Tonto Dikeh not Deported, still in Dubai prison

That Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh was arrested by Dubai security agents is no longer news. She was also alleged to have been deported to Nigeria.

But Tonto Dikeh isn’t in Nigeria yet.

The beautiful mother of one is still being held in Dubai Detention cell for further investigation.

Though nothing has been officially heard from Tonto on social media except for some few postings from her best friend, Idris Okuneye aka Bobrisky, its obvious the friends (Tonto and Bobrisky) are trying very hard to cover up their tracks.

Tonto was arrested over the weekend when she attended an event in Dubai. She was denied entry by security personnel and she called them untoward names.

She was said to have spent the night in prison.

Tonto, who was in Dubai to attend the One Africa Music Fest and Bamteddy wedding, could no longer attend these events since she was in detention.

Detention since Friday?

“Yes, she hasn’t been released but still in detention,” a source close to the Nollywood actress told Kemi Ashefon.

But Tonto released a video debunking any news of detention or deportation through Bobrisky.

First, Tonto is not the type to use that kind of video to debunk allegations of detention and deportation.

She would have used a more beautiful background wearing gorgeous clothes and displaying affluence.

That was a damage control video she shared through Bobrisky. Tonto was looking like a tart! She wasn’t wearing make-up and looking like a prisoner in one small room! Anyways, in the video, there was no address about or her arrest. The Tonto we knew would have tore whoever wrote that story into shreds.

“Moreover, the attempts by Bobrisky to prove that Tonto Dikeh is still in Dubai and vacationing are not adding up.

Imagine the sudden disappearance of Tonto’s phone! Tonto’s phone lost its password and she opened another new page @king_wigocharity, on Instagram! Sharing a video to that effect, Tonto, who was not gorgeously dressed like her usual old self wears a funny make-up and explains what went wrong with her old IG account.

Who is fooling who? She said she is still in Dubai but her password is still in Africa! In this IT age? The video looks so stupid!

Being a side chick ruined my life.

Depression, baby daddy issues and an extramarital affair with a high-flying businessman who is married to a beauty queen that is also a media mogul almost put paid to a promising acting career – but Liopelo Maphathe is back with a bang.

Speaking to Sunday World this week, Maphathe revealed that she had hit rock bottom and now cringes when she thinks about this part of her history.

The 37-year-old explained that the extramarital affair with a businessman, whose name is known to Sunday World, resulted in the door to a number of acting gigs being shut in her face.

“This lady [the wife] would go around and block my career because I was having an affair with her husband. She would go to platforms where she has got relationships, either a producer or executive producer and she would tell them not to hire me. It happened in the beginning of our relationship and I told him what she is doing. He assured me that she did not have much power. Eventually, it worked out that way,” she said.

In her head, he was William Shakespeare’s ultimate Romeo, and she Juliet.

She also admits that the relationship went on for a couple of years prior to its abrupt end in 2013. Maphathe took responsibility for her actions and later confronted but also apologized to the businessman’s wife through a text in October last year.

“I had said to her I would like to apologize for what I did in the past and if I had contributed in any way towards making her unhappy. My intentions were very naive, as I was a child.

“But if what I am coming across now, which is a blockage, is due to her suspecting that my child’s paternity is her husband’s, I am happy to sit [down] over coffee with her to discuss that, ” she said, adding the baby daddy is a businessman with Lesotho roots.

According to the former Muvhango actress, the media mogul did not respond.

“It made me feel relieved because now I am at peace. I’ve taken responsibility. But I was relieved and that I had taken my power back,” she said.

She overcame depression, she notes, due to her family support. Explaining why she disappeared from the entertainment space, she said this was due to “making the wrong choices and having to live up to those choices”.

Maphathe, who was born and raised in Lesotho, studied arts and drama at the University of the Free State and then moved to Johannesburg to pursue her acting career.

She said although theatre is her first love, television took over.

“Television came with a whole lot [of things]… living to make people happy, criticism and [more]. For me, it made me feel otherwise. I felt that there was too much fame [rather] than fortune and I felt like it was going to be difficult to sustain,” she said.

She decided to take a step back from the industry when she had her daughter in 2009. “It made sense at that point in time because I wanted to see this through as a single parent.” The former Vatn Sit lead actress said it was a hard two years trying to make a comeback. “I think I am stronger now. I know what it is I want, what I stand for. I don’t have to suffer the pressures of trying to be something that I am not. I am in a happy place.”

The media mogul and her husband did not respond to questions sent to them by Sunday World. Maphathe is in a supporting role on Generations: The Legacy and features in the Lebo Mathosa biopic on BET Africa.

I think I am stronger now. I know what it is I want, what I stand for.

Tonto Dikeh Bought Bobrisky 1phone 11 pro max-see photos

What are friends for? Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has dashed her bestie Bobrisky, an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The happy Bobrisky took to his IG page and posted,

@tontolet I love you 😘 😫😫😫😫😫. She just bought me latest iPhone 📱 11. I bless the day we became friends. Wat ? I’m still shocked. Guys go and thank @tontolet for me. iPhone 11. Is good to have rich friends 👫

TROUBLE-as Gov wike of Rivers state Demolish Central mosque in the state.

