APOLOGIZE FOR WHAT? Twitter users Attacked AKA

AKA's demand for apology
AKA's demand for apology

Some Nigerians on Twitter have come hard on Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, South African rapper better known as AKA for demanding an apology from Burna Boy.

On Wednesday, AKA took to his Twitter handle to call out Burna Boy to apologise for threats and condemnatory comments made during the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

In the wake of the heightening tension between both nations, Burna Boy had said he would never visit the country until the problem is resolved.

He also threatened AKA for his “inciting” comments after Nigeria defeated South Africa at the 2019 AFCON.

Yet, some weeks after Burna Boy had made the “outrageous threats”, he was billed to headline the ‘Africa Unite’ concert, a diplomatic music event to hold in South Africa in a bid to quell the tension between citizens of both countries.

The rapper’s demand has dominated the conversation on social media platforms especially Twitter as it currently tops the trend list.

As of the time of filing this report, Twitter is inundated with quite a number of Nigerians who appear unwilling to accept the request from AKA that Burna Boy should apologise to him and the people of South Africa.

“AKA didn’t sleep all night. Trying to get Burna boy’s attention but Burna boy is busy catching flights whilst the nigga is catching emotions,” a Twitter user said.

“AKA trying so hard to resurrect his dead career through Burna Boy. You want him to apologize for what, don’t even know Why Africa unite is at South Africa? Why not somewhere else,” another user said.

Here are top reactions from the trend:

Harley Quinn 👸🏻 🧝🏻‍♀️ 👩🏻‍🦳@HarleyQuinnng

AKA didn’t sleep all night…trying to get Burna boy’s attention but Burna boy is busy catching flights whilst the nigga is catching emotions 😂😂😂😂😂

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I don’t understand why this low budget android Drake is trying to get an apology from one of Africas greatest
He doesn’t know burna is popular than him, majozi and black coffee combined

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👑 OLUWAFIFUNMI 🎨🇳🇬@FifunmiRexx

Y’all know that toxic person who plays victim cos you reacted to what they did to you?

Yeah, that’s what some South Africa tweeps and AKA are

Asking Burna Boy to apologise? Please ask all Nigerian victims of Xenophobia to apologise too so we know y’all are the true victims. https://twitter.com/akaworldwide/status/1194764460348469253 



Ek se … @burnaboy all we want is an apology. We know 🇿🇦 is not perfect. But we took you in as our own before you reached these levels. You say you are an AFRICAN GIANT, prove it.

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Nyasha Noreen@empress_nyasha

Everyone keeps saying Burna said he won’t ever come to SA, without quoting him to the full stop of that tweet.

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My conscience@Gprince_off

if any thing happens to @burnaboy In SA the fight no go funny oo

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Engineer Tolu Tezzy_@tolutezzy_

AKA trying so hard to resurrect his dead career through Burna Boy. You want him to apologize for what, don’t even know Why Africa unite is at South Africa? Why not somewhere else?

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@akaworldwide is right this time. He made so much noise about not going to SA and couldn’t even last one concert.

He needs to apologize for the lack of sincerity as well. I’m appalled he is going to SA after all that. https://twitter.com/chydee/status/1194853658837626880 

Chidi Okereke@Chydee

This guy is actually very stupid. I mean, instead of doing something about the xenophobia, the countless femicides, etc., he wants Burna to apologize for speaking against xenophobia. Spits. https://twitter.com/akaworldwide/status/1194764460348469253 

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AJ | Adonai@mrmanhere_

South Africans attacked Nigerians which made Burna boy get mad. He pledged never to go to South Africa bcos of what happened

The South African Govt decides to Apologize by inviting Burnaboy to their event to show unity but one Xenophobic drake feels he’s God and needs an apology

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King Nonny 👑@Zaddy_nomso

South Africans are Unapologetic with their Xenophobic Attacks, they enjoy attacking fellow Africans & get support from their Govt & Celebrities but they want Burna Boy to Apologise for saying he is tired of seeing his People Get Killed.

Fuck Them Niggas 😑

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Otunba Smok3y || GB3MIGA@OGCarterMillz

If you ask those South Africans what they want an apology for, they’ll say “Burna Boy insulted S.A”

But did S.A not insult itself by becoming Xenophobic?

If you were Burna Boy, won’t you do the same?

You see this thing they call common sense, It’s scarce

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Man’s Not Barry Roux @AdvBarryRoux

If only they knew how amaPiano and Sho Madjozi makes South Africans happy, they wouldn’t have been trying to force this Burna Boy down our throats.

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Uche Daniel@UcheDandyMUFC

Burna boy won’t apologize, he will go to SA and AKAmu won’t do shit.

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Burna Boy was retaliating over xenophobia and SAns are saying he “threatened the nation”. But Sjava is a whole abuser. Da L.E.S was on the rapist list with a couple of others but they can perform wherever. South Africa is a joke

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Your Village Head 👑@Mr_Ichallz

AKA needs to understand that this ain’t his concert and he doesn’t own a country, until the South African govt says otherwise Burna Boy would perform and he’s not gonna do shit about it.

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Burna boy is a music god. gods don’t apologise to humans talk less of Android Drake

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The Carburettor 💥💥@adeymulla

I respect you and vibe to your music but isn’t it still Xenophobic if SA artistes don’t want to share the stage with Burna Boy

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The burna boy me i know won’t even apologize

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So AKA want a whole Burna Boy (African Giant) to apologize for saying what he said while your people were performing xenophobic on us?

Can somebody even remind me who AKA is again because it sounds like a confused man who doesn’t have a name…

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I really feel like they both childish. Burna boy should stay away from AKA and AKA should stay away from Burna boy. At the end of the day they both suck anyways🤷🏾‍♂️

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Lilith’s Kin@Bad_Bunny97

Burna Boys concert sold out here in England last year and sold out last week in Wembley again. Trust, he doesn’t need this nonsense. His bag will be fine.

