Nigerians in south Africa are calling for palliative.

Lock-down Worsening our Suffering at South Africa, Nigerians Cried out

Nigerian living in South Africa have been forced to remain indoors as the condition has worsened their suffering, in a place where xenophobic attacks had claims lives and so many sources of livelihood is shattered.

However, Nigerians living, schooling and working in South Africa seems to have been abandon by Nigerian Government as the Coronavirus pandemic has brought untold hardship to Nigerians in South Africa, the apartheid colony.

President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa on Wednesday, deployed Military not less than 70,000 troops in Enforcement of Lock-down, restrictions of movements ordered which mighty last till months of June across the country.

In a chat with Nigerians living in South Africa, On Thursday disclosed that they haven’t received any form of support from Nigeria governments, no relief funds or palliative cares for Vulnerable citizens trapped in South Africa, nothing from Nigerian governments despite other countries providing palliative to their own citizens trapped in other nations at this critical time.

Another Nigerians citizen living in South Africa, Austin Okeke Esq, in a chat said that Nigeria High Commission has not paid attention to their plight, the Vulnerable Nigerians citizen are left to their fate as the High Commission, Nigerian government has abandoned their own at this painful time.

He added, we haven’t received any COVID-19 attentions from Nigeria High Commission in South Africa, or from Nigerian government at home.

Unfortunately, Nigerians Medical Doctor Forum in South Africa branch, took a donation for foods item to Nigerians High commission for distribution to the needy, Vulnerable Nigerian citizens in South Africa.

Surprisingly, the Nigeria High commission, handed the foods to a splinter groups, known as Nigerians Citizen Association, South Africa

“No one knows what they have done with the food items, this is amidst the allegations that the executives had shared the food items among themselves”

Why ? Can you imagine this food items were only shared amongst themselves, without consideration for others, this is greediness, gluttony and corruptions we are all talking about.

“Toafeek Oliyide, a third year student at North-West University, Mahikeng, said that being abandoned by the Nigerian Government at this crucial time of lockdown and crises had made their situations more miserable.”

Some other citizens, from our neighbouring Africa countries, their citizens in South Africa here has received support from their home government (country).He said, he feels inferior, Nigerian government couldn’t provide a dime, it shameful, we are abandoned by Nigerian government especially this critical time in life.

He stated, “If not for the rent, I would have been okay but the rent has taken a lot from me because I stay off campus”

Meanwhile, the restrictions of movement in Nigeria has prevented our parents to work, making it difficult to get any financial Assistance from them.

“It is even sadder seeing that other African countries are attending to their citizens in South Africa and Nigeria has abandoned its own people despite all the wealth in the country.”

Oliyide in a chat,said as a Student he has never received an assist from Nigerian government, No bursary, Nothing from Nigerian government since he started schooling, in South Africa.

He said, I am not from influencial family, this pandemic has made life, more difficult as a Student, It’s hitting me harder

He said, “Right from first year, there has not been any help from Nigeria, no bursary, nothing. It has always been like that, so Nigeria is not helping any student. The country has abandoned us to our fate.”

The high commission understand we are indeed suffering at this time but deliberately went on silent

“The Nigerian Union which is the umbrella group for all Nigerians had a falling out with the Nigerian High Commission and Abike Dabiri-Erewa during the xenophobic attacks against Nigerians in South Africa”, the Sahara reporter.

According to the John Hopkins university published figure In South Africa, as at Friday 24 of April @ 10:10GMT, the total numbers of confirmed Coronavirus is now 3, 953 with 1,473 recovery and 75 deaths recorded,

United States has so far donated financial Assistant to Nigerian government”through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and Department of State has announced that new funding for Nigeria for prevention and mitigation of the coronavirus pandemic has reached $21.4 million”, the Dailypost reports

While in Nigeria as at 23rd April, the total numbers of confirmed cases is 981 and 197 discharged and 31 death recorded According to the Nigerian Center for Disease Control NCDC.

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Nigerian lady goes into coma after Taking N15M loan to ex-boyfriend who later Absconded.

On Thursday 23rd April 2020 , a Nigerian lady simply identified as princess Karen on twitter , tweeted on how she collected a loan of 15 whooping million naira for her ex boyfriend.

The tweet was made when a Nigerian twitter influencer falilat tweeted “Guys, What’s the most stupid thing you’ve done in the name of love? ” princess Karen replied to this tweet with ” Collected loan of 15million for my ex,sold my dad’s land,my personal car and virtually all my belongings….a story I will never forget in my life all bcoz of Love”

The tweet has since gained so much reactions from Nigerians on twitter , a lot of people kept saying “tell us its a lie ” and many were expecting her to say she was clout chasing or she was just catching fun but instead princess Karen continued and further tweeted that “See dear,it wasn’t a lie at all,I have so many witnesses ooo….I was admitted at LUTH and was in COMA for 6 good months , Babe I was in love then cos he was the one that got me deflowered,I never knew his intentions was deadly, He called me up around 4pm,then I left all was I doing and quickly go to his house and he knelt down crying profusely that he needed an urgent money to buy aluminium materials,then I was so pained n he was my first guy n I think he took advantage of the fact that I was naive then”.

