Teenager Arrested for stealing the head of A corpse for Money Ritual.

Some young men have been arrested after allegedly looting a grave to steal the head of a corpse for money ritual purposes.

In a report by, Alfa, originally called Samson was inspired to carry out this action after a book was given to him by a late herbalist who noted some secrets about his trade.

The story of how the teenagers got
the idea and to pursue this unthinkable practice was shared on social media by
Crime Puzzle which reads;’

Waidi Soremi, 25, of 7, Aboaba Street, Itori-Oke in the Ewekoro
Local Government Council Area of Ogun State, is the son of the late herbalist.
He found his father’s account book after his death and handed it over to
Samson, aka Alfa.

Samson Erinle, 25, went through the late herbalist’s book and took special interest in the aspect of the money-making ritual he found in the book.

In January, one Taiwo Mesioye, who hailed from the same neighborhood with them, died and was brought home for burial. Waidi, Samson, and Samson’s cousin, named Taiwo Erinle, 23, all attended the funeral.

After the funeral, armed with the knowledge he got from the herbalist’s
book handed to him, Alfa called Waidi and Erinle and told them that it was time
for them to wriggle themselves out of poverty. He said that to do that, they
will have to get the head of the man who had just been buried.

Waddi “It was during the funeral that Alfa disclosed to me that he got
something very useful for us from the account book that would change our fortune
for good. He said, with a human head, our condition would be better off. At
that instance, we all agreed to look for a way to dig the deceased grave and
make use of the head.”

On January 20, 2020, 9 days after the burial, Waidi singlehandedly
raided the grave of Mesioye. He dug out the corpse, severed the head, then
closed the grave back. He said the operation took him 3 hours.

He said: “I commenced the operation at about 12:00am to 3:00am”.

See the photo below;


The most dangerous love making position couples should Avoid.

Another thing that Science claims are the dangers of making love the wrong way. Many a time, there are cases of things going really really wrong while love. So wrong that just the imagery of it in the head hurts.

Here are some love making positions that are dangerous and can lead to dire consequences, if not done properly.

Reverse Cowgirl

The Position: This love making position involves intercourse with the female on top, facing away from her partner. Regular Cowgirl is a woman on top, facing her lover.

Why It’s Risky: According to a study published in Advances in Urology, a woman on top was potentially the riskiest position causing penile fractures and reverse cowgirl, specifically, triggered the majority of “cracks” to the penis.


The Position: This love making position involves a female who lies on her back with the male on top and with his face opposite hers.

Why It’s Risky: If the woman has a short vaginal canal, she might suffer from severe cervical bruising or other abrasions from deep thrusts. Also, the penis rubbing against the urethra can cause urinary tract infections.

Doggy style

The Position: A person bends over, crouches on all fours (usually on hands and knees), or lies on their abdomen.

Why It’s Risky: If penetration is done forcefully at the wrong angle, there may be vaginal tearing. So adjusting the positioning is important. Often if the positioning is wrong, the penis can go into the anus, which was not prepared for it and lead to anal tearing as well.

The Eager Chef

The Position: This love making position involves a female sitting on a buffet while the guy stands on his toes in front of her.

Why It’s Risky: There have been instances when the guy’s penis completely missed the target and his penis ran right into the counter, according to Justin Lehmiller of Harvard University.

The Swiss Ball Blitz

The Position: The penetrating partner is seated on the ball with the feet on the floor. The receiving partner faces away from the seated partner, backs up and sits in the lap of the giving partner.

Why It’s Risky: This position might add some bounce to your thrusts, but there are chances that while the penis comes fully out of the vagina and then goes back in, the penis might break. This is because the Swiss ball creates an unusual amount of up and down inertia, too much oomph could lead to your penis slipping out of your girl just before gravity and momentum bring her full weight crashing back down on the guy.

The Pogo Stick

The Position: The man holds up the female’s weight entirely and bending her backwards to facilitate the old in-and-out, and bouncing her up and down on the penis.

Why It’s Risky: This activity may lead to back pain or strains for the guy. Also, one could topple if your footing is unsure and the woman might just be dropped while this happens.

The Butter Churner

The Position: In this advanced love making position, the woman lies on her back with her legs raised above and behind her head. The man then squats and penetrates her from above. The thrusting motion in this position is similar to making butter in an old fashioned butter churner, which is how this position gets its name. The woman’s head is positioned lower than her heart in this position so the blood often rushes to her head, which can lead to a more intense orgasm.

Why It’s Risky: Men, in this situation, must be cautious in this position, as vigorous thrusting could cause neck injuries. This position also requires some spinal flexibility.

The Lap Dance

The Position: The man sits on the chair and the woman sits on the man.

Why It’s Risky: There are chances that the woman might fall off the man and bust her head open. This can actually happen. So, better be prepped up with some serious pole dancing techniques.