Lilith’s Kin@Bad_Bunny97

If SA artist “made” Burna, why so some of you still only have 31× LESS the listeners he has on Spotify? If you’re that big of a deal that you “make” someone, you wouldn’t still be internationally unknown. Sometimes shut

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Nd Lomaski@NdLomasky

Burna boy was frankly out of order during those attacks but AKA tweeting for apology is childish..of course Burna should apologize if he is wise but AkA needed not be the one to beg for it… That sucks

I’m disappointed in you,black face blast faze for going to perform at 2face concert

It doesn’t the bad blood between Blackface and 2Baba is going to an end anytime soon!

Even after public declaration of giving peace a chance to reign, the member of the defunct group, Plantashun Boiz, Blackface was still seen throwing shades to his ex-group mates.

It has always been Blackface dragging 2Baba like a Tiger Generator every now and then, but this time he went ultra-vire by dragging Faze alongside 2baba this time.

He called them out on his Instagram page and he stated clearly the reason for his Calling out this time.

Check out his post below:-

MAFIKINZOLO-theo kgosinkwe proposes to girlfriend

Congratulatory messages have been pouring in for the couple.

Mafikizolo’s Theo Kgosinkwe has announced his engagement to model girlfriend Vourné Williams. Taking to social media on Thursday, the 45-year-old musician wrote: “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and finds favour from the Lord,” along with pictures of the proposal.

Judging from the pictures he posted, the musician seems to have hired a fellow musician to serenade the couple on the night.

Williams also took to social media to share the great news.

“He proposed, and I said yes. I woke up with tears of joy!! My heart is full!! Thank you, God, for all my blessings… Thank you fiancé @theo_kgosinkwe for making my birthday so special. I appreciate you,” she said.

It saddens me when my African brothers make fun of my look-senegalese player’krepin Diatta

Senegalese footballer, Krepin Diatta who currently plays in the 2019 African Cup of Nations in Egypt, has shared his thoughts about social media bullies who have been coming for him because of his physical appearance.

'It saddens me to see my African brothers making fun of my look' - Senegalese player Krepin Diatta

The 20-year-old midfielder hit the limelight after he scored his first goal for Senegal against Tanzania during their opening match last Sunday.

While the footballer was being praised for the goal, others took solace in slamming him for his look.

A troll even went as far as to share a photo of Krepin with his beautiful white girlfriend and tagged them “beauty with a beast”

Reacting to the insults, Krepin in a statement said;

I am very sad to see my african brothers making fun of me,

I work for our beautiful and dear africa continent and what I receive in return are only insults, mockery from my brothers

This is too bad of you and racism comes from there, I need your encouragement, not insults, Thank you to everyone who supports me.

It is only God who gives me strength and I am proud of my physical appearance your mockery won’t change anything in my life.

But one thing for sure, we are all AFRICANS.


The first person to get a drink is the referee,says bafana bafana midfielder,Furman

Dean Furman of South Africa directs defence during the Afcon Group D opening match against Ivory Coast in Cairo on June 24 2019.
Dean Furman of South Africa directs defence during the Afcon Group D opening match against Ivory Coast in Cairo on June 24 2019.

Image: Gavin Barker/BackpagePix

Dean Furman “jokingly” chided the Algerian referee in Bafana Bafana’s 1-0 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) opening defeat against Ivory Coast on Monday for being the first person to have a drink during an injury stoppage when he did not allow a first-half water breaks.

For the second Group D game running the referee did not allow a first-half water break – though Algerian referee Mustapha Ghorbal did at least allow a second-half break – in a 4.30pm kickoff Group D fixture at Cairo’s Al Salam Stadium.

The previous day Morocco coach Hervé Renard slammed Rwandan referee Louis Kakizimana for not allowing any breaks in the Atlas Lions’ sluggish 1-0 win against Namibia.

Global players’ union FifPro have raised concerns about the 4.30pm games kicking off at near 40 degrees Celsius – Sunday’s started in 38 degrees C‚ and Monday’s in 37.

Furman said Ghorbal did not allow a first-half water break.

“No. I was surprised. Because the first time there was an injury the first person to take a drink was the referee.

“And I had a joke with him because he said‚ ‘No water break’‚” the Bafana midfielder‚ arguably the hardest-working player on the field in the temperature on Monday‚ said.

“But it’s up to the referee and he decided that.

“I don’t know if the temperature was too low for a water break. But you could see from the energy of the players the guys were desperate for a bit of water.”

Also noticeable was that Ivory Coast’s players seemed to feign injuries for water breaks‚ and when they did they had a ready supply from their bench.

Bafana did not have the same service from theirs.

Furman‚ though‚ played down the effect of the heat on Monday‚ saying conditions were not much worse than Rustenburg in a mid-South Africa summer.

“It’s hot. But I would say 75 percent of us play in South Africa where we play a summer league so we play in this kind of weather every week‚” he said.

“It does alter the tempo of the game. But it is what it is. We went to Dubai specifically to get used to this. Dubai was 10 degrees hotter than this.

“It’s similar to Rustenburg‚ Polokwane‚ Thohoyandou. It’s hot. We’ve got to deal with that.

“What we’ve experienced‚ because we’ve been training at 4.30pm‚ 5pm‚ is that by the time of the second half it does cool a lot.

“And that’s the end of our 4.30 games now. We’ve got a 10pm [against Namibia on Friday]‚ and a 6pm game now [against Morocco on Monday].

“So yeah‚ we’re disappointed‚ but the conditions will suit us better in the next game‚ if they had any effect today.”

Bafana meet Namibia at Al Salam Stadium at 10pm on Friday night.


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