See what zodwa wabantu was caught doing on camera…

Zodwa Wabantu doing it the unique way

Rebecca Libram known as Zodwa Wabantu is a mother to a son, a Socialite and a dancer. She was born on the 30th of October in 1985, she id currently 36 years this year. She once revealed she lost her parents at an early age and was raised by her grandmother and uncle in a poor background Zodwa does not talk much about her family and the relationship she has with them but in her reality show she once revealed that they are not that close but they try to get along even though it’s under pretence towards each

Zodwa became famous after her video had gone viral where she was Captioned dancing in one of the famous clubs in Durban “Eyadini”. That was when some musicians saw her and they wanted to work with her, bare in mind that Zodwa is a dropout she couldn’t further her education after her parents died and she moved in with her grandmother where she wasn’t treated well.

People were surprised to see her being the independent beautiful female who as responsible as she is. She is a loving mother to her son no matter how much people sometimes criticize her parenting skills.

Sometimes Zodwa can do things that surprise a lot of people. She was caught on camera doing them things. I can not imagine what the people who were shooting going through. Yes she does have money but to follow her even on this department is something else.

See the picture of a girl that said no man can last more than two minutes with me.

See Pictures of the lady who said No Man Can Last More Than Two Minute With Me

Everyday, we tend to see difference hilarious content on the world of social media but this specific one is more confusing and mind-blowing after a lade yet an explainable able Tweet.

The lady who came out to say via her Twitter page @lara_laitan has got mixed reactions from online users after she said “No Man Can Last More Than Two Minute With Me”

This has left users guessing why she made the post which has since gotten over 900 comments since she made the post with no further explanation from the lady that reason she made such Tweet.

The lady who according to her Bio on her Twitter page is a Titan(Tacha Fan) and as well as big fan of Wizkid, Reekado Banks and Fireboy with over 20,000 followers on Twitter.

Here are more photos of the lady in which according to her “No Man Can Last More Than Two Minute With Her.”

See the couple who met on facebook in 2018 and get married eventually.

Different couples have diverse stories of how they first met, nurtured their relationship and eventually got married. It is the wish of most young people to see their friendship grow from tender stage to becoming husband and wife.

While some couples started from being primary or secondary school mates, choir members, or colleagues, others met at super markets, cinema halls, got connected through family ties, wedding ceremonies, on transit etc.

Although not every relationship has ended well, a good number of the have ended in rejoicing.

Here is a couple who met on a social in 2018 and gradually grew their relationship till they got to the altar and finally got marriage.

Their story was shared on a tribal group by Stanley Akpos Iworawo hours ago.

He however did not mention the names of the couple but his post generated warm comments from members of the group as congratulatory messages flooded the comment section of the post.

Below are photos of the couple and screen shots of their early conversations shared by Stanley. Are they not beautiful?

Congratulations and I wish them happy married life.

See the Reason why the Ban of Generators will help Nigerians ‘i Better pass my Neighbor ‘

Earlier last week what shocked many Nigerians is the act of Senator Bima Enagi who is sponsoring the bill for the ban of Generators in Nigeria .

I Took My time to relax and reason deeply and concluded that we Nigerians should be grateful for the ban of generators, why? Because The environmental toxicity due to oily fumes emitted by this little machine is very deadly, that i can honestly tell you if you have had it fumes always in your environment and obviously have been breathing it,

Nigerians have been seating on a long thing because you have been initiating a process to getting your lungs and hearts in a bad unfix-able health conditions, Ones condition will surely be worst than a chain smoker( whom is liable to die young). Someone had to safe us from ourselves.

Another accomplish on this serious environment pollution and health hazard threat common in our environment is the popular tricycle(keke napep and Okadas), they also contribute to a lot of health hazards and Governor Jide Sanwo Olu of Lagos state have taken action on that.

