Newly Married couples commit suicide after wedding Debts

Two families in Kisumu are mourning their two children who together committed suicide 4 days after their beautiful wedding.

According to Sources, the newly married couples allegedly killed themselves because of the huge debt they incurred after their wedding. Mr. & Mrs. Odipo left a note that they were stressed & strained because the beautiful wedding they had, left them with a debt of Ksh 7.9 Million.

In the letter, they also stated that they could not go to honeymoon as planned. They blamed those who attended their wedding of coming only to feast with no gifts.

” We are embarrassed & ashamed that we could not start our new life in happiness because you people did not make us happy as we expected, ” the letter reads. A family member who spoke to The Daily Statesman said the wedding was held in a five-star hotel which he declined to mention the hotel’s name. She also revealed that 90 % of those invited were special guests VVIPs & VIPs pointing out the two couples used to brag how their guests will bring gifts in Millions of cash money.

She also said 3 choppers were hired one for each family & another for the couple. A neighbor to the husband said he once told him during the wedding preparation that he will use all his savings to finance the wedding since his guests are millionaires who will each come with sh1.5 Million.

He added that those who attended the wedding only brought flowers & Best of Luck cards.


Neymar Testifies that he posted accusser pics on social media in Brazil court.

The football star is expected to speak to authorities in the next few days about rape allegations.


Football star Neymar has given evidence for almost two hours in Brazil in a cybercrime investigation linked to a woman’s rape allegation against him.

The Brazilian football confederation reported earlier that Neymar had received a subpoena to speak to authorities about his posting on social media of images and messages of the accuser without her authorisation in possible violation of her online privacy.

Neymar arrived at Rio de Janeiro’s police headquarters to give evidence. He spoke to journalists afterwards at the station but did not provide any details about his evidence in the cybercrime case.

Neymar speaks to journalists in Rio
Neymar speaks to journalists in Rio (Leo Correa/AP)

“I only want to thank the support and messages that everybody sent,” said the player, who was using crutches because of his injured right ankle.

Neymar is expected to speak to authorities in the next few days about the rape allegation, which is being investigated separately in Sao Paulo, where the woman filed a formal complaint with police.

The complaint alleges the Brazilian international raped her in a Paris hotel room on May 15. A doctor gave a statement to Sao Paulo police on Thursday about his medical examination of the accuser.

Neymar, who plays in the French capital for Paris St-Germain, denies any wrongdoing. After word of the woman’s allegation became known, he shared social media posts meant to show the accuser had sent him friendly messages after the alleged rape.

Brazil Neymar Allegation
Neymar leaves the police station (Leo Correa/AP)

Neymar injured his ankle in a friendly against Qatar on Wednesday held as a warm-up for the Copa America tournament.

The accuser, Najila Trindade, a 26-year-old model, made her first public comments about her charge this week, telling two Brazilian television stations that Neymar raped her and engaged in “aggression”, or physical violence.

She told the SBT channel that Neymar became aggressive after she refused to have unprotected sex with him. She said the player had sex with her despite her refusal and hit her repeatedly.

“I said ‘Stop it, stop it, stop it’. He did not communicate, he just acted,” Ms Trindade said.

Danilo Garcia de Andrade, lawyer for Najila Trindade
Danilo Garcia de Andrade, lawyer for Najila Trindade (Nelson Antoine/AP)

Her lawyer, Danilo Garcia de Andrade, said Ms Trindade is suffering “threats, she is taking medicines, she has problems sleeping and of course she is scared”. He did not say what kind of threats she received or who they were coming from.

A video emerged on social media on Thursday night that appears to show Neymar and his accuser in a physical altercation. It is unclear how or when the video was made.

Neymar da Silva Santos, Neymar’s father and agent, said the new video is evidence that his son was set up by Ms Trindade.

She denied that during her TV appearances, saying “I wouldn’t expose myself this way to take money from Neymar. There is no logic, there is no sense.”

One of her lawyers said she will give evidence in Sao Paulo on Friday.

Neymar Arrives police station on a wheel chair for Rape case

Neymar saddled in a wheelchair as he arrives police station

Brazil football star Neymar arrives at police station in a wheelchair for questioning after being accused of rape (Photos)

Brazil football star, Neymar has been in the media after the news last month of a rape case. He arrived at a police station in Rio last night for questioning over claims he raped a woman in a Paris hotel. 26 year old Instagram model Najila Trindade Mendes de Souza accused the Paris Saint Germain forward last month of raping her at a hotel in Paris.

In a recent interview, she said ‘He was aggressive, totally different than the boy that I got to know on the messages.

‘Since I really wanted to be with him I said, OK, I’m going to try to handle this,’ she said.

After some kissing and caressing ‘he started to hit me … then he began to hurt me a lot, and I asked him to stop because it hurt.’

According to Trindade, Neymar apologized, but then continued hurting her while they had sex.

Neymar admitted meeting with Trindade but vociferously denies rape, saying the entire encounter was consensual.

The 27-year-old arrived at the station in a wheelchair having recently suffered an ankle injury while playing for Brazil against Qatar in a friendly match.

The football star, whose full name is Neymar da Silva Santos Junior,  was escorted by three men as he hobbled into the building in Rio de Janeiro with a crowd of fans and onlookers including the Press pictured outside the Police station.

It has also been revealed that his accuser, Trindade was handed a £5,000 fine by a Brazilian court just one day before she made the allegation.

Brazil football star Neymar arrives at police station in a wheelchair for questioning after being accused of rape (Photos)

According to Brazilian news website GP1, De Souza, she served with an eviction order by the court ordered to pay a debt of 26,712 Brazilian Reais (£5,000) on May 14 – just one day before she came forward with the rape allegations. The fine was imposed because of unpaid rent and was said to have been comprised of three months of rent and legal fees.

Brazil football star Neymar arrives at police station in a wheelchair for questioning after being accused of rape (Photos)

Other media outlets in Brazil also claimed she is currently engaged in a court case with the Pan American School of Arts who sued her over a debt of 4,160 Reais (£800).

Ned Nwoko allegedly sponsored chika ike’s traveling expenses

Billionaire lawyer Ned Nwoko is said to have sponsored actress Chika Ike’s luxury lifestyles, travels, purchases and TV show.

According to an Instagram blogger, Ned Nwoko spent lavishly on Chika Ike before he married Regina Daniels.

The Instagram blogger, gistmerchant wrote;

Do you know that it was Ned that was sponsoring Chika through all those her trips, purchases, tv show? He has a political ambition and needs to gain popularity but hooking up with chika hoping to gain popularity failed as Chika wasnt ready to show him to the public. Now he linked himself with Regina who wanted to also hide him but he refused and planted his camera people everywhere making sure their pictures were leaked and sent to the blog creating a media frenzy. Regina and her mum planned to chop and clean mouth.

You are welcome.

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