Mzansi celebrities who are queens of Bleaching

#thequeenmzansi-Mzasi called for zodwa wabantu to be removed from mzasi queen

Fans are gatvol of Zodwa always popping up on The Queen. In desperation, they have even offered to take back the old enemy, Diamond. Zodwa’s appearances on the show make eyes roll like a rollercoaster and blood boil. She showed up with Brutus at the […]


Malawian Best striker gets chicken as ‘best player’ award

Chicken presentation A striker in the Malawian League Hassan Kajoke has been rewarded with a chicken for his superlative performance in a match against rival club which his team drubbed 5 nil. Kajoke who plies his trade with Nyasa Big Bullets received a chicken on […]

Man stages armed robbery to propose to girlfriend and she said yes-watch video

THE WORST moment of a woman’s life soon turned into the best when her boyfriend proposed to her after a mock armed robbery. A video of a man’s dark approach to a proposal shows him using a fake armed military checkpoint. The clip begins with […]

Mercy Johnson boldly shows off the bad side of her body in a new pic

Popular Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie is about to kick off a new project which has to do with shedding off weight, pearlsnews.comreports. The mother of three through her Instagram post revealed that she is proud of the stretch marks on her tummy which is a […]