She pulled her legging down and begged me not to come inside her-accussed Rapist.

A 39 years old businessman, Abdul Abdul accused of raping a 13 years old girl in Jos Plateau State has claimed she willingly let him sleep with her.

Abdul was arrested in Bukuru Jos south Local Government Area of Plateau State on June 8, after allegedly having Canal knowledge of the girl.

He had hidden from a downpour in the girl’s mother’s shop, and allegedly raped her after buying sachet water for N20.

But in a chat with newsmen today Monday July 13th at the police station where he is cooling his heels, he denied forcing himself on her.

According to him he had alighted from a trycycle where he is constructing a building and sought shelter in a shop opposite it due to the downpour, he bought sachet water and sat down for a chat with the girl whom he know from the neighborhood and he didn’t know what came over him but he made a go at the girl and she didn’t resist.

“She pulled down her leggings herself and told me not to come inside her”.

But once done she ran out screaming which attracted neighbours.

“It was after everything that my eyes open and I realised what happened, I didn’t force her”.

The prosecuting police officer Edwin Enegbenoise, said the suspect has been charged at the state High Court and would appear before Justice J. Bakfur soonest.

Nigeria is bedeviled by a rape pandemic of recent.Daily, reports flood in of rape cases across the country.

The situation has become so worrisome that Nigerians are calling for tougher punishments for convicted rapists.

Some suggest castration or amputation, others life Imprisonment while some think the death penalty best suits the crime.

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Set a goal that will make you jump off the bed in the morning.-Mercy Eke.

BBNaija winner, Mercy Eke
BBNaija winner, Mercy Eke

2019 Big Brother Nigeria winner, Mercy Eke also known as Mercy Lambogini has dished out advice to her fans on social media.

According to the reality TV star, it is important to have a goal that makes one jump out of bed early in the morning and we could not agree any less.

She made this known in a post she sent out via her official Instagram page on Saturday, 25th January.

She wrote:

Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning

The most interesting sex Tips ever written

From tongue tricks and food to humming and DIY “sex vouchers”, let’s end this madness once and for all.
Who’d believe a sexpert, eh? If they’re not telling you to hang doughnuts off your pecker, they’re making you write out a voucher so you can have sex twice a week. Some sex tips you could definitely do without.

Humming during oral sex

Apparently the vibrations from humming can enhance the experience during fellatio or cunnilungus. How fascinating. Sounds great but… hang on. What are you going to hum? A tune? How do you pick this song? Something by Fleetwood Mac or Joni Mitchell, or should you stay contemporary and hum some, uh, Justin Bieber? Maybe just one long, monotonous drone would be best – sounding like a Satanic cult offering up a dead lamb to Beelzebub is surely an expressway to sex nirvana.

Make an appointment for sex

Having a set time for a shag might seem practical, especially if you have kids or run a multinational, and I know lots of couples swear by this but… well, it’s very quickly going to become a burden, isn’t it? You’ll be minding your own business, cleaning the car or, I don’t know, perhaps enjoying some porn by yourself in the garage, and your sex alarm will go off – perhaps the Vengaboys’ “Boom Boom Boom Boom!!” will be your ringtone – and you’ll have to trudge off to find your better half and throw yourself into dutiful, soulless shagging while Songs Of Praise blares out in the background.

Tantric sex

Oh, piss off, Sting. It’s never going to happen.

Cook a meal naked

Burn your tits off while frying an egg, basically.

Hold off coming for as long as possible

In practice, yes, but when they’re looking at their watch, or you’re having to think of Michael Gove in go-go shorts just to keep yourself back from the brink, you have to wonder whether this is genuinely ameliorating your experience or turning it into an endurance test. Blow. Just don’t forget to put Gove out of your mind first.

Eat different foods to make your ejaculate taste

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Seven things that will make your boyfriend not to call you again for a sleepover

Sleep-overs reveal a lot about someone.

7 Things That’ll Make Your Boyfriend Never Invite You For A Sleepover Again

It’s a normal thing for a couple to visit each other and have sleepovers. It is at this time you get to know who someone really is. I mean, how are you going to know if your boyfriend is a thief? But it’s not everyone who does this. However, if you are a lady, you need to be well behaved if you want your man to invite you for a sleepover again and again.

Here’s how to never get invited for a sleepover:

1. Hog the remote from the moment you arrive.

If you love watching the TV, and you can’t keep your hands off the remote, try to avoid doing that on that day. You did not go there to continue watching your favorite soap opera. Remotes aside, get to know each other.

hogging remote

2. Go with the biggest suitcase you can find.

If you are going for a sleepover, carry something light. It’s only for a day girl. If you carry a suitcase, you will scare the heebie-jeebies out of him; he will think you want to move in. A little too fast, don’t you think?

huge handbag

3. Leave the house messy; like really messy.

Do I need to tell you this? Leave the house cleaner than you found it. Everyone loves staying in a clean place.

messy house

4. Hogging the bed and duvet like a cat taking an afternoon nap.

Do not hog the duvet and leave your better half feeling like a stranger in his own bed.

couple cute annoying girlfriend young love bed
Photo: El.Carna/Instagram

5. ‘Accidentally’ forget some of your stuff in his house.

Ladies, I know you want to mark your territory and all, but don’t do it until you are sure. You might give him the impression that you want to move in with him as quickly as possible.

leaving stuff

6. Spy through his stuff like an FBI agent who wants a promotion.

Respect each other’s privacy. It’s annoying if your partner goes through your things, so why would you?

Image: Mpora

7. Overeat all the food in the fridge.

Don’t overeat. Eat reasonably. It’s embarrassing if you begin to have stomach problems at his place. You don’t want him to hear you taking a long poopie when your stomach begins to give you problems.

eating wedding guest
Image: Giphy
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