Twitter not happy with petrol attendant Nkosi for not getting his 400k crowdfunded

Things to do in Johannesburg

Johannesburg – South Africa’s biggest city and commercial epicentre. Also known as Jozi, Joburg, or Egoli (City of Gold in Zulu), it began as a gold-mining settlement in the 19thcentury. There is more to this cosmopolitan city than shopping. If you are visiting Johannesburg, or […]


The Taxi driver who murdered ex girlfriend infront of her parents-have not been arrested

Mbalenhle Cele was stabbed to death by her taxi driver lover 10 days ago at her home in front of her family, but police in KZN are still yet to make an arrest. Picture: Facebook Johannesburg – KwaZulu-Natal police said they were still searching for […]

I think my wife for 10 years is a witch-a man cries for help

File Photo Trust is needed for a marriage to survive. You trust your partner but does he or she trust you? Do you have anything to hide? Are you an open book? How would you feel if you got to know your husband or wife […]

A lady pay Tyler perry $2000 on billboard to get a job his Attention-and he replies-

Tyler Perry is making it clear to aspiring actors -do not to pay for billboards in his neighborhood asking him for a gig. Earlier today, reports came out detailing how actress Racquel Bailey paid thousands of dollars to put up billboards in Atlanta asking Perry […]

Twitter not happy with petrol attendant Nkosi for not getting his 400k crowdfunded in his name

Twitter Not Happy With Petrol Attendant Nkosi Not Getting His R400k Crowdfunded In His Name! On the 30th of May 2019, Nkosikho, a petrol attendant became a good Samaritan for a stranded woman who had forgotten her bank card at home. Being familiar with the […]