Some Nigerians have been victim to the unhealthy voltage supply of this “i better pass my neighbour” generator, it has burnt a peoples gadgets like chargers and some other home appliances but wont power a refrigerator, infact, appliances like a barber clipper will reciprocate the sound emitted by this generator (which travels in its unheathy voltage).

Many Nigerians will be angry with this words , despite the Power issues we have in our country if we start embracing Generators a lot we wont be able to sit down and solve our un ending power problems again lets mind our health more and embrace this bans.

comment and share this and lets discuss deeply

See 10 things your unborn babies hates while in your stomach.

Once a woman is pregnant, she is super excited about getting a lot of stuff for her soon-to-be-born baby.

While she picks up the cutest onesies and color-coordinated booties, she makes an honest effort to keep her baby’s choice in mind.

Quite obvious, you might say, considering the baby isn’t around to make his/her likes and dislikes evident. But this doesn’t mean that babies do not communicate with their mothers from inside the womb.

From tasting the food, seeing light, bumping around, to even hating certain stuff their moms do, babies do a lot inside the belly.

Don’t believe us? Well then, here’s a low down of such things for your convenience:

1. Mom’s Belly Laughs

A happy mom makes a happy baby. But, if the mother chooses to laugh her belly out, those jerks aren’t certainly going to make him/her happy.

It’s like being afloat in a bag of fluid and then being tossed onto a trampoline. That’s probably how your baby might be feeling.

Try holding your belly or avoid jerking laughs so as not to unsettle your baby.

2. Consistent Poking

Sure it is fun to poke your baby, especially in your third trimester. It is an amazing feeling to touch your baby (almost) from outside your belly.

And, we’re sure the baby loves it too. However, do not go overboard with the poking. You never know what your baby is up to inside the womb.

So, when you poke around too much, the baby may soon not be in a mood for it and will begin to move away the next time you poke. Practice restraint is what we suggest.

3. Sudden Loud Noises

We all know the soothing effects of music not only on babies but adults too. Although babies can only hear muffled noises from inside the womb, they hate sudden, loud noises.

So, keep your belly away from that jarring mixer at home or those blaring traffic horns.

4. A Stressed Mommy

Whatever a mom feels, the baby feels it too. If you are too stressed, your hormone levels will go haywire, eventually affecting your baby as well.

So, try some relaxation techniques like deep breathing, meditation, exercises or yoga to keep you in good humour (pun intended) – without the jerking laughs though!

5. Too Much Of Light

Babies respond from inside the womb when you flash a light on your belly. However, too much of it might actually disturb your baby, especially if he/she is in a resting state.

And if your baby is not in a mood, it may even make him/her not react to it at all. So, as much as you love it, keep that flashlight away.

6. Toss And Turn Sleep Time

Just like laughing, tossing and turning in your sleep also causes your baby to jerk a lot. It is certainly not a good feeling, especially if your baby is resting or sleeping. Try turning around very slowly if you really must.

7. Spicy Food

We told you how your baby can taste the food you eat courtesy – the amniotic fluid. And, might we suggest, they particularly hate spicy food.

Every time you eat food that is too spicy, you may notice your baby move around, and not in a pleasant manner at that.

8. Depressed Mom, Sad Baby

Of course, we said your baby probably hates your belly-laughs. But that surely doesn’t mean that you remain sad.

Avoid getting too sad or depressed as it’ll affect your baby too. And yes, your baby does cry in the womb too. So, keep your sunny side up, always!

9. Lack Of Space

As your baby grows, he/she will experience a shortage of space. Although there is nothing much you can do about it (except giving birth, of course), you could try to keep yourself stretched instead of cuddling up often.

10. The Hunger Pangs

Like everything else, your hunger pangs affect your baby too. Your baby hates to be hungry, something he/she will communicate with kicks and moves.

So, every time you feel even the slightest urge to eat, head straight to the kitchen. You’ll realise how happy your baby is when he/she responds with a loving kick.

We hope this list is an eye-opener for you (if you weren’t aware already).

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