Thank you Naija,Cardi B thanks Nigerians after NET recognised her as ‘Chioma B’ and awarded her.

Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, known professionally as Cardi B, is an American rapper, songwriter, television personality, and actress born in 11 October 1992 in Manhattan and raised in The Bronx, New York City, she became an internet celebrity after several of her posts and videos became popular on Vine and Instagram.

Cardi B is a well known name in Africa but her favourite spot in Africa is Nigeria as she has had a concert and spent some time in Nigeria. She has also recorded a verse on Davido’s hit song which is yet to be released due to management reasons.

Cardi B was given the name ‘Chioma B’ by Davido and other Nigerians the day she stepped foot in Nigeria and now the name is worldwide as NET awards has recognised the name as one of her names.

NET awarded Cardi B as the most popular female foreign celebrity and recognised her as Chioma B.

Cardi B retweeted and Thanked Nigerians in a special way by writing “Thank you Naija”. There’s no doubt she loves the name and Nigeria at large.

After the tweet, Nigerians flooded her page to congratulate her and they kept calling her Chioma B. Check out some of the top reactions below.

Tacha, Toke Makinwa and Juliet Ibrahim are also winners of the recently announced NET awards.

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Take a look inside faith Nketsis stylish home.

Faith Nketsi is one of the most popular social media influencers in the industry. She may have a few scandals that follow her from running a pimp business to sexual tapes being leaked but Faith surely knows how to use all the bad things written about her to make some money and judging by the look of her house it shows that she’s making alot of money from her gigs. Faith hosts club appearances, something that seems to be giving her good publicity and money. Her figure is one that many ladies envy, and her sense of style suits her body perfectly.

Faith is a very successful model and social media influencer. She has a very huge number of followers on Instagram, which makes her one of the top socialites in Mzansi, Her status as a former dancer and her current modeling and fashion sense could be major contributors to these huge numbers.

Faith is also a beauty with brains because she owns a few businesses, The beauty owns a company whose focus is on scouting, identifying and nurturing the talent of young women through social media empowerment. Which shows that Faith is all about women empowerment. She also co-owns a company named Feline Management.

Faith has had to go through many obstacles to get to where she is today and she even opened up that her house is fully paid up and she admitted that it wasn’t easy but she managed to do it ,we are so proud of our girl Faith and we wish her all the best.

Tanzanian slay queen gets 10 million Tanzania shilling for surrendering her virginity.

Nana Mapozi and Aslay [Photo/Nana, Aslay]

Several sources from Tanzania are saying Bongo Flavor artist Aslay Isihaka Nassoro famously known as Aslay Dogo, has rewarded a lady after she willingly gave him her pride, virginity.

A lady by the name Nana Mapozi was quoted by Tanzania media saying she decided to give Aslay her virginity out of her love for the singer.

She alleged that the singer later gave her whopping 10 million Tanzanian shillings as her rent, which is 458138.93 when converted to Kenyan shillings as per the current exchange rate.

However, Tanzanians are sensing suspicions from the lady’s allegations.

They are saying the amount she quoted to have received from Aslay was too much for that sake. Others said the amount was too little to make any woman lose virginity, which is basically her pride of being a woman, with a man you are not in love with.

Aslay who is in most cases, moving around with super-beautiful ladies is yet to speak over the matter.

The singer is not yet married but has kids on his name.

Since he has been a man known for only beautiful ladies, this has made Tanzanians to start abusing Nana Mapozi for what they are saying not being good enough to be seduced by Aslay.

kiwallemartha: Kwa sura hyo ilodunda mpk make up kodi million kumi…NEVER


rabiahmsomaryrabiahmsomary: sura na hapo ndo kafanya na makeup juu hali ndo iko hivyo.

rajabuharunik: Labda ana utamu uliommaliza samsoni kwa delila sura sio kitu

tusasa: Milioni kumi kodi ya nini? Nyambafuuu. Watu wana stress za corona mnatujazia ujinga tuu

Russia,mexico,china,faints and vomits as TB JOSHUA perform miracle in Isreal

Worshipers collapse, faint and vomit as TB Joshua conducts healing service in Israel. Others were only too happy to catch those fainting in excitement.

Prophet TB Joshua has a reputation for healing and miracles from Nigeria to the world (EmmanuelTV)
Prophet TB Joshua has a reputation for healing and miracles from Nigeria to the world (EmmanuelTV)

Most evangelical Christian faithful who flocked to Israel for a mass faith-healing service by Pastor T.B Joshua of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), sang in various languages while others collapsed and even vomited as the session wore on.

The mass took place outside Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth.

‘God’s design’

“Jesus’s father, Joseph, and his mother, Mary, came from here. What a blessing. No other place would have been better for Jesus to come from. It was God’s design,” Joshua told the crowd gathered in a sun-baked stadium on Mount Precipice, according to a Reutersreport of what went down in Nazareth.

Pastor TB Joshua during one of his services (Punch)
Pastor TB Joshua during one of his services (Punch)

When Joshua (referred to as a self-described prophet in the story) descended from the stage to bless attendees by placing his hand on their heads, several declared themselves healed from sickness or infirmity.

Other worshipers were ready to catch those who fainted in excitement.

Minerva Resendiz, from Mexico, said she had come to see Joshua as part of the two-day gathering “to ask for healing, for a breakthrough … to resolve conflicts in the family”.

“I would like that (all people) could see a miracle through Jesus Christ,” Resendiz, 40, said.

Other pilgrims from China, Russia and African and South American countries, also attended the healing session.

TB Joshua’s television network, Emmanuel TV, says it is Youtube’s most subscribed-to ministry channel with well over one million followers.

T.B. Joshua's miracle crusade in Aztec stadium, Mexico (EmmanuelTV)
T.B. Joshua’s miracle crusade in Aztec stadium, Mexico (EmmanuelTV)

According to the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, evangelicals made up roughly half of the more than 2 million Christian pilgrims who visited Israel in 2018.

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, is deeply religious, with pastors living ritzy, opulent lifestyles amidst soaring poverty amongst the majority of the flock.

Religion is regarded as the opium of the people in Nigeria.

Joshua has a reputation for performing miracles from his Ikotun, Lagos base in Southwest Nigeria. A horde of cynics however call some of the miracles to question now and again.

My wife Does not know that I know .

I have been married for 14years ‘we’ have 3kids(all boys) but none of them belongs to me. I know this for a fact but my wife does not know that I know. Let me explain. 5years before I met my wife, I was involved in a car accident together with two of my friends. We were traveling from Kasoa to Madina and our car skidded off the road. I was the only survivor of that accident, my friends died. I spent about 11months at the hospital and that left me with a condition that says I can’t have children.

I gave my life to Jesus Christ and became a committed Christian after the incident. In summary I became a pastor in a local church in my community 5years later and met my wife in the process. I did not tell her about my condition because I was hopeful that God will heal me. 6years into our marriage my wife got pregnant and had ‘our’ first child.

To be sure, I secretly went for a DNA n it was clear I wasn’t the father. I repeated the test for all 3 children and they are all not mine. I have been living with this situation for the past 8 years and I am beginning to get irritated by both the children and my wife.

My wife pretends to be a good wife. She goes round preaching to young women in the church about the need to remain faithful to their partners but she has had 3 children by another man or men I don’t know. I want to confront her, but I am confused as to how to go about the situation. I am just angry and irritated by everyone in my house lately. I feel like a total stranger in my own home.
What should I do??

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