Regina Daniel’s causes confusion after showing up heavily pregnant in a new video

Nollywood actress Regina Daniels has been and is in the rumour for being pregnant for a while now. All the while those rumours were travelling, Mrs Ned Nwoko remained silent and went into hiding until now.

Regina Daniels and her billionaire husband Ned Nwoko have been sighted in a video where they attended a program organized by her husband’s foundation for ‘ Malaria Eradication Project.’ Again, the actress has sparked controversy as being pregnant. In an off-shoulder dotted dress, her baby bump showed.

A fan who noted wrote, ‘you are finally pregnant,’ whilst others send congratulatory messages. Watch the video below, if possible head to her page to read comments.


Fake Regina Daniel’s step son Emzy Nwoko Arrested by police

Fake Regina Daniel Nwoko’s stepson, Emzy arrested in Port Harcourt

The end has come for a 21-year-old boy that was always making rounds on Instagram claiming that he is an estranged son of billionaire businessman Ned Nwoko, the husband of actress Regina Daniels.

Emmanuel O. Israel who was operating with the fake name, Emzy Ned Nwoko Jnr on social media, was arrested in Mbiama, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Before his arrest, Emzy had written on Instagram yesterday that he doesn’t want to be associated with his ‘father’ anymore because of Regina Daniels.

See what he wrote below…

According to the police, Israel operated scam Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp and emails to hoodwink the public and defraud unsuspecting Nigerians.

The police say that in many instances, Israel met with unsuspecting members of the public and extorted money from them after promising them he would help secure financial deals and favours for them.

He was reportedly arrested alongside his sister, Love Israel, for criminal impersonation , conspiracy, defamation of character and conduct likely to threaten public peace.


5 things that will happen to Regina Danels following Ned Nwokos sack.

Ned Nwoko’s Sack: See five things that’ll happen to Regina Daniels following husband’s dismissal

News reaching us is that the Court of Appeal, Abuja Division, has nullified the emergence of Ned Nwoko as the senator representing Delta North Senatorial District.

The court in a decision on Thursday said the case instituted at the Abuja Division of the Federal High Court which resulted in the recognition of Mr Nwoko as the winner of the election by the Independent National Electoral Commission was wrongly filed.

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The appellate court ruled that the matter ought to have been brought at the lower court before the expiration of 14 days from the time of the incidence that birthed the suit.

Image result for ned nwoko CRYING

While all of these have taken place and still making rounds across various platforms, one can only imagine what will be the case of his newly wedded wife, Regina Daniels.

Below are five pointers we’re sure to happen to Regina, as it has been the case of most women who married wealthy men.

1. Reduction of wealth flaunting on social media

Image result for regina daniels flaunt wealth

The last few months has seen actress, Regina Daniels come under attack for buying her mother a house and purchasing two brand new Benz cars, all flaunted on social media.

Many trolled her on Instagram for a long time, they suggested the names she might have gotten the money to purchase the items. But the actress remained completely unfazed by the attacks as she continued to show off her wealth.

Image result for regina daniels buys house

According to our sources at the time, wealthy lawyer and politician, Ned Nwoko, was the one who got the actress her second Benz and the financier behind her latest house which she just completed.

Image result for regina daniels buys benz

With Ned’s latest sack and what fans have termed an act of shame, she might have to slow down with her posting. Nigerians with their savagery are sure to invade her comment box with abusive comments.

We’re rooting for her though.

2. Less private jet trips for Regina

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Since the actress started making buzz on blogs, one thing we’ve noticed for sure is her consistent use of private jet. Even before her reported marriage to Ned Nwoko, there were rumours that the actress was betrothed to a billionaire politician. We didn’t know for sure which of the Delta politicians. But seeing how things might affect the husband, Regina might have to slow down on the trips.

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Related image


This is part of cutting cost.

3. Delta State ‘first lady’ ambition now delayed

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For ardent followers of the actress, you will have come across one of her captions where she mentions ‘building an empire’ for herself. We can say that dream might have to be delayed for for a long time seeing the fact that her husband didn’t get the senatorial position he desperately needed. This might just have been Regina’s one big shot at becoming Delta State’s first lady.