The reactions on the streets of Nigerian twitter weren’t nice at all but according to princess Karen she went through a lot from going through court cases , selling all her properties to repay the loan , her shop got seized , everything she worked for all her life got collected from her as a bid in repaying back a loan she never even used out of.

Despite the fact that a lot of twitter users said she was lying, princess Karen tried convincing them on how she has many witnesses at luth where she was in coma for good six months, some twitter users probed her further and asked that she shares her hospital pictures to which she said she doesn’t want to bring back the past that above all she’s thankful for life and lessons learnt.

A twitter user also asked if she was jazzed to which she replied yes she was , and that it took her a whooping 9 years to recover from the impact of what happened.

A twitter user made fun of her and tweeted that “What were you doing that a bank would give you 15 million as Loan? Chaii Twitter” to which she replied “Am a certified Caterer n MC fr all kinds of events ma ,I sell gold,atiku Swiss materials,also a freelance Activist on child molestation ma”

The twitter user princess Karen has gotten a lot of backlash for this particular story to everyone saying its not possible and it was a lie, truth is no one knows cause no one was there but the most important thing is the lesson learnt whether true or not do not take a loan on behalf of anyone.

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“Nigerians are Rude”Reality star Uti Nwachukwu

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Uti Nwachukwu has come to a conclusion that Nigerians are rude.

Uti Nwachukwu
Reality star, Uti Nwachukwu

The reality star made this remark while sharing his encounter with two ladies at the airport who were talking about him.

Uti tweeted;

“Nigerians are so rude 🤣 
So I boarded the plane and I’m seated, People are Boarding. Two Ladies are approaching and one Audibly says : “Na Uti be dis wey siddon for front slim so, e been Fat B4″… 😐😐😐😐😐 …
Kai. My life 🤣🤣🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣”

See the full post below:

Nigerian inmates,makes millions and build houses in prison

Inside Nigerian prisons, some inmates are breaking new grounds and making millions of naira by venturing into productive ventures.

Nigerian inmates

The most outstanding are two inmates who took to agriculture and invested their earnings on education and transportation while still in the custodian centres set up by the authorities of Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS).

The two inmates have also become their families’ bread winners with one of them maintaining two of his children up to the university level.
Although the NCoS did not disclose the record-breaking inmates’ identities, LEADERSHIP Friday learnt that one of them is at the Kaduna State Custodial Camp while the second, until recently, was kept at a similar facility in Enugu State.

It was gathered that the inmate in Kaduna made well over N2 million from the sale of vegetables from his garden in the NCoS’ camp while his colleague in Enugu owned houses and bought buses for commercial use from the proceeds of his farm produce.

The public relations officer of the Correctional Service and Controller of Corrections, Francis Osagiede Enobore, told newsmen at the end of the Comptroller-General (CG’s) 2019 media parley/facility tour of Dukpa Farm Centre in Gwagwalada, Abuja that the inmate who trains two of his children in the university is not alone in this stride.

He said that another inmate from the South East who left the facility recently was able to acquire houses, bought buses for transportation business as well as household properties through the sales of his farm produces.
NCoS spokesman disclosed that the Service has 17 reformation farm centres spread across the country with over 22 tractors where “we produce large quantity of palm oil, rice, maize and other forms of grains, to help minister moral gaps to convicts.”
Enobore, however, explained that awaiting trial inmates who are on the high side in the correctional facilities are not usually deployed to the farms and other empowerment centres as the NCoS’ mandate revolves only around ensuring behavioural reorientation and retooling of convicts.

He said: ”Custodial camps are borderless environments where inmates who committed crimes outside sexual offences are taken after they have served one quarter of their sentences in the various locations of their primary detention.

They are transferred to such locations based on the recommendation of officers in charge of their primary locations to be given monitored freedom. Monitored freedom in the sense that they are not entirely free but to a very large extent you don’t see them go about with wardens by their side.

They are given relative freedom to see how they can gradually transit to the society. Most of them have their families around, they rent houses for their wives, children and they pay their school fees and all that.” ( Kemi Filani)

Onishafire-Ebuka,we are really on our own in this country

Big Brother Naija host, Ebuka Obi Uchendu, has reacted to yesterday’s tragic fire incident which took place at Onitsha, Anambra State.

It was reported that a tanker laden with petroleum products had fallen into a ditch and spilled its contents, resulting in an explosion.

The fire razed structures, including shops on Upper Iweka road and at Ochanja market.Men of the Anambra State Fire Service were unable to put out the fire, making an angry mob at the scene to prevent other fire trucks from making further attempts.

Reacting to the inability of the fire service to curtail the fire early enough, Ebuka commiserated with the victims of the incident and said ‘We are on our own in this country’.

His tweet reads ;

“Last night was a lot. We really are on our own in this country… Those images from Onitsha are still so heartbreaking.
May the departed Rest In Peace”



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