My husband prefer our maid cooking to mine,what should i do? A lady.

I am presently confused about what is going on in my family. My husband prefers our maid’s cooking to mine.

I know that sounds surprising for anyone to hear, but that is what I am facing in my home now.

Our maid is just 21 years old. She came from the village late last year to live with us. I was the one who complained to my husband that we needed a maid at home, since I am a career woman, and managing my home and job was really hectic for me.

He understood with me, and said he would do something about it. Two days after that, he told me he had called his mother in the village to look for a maid for us.

About two weeks later, his mother brought the maid from the village for us.

My husband and I have been married for two years now, and I had been the one cooking for him before the maid was brought for us.

When the maid arrived, I was excited that at least I had gotten someone to help me manage the house for me.

So our maid does the cooking during the weekdays, and at weekends when I’m home, I do it. In that way, the stress was taken off my neck, and I became more productive in my job in the office.

Our maid has been living with us for seven months now. She is a good girl, very obedient and submissive, and I like her a lot. I don’t treat her like a maid at all, I treat her like my own kid sister.

I gave out some of my expensive dresses to her, just to make her happy, and also take her shopping once in a while. And coupled with the fact that she’s from my husband’s village, I took her as family.

But something strange happened today when I wanted to cook. My husband called me inside our room, and told me that I should allow our maid to cook the food.

I was surprised, and asked him why. Do you know the answer he gave me? He told me that he just prefers our maid’s cooking to mine.

He said I should not take offense in it, that there is nothing attached to it, that he just enjoys the girl’s foods, and prefers her cooking.

I was so shocked at such bluntness. He kept on begging me that I should not be offended by it, that he’s only telling me the truth.

At that point I didn’t know what exactly to do or say, so I just obeyed him and allowed our maid to cook the food.

But right now I’m very confused, and I feel I need to do something about this immediately, know I don’t know what exactly to do.

I am sharing this story here, so that you people can advise me on what is the best thing for me to do now.

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My husband is having an affair with our housemaid and I don’t know how to confront him-a lady

That your marriage is peaceful doesn’t means others are also living happily therefore, you should always give thanks to your lord.

I have been married for the past 15 years and I have been a slave in my husband’s house, as I usually don’t have a say in the decision of my husband, I have lived under the same roof with him just like a soldier living under the control of his commander.

My husband sometimes may cease talking to me for months without any reason that is clear to me, except that he calls me when he wish sex. He goes to work in the morning and return late at night unquestionably, sometimes my husband will live for more than a week and will not contact me.

Many of my friends have advised me severally, some have advised that I seek divorce, while others have advised that I start fighting him, but the problem is that I still love him and I know my husband he is dangerous if I decide to fight him he can harm me severely.

House maid

Also, as a good Christian woman I have always believe my Lord will one day look into my affairs and bring my husband back to me, sometimes I fast for days praying to my lord and I know he will not forsake me.

What is happening in my family now is unbearable to me I am running out of patience, for somemdays now I have been noticing the sudden change in the way my husband is relating with my maid.

The other time I returned from work and met my maid standing in front of my husband and she was seriously smiling I asked her what was going on she said nothing reasonable.

Two days ago I took my maid’s phone and was going through his chats when I saw something shocking, my husband has been chatting with her for long and it is now clear that something serious has been going on between my husband and my maid.

My fear now is If I am not diplomatic with my steps it might cause me my marriage.

Pls I need your sincere advice on this matter what should I do pls?

Mg husband told me he is a car dealer only to discover he lied to me after our wedding.

My husband lied to me that he's a car dealer

I have been in tears since the first week of my wedding, and totally confused about what to do.

I had a very strict upbringing which prevented me from getting too close to my husband before we got married. I met my husband in my hairdressing salon seven months ago. He was driving pass and saw me outside, and parked his car and came outside. He talked to me briefly and introduced himself. He was a very friendly and jovial guy, and I liked him immediately.

We became friends, and he visited often. He was always coming to my shop every day with different cars. I asked him what he was doing that he could afford so much cars, and he laughed and told me that he was a car dealer.
A car dealer? I was impressed. And it was clear he was doing so well in his business, considering the kind of cars he was always bringing to see me everyday. So when he asked me out, I didn’t hesitate to say yes to him.

I was proud of him. I was always quick to show him off to my friends at my salon.
“Meet my guy, he’s a car dealer.” Those words gave me a deep sense of pride.

I never visited him for once, because I come from a very strict home, and visiting a man you’re not yet married to was against my doctrines.

Just four months into our dating, he proposed to me, and I accepted. That was the point I should have suspected that something was wrong, because immediately he proposed to me he began to complain about his business. He said business was bad, and he could barely afford the wedding.

My business was doing well, and I had some savings. And more so, I wasn’t getting any younger, so I wanted to settle down. Apart from that, business is about high and low moments, so I was hopeful that things would get better for him again soon. And what would I be doing in his life if I could not support him in his low moments?

So I handed my savings to him to assist him with the wedding arrangements. He said that when he sold his cars he was going to return the money back to me, although I was not bothered about him repaying the money.

