mercy

Mercy and Ike Season 1 Episode 5: “If You Want To End Things With Me, Pay Me Off”

Last week’s episode left the viewers questioning what would turn out to be of Mercy and Ike’s relationship upon Mercy’s return from London.

Read on to locate out the juicy details!

We see Mercy and her siblings, Promise and Chigozie having a dialog at Mercy’s residence and showing the viewers how sturdy their household bond is. Mercy couldn’t comprise her pleasure to be in the end reunited with Ike and to reassure him the entirety will flip out fine. As Ike made his way to Mercy’s house, he let the viewers comprehend that he couldn’t select up Mercy from the airport due to the state of affairs regarding the video and image of her with Willy XO.

When Ike arrived, Mercy desired to understand if he had issues with her touring her pals due to the fact he didn’t appear to have problems in the past. Ike referred to that if he knew she was once going to put on a show, he wouldn’t have allowed her to go and he felt she did it on purpose. Mercy went on to protect her movements through announcing Willy XO is a actual friend. While the duo endured to have a heated conversation, Mercy delivered to the interest of the viewers that the humans who are decided to put a wedge in their relationship are solely hurting Ike no longer her and they want to see that he’s pained. Mercy additionally stated she doesn’t prefer to be in a household that doesn’t admire her, she expressed how mad she was once that all of us is adamant that she travelled to London with an agenda and she doesn’t choose to attain the point the place she’s with Ike due to the fact she pities him.

Ike expressed that he certainly needs to be with Mercy and wished to be aware of if they had been on the equal page. Mercy additionally expressed how tons she loves Ike, however he constantly appears to select cash over her. Ike went on to let the viewers comprehend that if Mercy wishes to stop matters with him, she wants to pay him off. Mercy voiced that she feels Ike would go away her as soon as any other prosperous woman comes alongside and that he may be with her for his very own egocentric reasons.

Mercy and her besties, Tracy, Mimi and Tara hung out at Landmark seaside to talk about non-public issues. But earlier than they did, Mercy helped in placing an give up to a quarrel between two of her buddies due to the fact she holds friendship in excessive regard. Mercy went on to ask the women what they concept about Ike, and they had a lot to say. Her buddies felt Ike is manipulative, he doesn’t battle for Mercy as he should, he doesn’t reciprocate love, he places Mercy via emotional stress and Tracy even went as some distance as jokingly pronouncing “What is Ike?”. Mercy lets the viewers recognize that her buddies continually choose the satisfactory for her, and they’ve been via a lot on social media with human beings showering them with insult and how Ike hasn’t achieved whatever to tackle that online. Although Ike’s faults have been pointed out by way of her friends, Mercy nonetheless defended him with the aid of making them conscious of how high-quality he is and the love she has for him.

Don’t you worry, the subsequent episode is no longer too a ways away! Catch it subsequent Sunday on Africa Magic Showcase channel 151 at 6:30 pm and watch out for the repeat on Mondays on Africa Magic Urban, DStv channel 15.

My father who disown me is the one enjoying my wealth instead of my late mum-cubana chief priest.

Nigerian billionaire and entrepreneur, Cubana Chief Priest has taken to social media to lament the demise of his mum, as he said she missed out on enjoying the fruit of her labour.

Taking to his Instagram page, he wrote that his dad disowned him and didn’t believe in him, but is the one enjoying him today.

See what he wrote below;

Sacramento Baptismal !!!! E Get As This Life Be, My MaMa Wey Believe Me Die No Come Dey To Enjoy The Fruit Of Her Labour, E Come Be My PaPa Wey Been Disown Me Na Him Come Dey Chop The Whole Glory….This Life No Balance, RIP MaMa Wey Born”

Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu, popularly known as Cubana Chief Priest, is an entertainer, show promoter, millionaire businessman and the General Manager and Co-Director of Cubana Group which is also known as Cubana Leisure Outfits. The Cubana Group includes Grand Cubana Hotels, Cubana Night Clubs, Pablo Cubana, Rolex Hotels, Opium Cubana as well as Crave Cubana and most of his business ventures began in Owerri, the Imo State capital but he has since spread his tentacles to other top cities like Lagos and Abuja.

With his net worth of $5million, Cubana Chief Priest has established himself in the Nigerian entertainment industry as a show promoter.

The Imo state-born businessman has risen to become one of the top investors in the state.

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