Teenager Arrested for stealing the head of A corpse for Money Ritual.

Some young men have been arrested after allegedly looting a grave to steal the head of a corpse for money ritual purposes.

In a report by, Alfa, originally called Samson was inspired to carry out this action after a book was given to him by a late herbalist who noted some secrets about his trade.

The story of how the teenagers got
the idea and to pursue this unthinkable practice was shared on social media by
Crime Puzzle which reads;’

Waidi Soremi, 25, of 7, Aboaba Street, Itori-Oke in the Ewekoro
Local Government Council Area of Ogun State, is the son of the late herbalist.
He found his father’s account book after his death and handed it over to
Samson, aka Alfa.

Samson Erinle, 25, went through the late herbalist’s book and took special interest in the aspect of the money-making ritual he found in the book.

In January, one Taiwo Mesioye, who hailed from the same neighborhood with them, died and was brought home for burial. Waidi, Samson, and Samson’s cousin, named Taiwo Erinle, 23, all attended the funeral.

After the funeral, armed with the knowledge he got from the herbalist’s
book handed to him, Alfa called Waidi and Erinle and told them that it was time
for them to wriggle themselves out of poverty. He said that to do that, they
will have to get the head of the man who had just been buried.

Waddi “It was during the funeral that Alfa disclosed to me that he got
something very useful for us from the account book that would change our fortune
for good. He said, with a human head, our condition would be better off. At
that instance, we all agreed to look for a way to dig the deceased grave and
make use of the head.”

On January 20, 2020, 9 days after the burial, Waidi singlehandedly
raided the grave of Mesioye. He dug out the corpse, severed the head, then
closed the grave back. He said the operation took him 3 hours.

He said: “I commenced the operation at about 12:00am to 3:00am”.

See the photo below;


The Taxi driver who murdered ex girlfriend infront of her parents-have not been arrested

Mbalenhle Cele was stabbed to death by her taxi driver lover 10 days ago at her home in front of her family, but police in KZN are still yet to make an arrest. Picture: Facebook

Johannesburg – KwaZulu-Natal police said they were still searching for an Inanda taxi driver who allegedly killed his ex-girlfriend in front of her family, in Inanda, north of Durban, last week.

The suspect allegedly stabbed 24-year-old Mbalenhle Cele to death in her bedroom at her Inanda home. He has not been seen since.

KZN police spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbele said on Friday there were still no arrests in the case. “No arrest has been made and the case is still under investigation,” she said.

It is not clear why police have been unable to find the suspect whose face has been widely circulated on social media by Cele’s cousin, Sthe Nyanda.

“This guy is somewhere at someone’s house hiding! Who protects a Murderer? Please please please who ever you are, do the right thing, that person is a monster, please send him to the cops,” she wrote on Facebook earlier this week.

Cele’s mother, Nonhlanhla, had told the Daily News earlier this week that the family was struggling to cope with Mbalenhle’s death. Nyanda on the other hand, said she had been aware of the troubled relationship between Mbalenhle and the suspect and recalled that she had been planning to give her an escape route to Johannesburg.

“I told her all she needed was money so she can come here to Johannesburg and get some fresh air. I was very shocked when I got the call on Wednesday that she was dead,” she told the  Daily News.

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