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We know this for sure seeing how her fame has robbed off on the politician. The actress has managed to use her brand to bring fame to the low key billionaire politician. We know it’s only a matter of time before the senator-elect was going to announce he was gunning for the governorship election in the state.

4. No more new cars every month.

In the space of three months, Regina has received about three-four luxury cars courtesy of her now beloved husband, Ned Nwoko.

Recall about a month ago, the actress showed off a N100 million Mercedes G-Wagon Brabus, she said it was her latest addition to her growing list of acquired automobiles.

At the time we couldn’t help but wonder the kind of gift she’d get on her birthday or wedding.

For those on the know, this particular Mercedes Benz SUV goes for about N14M!

With that said, seeing her husband’s present predicament al;l over the news, is it safe to assume she’ll be getting more whips? Seeing she’s the latest/hottest wife at the moment. Guess we’ll never know.

5. She’s likely to grace more headlines than before and she may hate them

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Since she was who brought the fame to her husband, the tone to which bloggers will hammer on is “Regina Daniels’ husband Ned Nwoko sacked by court of appeal”. Whichever way to choose to write the headline, she’ll come first place in the story.

Image result for regina daniels ned nwoko

This can either be a good thing for her brand, or It’ll be a dent both husband and wife can only struggle to manage.


What are your thought?

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The wealth you are enjoying Right Now is my mother’s sweat and i will fight for it,Emzy jnr Nwoko

The wealth Regina Daniels is flaunting is my mother's sweat- Ned Nwoko's first son

Alleged first son of Ned Nwoko, Emzy Ned Jnr, has taken to IG to make more accusations against the actress Regina Daniels who is currently married to Ned Nwoko, Emzy’s alleged dad.

According to the singer, all the wealth being flaunted online by Regina and her mother is his mother’s sweat, hence the battle to get it back…

Read rant;

“Other Of My Fathers Kid Can Be Going To Her, Because They Are Still Kids And They Don’t Know What’s up Yet,

For Real They Really Need To Be Very Careful,
Especially My Lil Step Brother.

Though They Don’t Know What Am Fighting For,
This Fight Is For There Own Good And Safety,

All I Want Right Now Is For Them To Focus On Their Studies So That We All Can Make Dad And Our Various Mother’s Proud,

I Pray For My Dad And The Kids Because They May Not Know Whats Going On.

I Pray God Opens There Eyes To See What Is Happening,

I Will Never Stop Praying For Them, She And Her House Hold Wanna Take Over,
They Wanna Reap Where They Didn’t Sow, They Failed On This One, And As Long As Am Still Alive, Their Plans Won’t Work This Time,

The Truth Is That I Don’t Fight For What’s Not Mine,
Maybe Dad Didn’t Tell Her That All These Wealths,Cars And Houses They Are Flaunting Online, Is Another Woman’s Sweat.

The Battle Is For Mum, I Promised Her This When I Was Still A Kid, And Now Its Coming Through,
The Woman Behind The Billionaires Wealth .. For You Calling Me Names, Or An Attention Seeker, You Won’t Know What’s Going On, But Just Pray Such Thing Never Happens In Your Family Because You Can Never Withstand It I Bet You.

I Am The Family Head After My Dad, And I Gat Lots Of Responsibilities On My Neck, Everyone Is Looking Up To Me, All Eyes On Me,
I Will Never Stop Till Things Goes RiGhT. THANks.



Im not the girl you think i am,let me tell you about myself directly-Regina Daniels

Nollywood actress Regina Daniels share a luxury picture while on set and she said that she will address all rumour that the media are spreading about her in the near future.

She is reportedly 19 years old and her mom married her to a 60 years old man who is very wealthy. Her husband is a businessman and he is worth multi-million in dollars. He owns multiple luxury cars that are worth millions in dollars.

Regina’s family are enjoying her husband’s money and Regina is also spending a lot of her husband’s money on other celebrities so they can like her. She trying her best to be likeable and it’s costing her a lot of money.

“Am not the girl you heard about…… I will tell you about me directly” , she wrote on her social media page.

She said she will tell her own story at the right time, maybe she would do it through a movie because she’s producing a discrete movie right now.

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