Two months after the proposal, we had a very beautiful wedding. I was the happiest woman in the world that day, getting married to the most loving man in the world in the presence of my family and friends.

My joys knew no bounds. I couldn’t wait to go home with him and start a family with him.
But you can imagine how my joy was shortlived when I went home with him and discovered that the man I got married to was different from the man he told me he was.
He is not a car dealer, but works in a car-wash.

He doesn’t have a single car, neither is he dealing with cars. He works in a car-washing place for someone. So anytime a customer brought a car for him to wash, after washing the car, he would drive the car around a bit, and that was how he saw me. That explains why he was always coming to my shop every day with different cars.

My husband deceived me into marrying him. I feel ashamed of myself. I have been in tears ever since. I don’t know why he did this to me. How can I tell my family and friends that he is a car-washer, and not a car-dealer as I earlier told them? My younger sister called me a few days ago and said she wanted to come and visit us, but I told her not to come. I lied to her that I wanted to travel, because I didn’t want her to come and find out the truth and take the news home. But how long will I continue to live like this?

Right now I am confused, and I don’t know what to do. And I desperately in need of advice on what to do.

My mum once tried to kill me, bbnaija star mercy eke Tearfully explained in an emotional revelation.

Ex-big brother Housemate Mercy Eke popularly referred to by fans as Lambo Mercy, might look like she has it all now- fame, fortune family as well as her dream relationship with ex-BBnaija co-star and housemate Ike Onyeoma but the truth is things weren’t always so easy for the first female BBnaija winner.

Long before the big brother house, Mercy’s family had financial struggles, her mum was a roadside seller helping to put her through school until she eventually graduated from the university of Abuja and got her lucky start from the big brother house.

On her new reality tv show with her fiance Ike, she’s finally given fans a window into her life including her struggles of the past.

In the first episode that premiered just recently on Dstv channel 151 she told the emotional story of how her mum tried to abort her as a child. Not out of malice or anything of that sort but because her mum being so poor was so afraid she could not take care of another child.

“She would climb a palm tree high up and deliberately jump down while she was pregnant with me” Mercy spoke concerning her mum in an emotional revelation.

Fast forward to the present and the woman who was afraid she couldn’t care for little Mercy is being taken care of by Mercy.

The inspirational story of graceful transition from grass to graze is one that is a pointer to the fact that fortune can smile on anyone at any point in time.

As for Mercy, with countless endorsement deals in her name and many more to come, as well as her finally stable relationship with the man of her dreams Ike, we can definitely say, she’s living a life far from the one of her childhood and her fans couldn’t be more happy for her.

What are your thoughts on these?

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My husband have only sleep with me five times after 3years of marriage

My Husband Has Only Slept With Me 5Times during a marriage of 3Years and 10Years Relationship

Please conceal my identity

I got married in 2017, got pregnant and had my baby in 2018. During the pregnancy, my husband I can recall my husband slept with me only 5 times. Any time I make the move, he pushes me aside.

He will attend work, come home, goes out again and are available back late in the dark …. Very tired and exhausted. I always awaken at dawn watch him deeply asleep. Anytime I raise the difficulty about his coming home late, he will only apologize and still continue.

I had to undergo cesarean delivery ( Operation) because the doctor says am perfectly fine but because i’m too close. The midwife was very upset and even asked me? Whether my husband has been having sex with me.?

I wept because i used to be so ashamed to answer the question. this is often a person I dated for 9 to 10 years before marriage. Before the wedding , I had a message that, he is not my husband. once I told our counselor about the message, she told me he will change after marriage. But it became even worse. After I had my baby, i used to be wasn’t purchased 4months maternity leave, and anytime I invite money, he gets angry coz he wasn’t working by then.

So I suggested we share the contribution we had during the wedding event….. He got angry, that, I can even take all if i would like …..

That if anything happens to me, he won’t mind me. I waited for a few months, still i used to be out of cash , I prayed over the cash and that i used it. I even use that cash for diapers, even to cook for him.

He said,…if i would like to destroy my marriage I should bring the cash back, if not I should use it.

I divided the cash and gave him the half he refused to require it saying he doesn’t need the cash .

He will come from work then leave the house again leaving me with the baby all by ourselves and are available home late in the dark . I told him to require his key along when he’s going out because he leaves the door open whilst my baby and myself are sound asleep .

Something will wake me up at dawn to lock the door, then in an hour time, he will come knocking and mentioning my name that dawn. i noticed that my life which of the lil baby is in danger so i made a decision to pack out.

The fateful day I pack out, he was watching me quietly and therefore the following day, I came to select something’s I left behind only to understand that, he changed the door lock the very day I left.

It’s over a year now, since I left. He never sent money for the baby. I survive by God’s Grace. He called recently i used to be so angry that, I told him the boy isn’t his son, considering how he never cared not even for his son.

He called his relations and told them I said he is not the daddy of my son. and that they all believed him. The counselor told him that, I said that out of anger, so he should exercise restraint, but he still stands on his ground that I should go and provides him to his Father. Our counselor suggested he do a DNA to prove it. He says no.

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