The Randy Raft

The Position: This one involves climbing onto a raft in shallow water, and lying on your stomach with your butt and legs dangling over the edge. The man then grabs the thighs and pushes in like a wheelbarrow, entering the woman. He can then pull her incredibly close for the deepest possible penetration.

Why It’s Risky: If you can’t swim, this is probably a good position to avoid forever.


Nollywood actor Francis odega stabs and chase wife out of his house

Popular Nollywood comic actor Francis Odega has reportedly chased his wife out of his house and has refused to look after their daughter.

In a video making the rounds on the internet, his daughter, Success Odega lamented how the actor beats her mom on a regular.

She further added that the “gerrarahere” famous actor has also refused to take care of her to the point of not wanting to pay her tuition fees.

The daughter went ahead to plead with Nigerians to help prevail on him to pay her school fees, even as he has kicked her and her mom out of the house.

Giving details of what has been going on, one of Mr. Odega in-laws said her sister has been married to the actor for 15 years and has not enjoyed a single day of the marriage.


Why I am proud to be called A Nigerian-femi kayode

Why I Am Proud To Be A Nigerian For The First Time In 4 Years - Femi Fani Kayode

A former minister for aviation, Femi Fani Kayode, has hailed President Muhammadu Buhari for securing the release of the Nigerian lady, Zainab Aliyu, who was due for execution in Saudi Arabia for a crime she never committed.

The Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) chieftain who spoke through his Twitter handle said Buhari made him proud as a Nigerian by the first time in four years by securing her release.

Aliyu Zainab was found innocent after investigations showed that some drug cartel operating within the Nigerian airport planted the hard drug found on her in her luggage.

His tweet:

Femi Fani-Kayode


Securing the release of Zainab from execution in a Saudi prison is a great achievement by @MBuhari.She was due to be executed for a crime she never committed.Buhari saved her life by intervening and for the first time in 4 years I am proud to be a Nigerian! Welcome home Zainab!

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History have been made-meet the first woman to change the face of N1000

History Has Been Made! Meet The First Woman To Change The ‘Face’ Of N1000 Note (See Details)

Its quite encouraging seeing women out there making change all over the world.  Well in case you’v not heard, the new currency in Nigeria going forward will be carrying the signature of a woman named Priscilla Ekwere Eleja.

Image result for Priscilla Ekwere Eleja.

Let me take you on a ride through the profile of this great woman.

Image result for Priscilla Ekwere Eleja.

She is the first female director of currency operations at the Central Bank of Nigeria.

The Naira notes that are newly printed will carry Eleje signature, A Nigerian woman who has broken a record that has been in place since the introduction of the Nigerian currency. The woman identified as Priscilla Ekwere Eleje became the first female to sign on the 1000 naira note.

Image result for Priscilla Ekwere Eleja.

The woman broke this record 61 years after the introduction of Nigerian currency. Eleje is also the first female director of currency operations at the Central Bank of Nigeria. Photos of a thousand naira note with Eleje’s signature was shared on different social media platforms. In 2018, Eleje was confirmed substantive director of the apex bank on August 30.

Image result for Priscilla Ekwere Eleja.

Eleje had studied psychology at the University of Jos. She is also an alumna of the prestigious Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship programme.

Image result for one thousand naira note

The woman had completed her fellowship programme in banking and management at Boston University, Massachusetts in the United States of America. She is also a Certified Information System Auditor.

Image result for one thousand naira note

The History OF Naira Note

On January 1, 1973, the Central Bank of Nigeria introduced notes for 50 kobo, 1, 5, 10 and 20 naira. The 50 kobo notes were last issued in 1989. In 1991, 50 naira notes were issued, followed by 100 naira in 1999, 200 naira in 2000, 500 naira in 2001 and 1000 naira on October 12, 2005.

Image result for the history one thousand naira note

On February 28, 2007, new versions of the 5 to 50 naira banknotes were introduced. Originally the 10, 20 and 50 naira were to be polymer banknotes,[ but the 5,10 and 50 were delayed to late 2009 and only the 20 was released in polymer. The notes are slightly smaller (130 × 72 mm) and redesigned from the preceding issues. In mid-2009 when Sanusi Lamido Sanusi took over as CBN Governor he eventually changed the 5, 10 and 50 naira to polymer notes.

Related image

On the 1000 naira notes, there is a subtle shiny strip running down the back of the note. It is a shimmery gold colour showing 1000 naira. The triangular shape in the middle of the front of the note changes its colour from green to blue when tilted. The main feature on the front is the engraved portraits of Alhaji Aliyu Mai-Bornu and Dr Clement Isong, former governors of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Related image

On the first prints of the 100 naira notes issued starting December 1, 1999, Zuma Rock was captioned as located in Federal Capital Territory, while actually it is situated in Niger State. Later prints removed the reference to FCT, ABUJA

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