Shocking thing Ramsey Noah did the day I tried to seduce him-actress Nneoma okoro confesses

Budding Nollywood actress, Nneoma Okoro, recently shared her encounter when made to act a romantic scene with her idol, Ramsey Nouah. She says it was as awkward as it was stimulating.

She said:

“In the movie ‘Levi’ shot in 2017 in Enugu    she was supposed to be the A-lister actor’s nurse, a night nurse with a script to seduce him.

“I remember having scenes where I seduced him. Tension nearly killed me but thanks to him. He noticed and asked the director for a 20 minutes recess on my behalf. He called me outside and took out his phone and showed me a super hilarious video on YouTube which we saw together and laughed over.

Ramsey knew I hadn’t worked with him before, so, it was natural to have tensions and he made it way easier for me. I respect artists that understand their craft well enough, their fame will always go far. Prior to then, I had always wanted to work with Ramsey Nouah, having watched him as a kid while growing up. It was a dream come true.”


Witch craft conference must hold in Enugu,Christians cant stop it

The organisers of witchcraft conference slated to hold in Enugu State have insisted that they are proceeding as planned and will announce a new venue soon.

This is following the of the cancellation of the booked venue.

Director of the B.I.C Ijomah Centre for Policy Studies and Research, Professor Egodi Uchendu, made this news available to media correspondents.

He said that the protest and campaign by the Christian Association of Nigeria and Christian students in the University of Nigeria (UNN), Nsukka will not deter them from holding the academic conference.

“Freedom of speech is a fundamental human right. CAN and others are free to express their opinions just like we have the freedom to have an academic conference on witchcraft”,

Mrs Uchendu, a professor of history said. “I’m delighted that the conference is generating the debate it should across the nation. Nigerians should look critically into the subject of the conference and identify how it’s impeding our national existence and personal experience”.

She absolved the UNN of blame for the cancellation of the booking for Energy Centre, as venue for the conference, billed to begin 26 November.

She said the centre is owned by the Federal Government and is domiciled in the UNN. Prof Uchendu said;

“UNN DID NOT deny us use of Energy Centre. Energy Centre did. Energy Centre is a Federal organ domiciled in UNN. It’s not controlled by UNN. Their decision to deny us their venue may not even be known to UNN”.

The conference on witchcraft has generated controversy since it was announced that it would take place in UNN Nsukka.

Students, believing that witches and wizards would descend on UNN, during the conference, printed posters decrying the plan. They were joined by the Christian Association of Nigeria, which escalated the opposition and urged Christians in the South East zone to embark on prayers to dissuade the organisers from holding the conference.

Chairman of CAN in the South-East zone, Bishop Dr Goddy Okafor demanded that the programme be called off immediately.
Okafor said;

“I call on all Heads of Blocks, State Chairmen and other Stakeholders of Christian Association of Nigeria South-East Zone to take up aggressive prayers against the planned convention of Witches and Wizards slated to hold on November 26 at UNN.

“This convention is not of God and must not hold in Jesus name. Exodus 22:18 says, ‘Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live’.

“I hereby direct, all Christian Churches in South East of Nigeria to take up lamentation and pray against this evil movement in all our churches this coming Sunday.

“I also call upon all Christian Campus Fellowship Groups and other Christian Students’ Associations to join in this effort and stand up for JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD against this evil development in South East Of NIGERIA.”

Shoot Any Fulani herdsmen you see with a Gun-president of chad


The Republic of Chad borders Northern Nigeria. In that region, two terrorist groups that operate like Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen, unleashing mayhem to locals.

The terrorist groups are Boko Haram (They once appointed Buhari as their spokesman) and Fulani Terrorist herdsmen.

Both terror groups have decimated business activities in both Chad and Nigeria.

Angry with the increased butcher of the Fulani terrorist group on farmers, an angry President Idriss Deby Itno has ordered for the shooting of herdsmen who engage in the headless massacre of lawful citizens.

He also warned farmers not to take up arms or they will face the same fate.

Hear him:

“From now, we will deploy military forces who are going to ensure the security of the population in the region.

We must disarm all the civilians who have weapons in their hands. If there is still fighting between the Fulani herdsmen and Ouaddaians… you shoot ten from each side to save the majority. You have my authorisation,” Deby said.

Mr ibu died 4 days ago and wake up back to life -see shocking revelation

Mr Ibu died and woke 4 days later – Actor 

News coming out at the moment has revealed that comic actor, Mr Ibu died and reportedly rose from the dead 4 days later.

The actor reportedly stated that he is only alive by the grace of God, even after he was reported dead some few months back.

The actor while speaking with Vanguard, revealed that he had a near-death experience last December.

According to the comic actor, he was attacked and hypnotized while he was in Nnewi, Anambra State to grace an occasion organized by one of the big shots in the town.

In the course of the attack by unknown two men in white apparels, the actor said he became unconscious and later his body was lying on the floor of the hotel, where he was lodged for hours before he was confirmed dead by doctors at a near-by hospital in Nnewi.

Mr Ibu then added that while he was transitioned, a mysterious voice, which he believed must be a heavenly entity, spoke to him and told him to go back to the world.

He immediately woke up in a hospital in Enugu, he finally said.

What a wicked world-son sell mother with hunchback to Ritualist for millions of Naira-Details(crime)

What a wicked world! Son sells 60 year old mother with hunchback to ritualist for millions of Naira

The police force in Ondo State are looking out for ritualist suspected to have murdered a 60 year old woman with a hunchback. Reports shows that the woman’s son colluded with these ritualist kidnappers after she paid them off with 7million naira, the police command is also on his trail.

Policemen at the Underground Ritualist Den along Lagos-Abeokuta Highway

The victim who has been identified as Mrs. Rukayat Abodunde, was kidnapped in her home at Ayetoro Street in Ondo town, by two unknown gunmen. They posed as people who wanted to buy fish from her. They took her within the hours of 10pm, date is still unknown.

Image result for Femi Joseph, the police spokesman

According to witness reports, the suspected kidnappers reappeared a few days after kidnapping the victim to demand a sum of N7million from her son because they realized that the victim’s hunchback condition was not natural but cause by an accident which she suffered. The woman has been killed and her son is on the run

Image result for Mrs. Rukayat Abodunde,

Femi Joseph, the police spokesman and a Superintendent of Police (SP),  has confirmed the incident. In his recount, he said the tragic situation was brought to his attention by a woman named Omotola Oseyemi, and the detectives moved to the task as soon as they heard the details.

Image result for Femi Joseph, the police spokesman

Joseph said they questioned a lot of people in the area but her family members were not interested in bringing the case to justice. The police spokesman said the case was still being investigated to unravel those behind the dastardly act.

Image result for National Helm; Woman With Hunchback Killed By Ritualists After Paying Her Son N7 Million

In February 2017, the police in Edo State arrested four suspected ritualists over the murder of a 62-year-old man, with hunchback, in Urue village, Owan East Local Government Area of Edo.

Image result for Femi Joseph, the police spokesman

The police said the suspects hacked off the man’s hunchback for ritual after killing him. They put the hunchback into a jerry can of honey, for onward delivery to a native doctor in Ifon, Ondo State. The victim was identified as Oluma.

Image result for Femi Joseph, the police spokesman

The police gave the names of the suspects as, Ajuma Sunday, 36, Peter Olotu, 38, Sunday Okoro, 62 and a native doctor Philip Ogeneka, 50. The arrested suspects committed the act on January 29, 2017.

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Source: NationalHelm

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