The Governor of Rivers state has destroyed the multi-million naira Trans Amadi Central Mosque in Port Harcourt Rivers state.

POLITICS NIGERIA learned that the mosque was reportedly destroyed on August 20 by State government officials, citing non-compliance despite the existence of Rivers State approved building plan.

Leaders of the Muslim community in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, have since condemned the demolition of the mosque, as they called on President Muhammadu Buhari, Governor Nyesom Wike and members of the National Assembly to intercede on behalf of the over 10,000 worshippers.

Appealing to Governor Wike, Haroon Muhammed, an Imam said: “This is the most populated mosque. Muslims all over the world can see what has happened to a mosque that is duly approved by the state government. We have been harassed three times now – once on the 29th of last month, then on August 16 and 20 without any formal notice.

“Today, we are denied a place of worship. We don’t want to foment any trouble with government officials. We want the world to help us beg the governor for us to have a place of worship because this central mosque is the only one serving the whole of Trans-Amadi. Members of the armed forces, the agencies, the police, army, oil company workers, and government workers, who are Muslims, worship in this place.”

Tonto Dikeh Ex-bestfriend have call out on her-see heartfelt interesting details.

Tonto Dikeh’s ex-friend, Blessing Osom has called out and shared messy details of when they were friends in lengthy instagram post. Blessing Osom and Tonto Dikeh are believed to be best of friends before they went their separate ways. According to Blessing, she revealed her friendship with Tonto Dikeh started when she sent a dm to her for meal she posted also revealing the actress is so fake and broke.

What she wrote below….

When people talk about running away from friends like me, i’m amused, but i doubt Tonto Dike will ever have a friend like me. I refused to discus my issue with Tonto because I wanted to be matured about it. I think there is need to clarify issues for concerned parties.

A year ago I posted a picture of my meal on my DM and Tonto commented about coming to eat and also added she would like us to talk about doing business together. I responded to the Dm by saying it’s fine. Hours later, Tonto drove in with a friend and we had lunch. She made mention of her doing an empowerment program which they needed money, but because the event was close and in two days, i was only able to raise 500k which was the only funds used for the event. Till date,Tonto has not empowered the graduating students.

Tonto also told me she needed money for rent because of the pressure she was getting from the facility management, I had to introduce her to someone who helped in sorting the rent and the person was constantly giving her millions of Naira. * Tonto never had food in her house for herself and workers asides her son’s food. I made sure that we constantly sent food to her house and never allowed her to cry as she was always depressed. * I was a friend that left my car for Tonto because she never had a good car to befit a celebrity as she claims.

Please ask Tonto if she had ever used her money anytime we were out together?? She will always bring up excuses like…” I forgot my ATM or my PA didn’t come out with my ATM. I knew she didn’t have cash and I was always willing to cover her up. Most times when she goes for an event, she will invite all the media houses but will never have any money at hand to pay. At the end of the day, She will move to my restaurant and will ask me to help her pay which I’ll eventually pay

* Now fast forward to her SA invitation. She had a church invitation but didn’t have funds for the trip, I personally took Tonto to church, prayed with her for God to have mercy and turn around things. I personally paid in 4m to her account (i have proof) to facilitate the trip cause it was prayers answered. On reaching the embassy, Tonto was not with her Visa fee.

I knew she didn’t have the funds, I paid visa fee for 4 of us meant for the trip and also paid for the VIP lounge which she was not allowed to enter without payment. Prior to this, Tonto borrowed 300k from me which she never paid until we got to SA.

I personally brought my designer bags, cloths, Jewelries for Tonto to use for the event. After the event, she started giving me attitude just because she never wanted to share any money with me. ( take note it was a church event and nothing else) I was never upset with her cause money doesn’t matter at all to me. Tonto is a very pleasant person anytime she wants something from you. *After all Tonto did to me, guess what?she went ahead to blackmail me and my restaurant. The same restaurant she was eating from.

She went to all the ladies in Abuja including the one that had a restaurant to promote them and also say negative things about my person.

Tonto was basically looking for all my enemies to make friends with. I did not complain??? So why is she and some people upset because i am friends with Churchill????? I can never inherit Tonto’s enemies because i know she’s not a good person. While we were friends, I know Tonto has a lot of fake account which she uses online to insult people she has issues with. I read comments of people online saying i am bad, that i am jealous of Tonto and also sleeping with Churchill! Hey am too busy for such.Please LET US BE CLEAR ON THIS, Tonto never introduced me to Churchhill, he came on his own with his friends to eat in my restaurant. This happened before she tried being friends with me just to use me. It was my birthday and for God’s sake “ A gift is a gift”.

Tonto is used to paying people evil for good, but I know that God in heaven isn’t asleep, he will surely pay both of us back in our own coin. Let him be the judge. I rest my case.

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