Meet the girl that said Nigerian men cant date her,her Daily upkeep is ’50’ k-see what people are saying.

Nigerian women are sometimes accused of always depending on their boyfriends and partners for things they should ordinarily be able to provide for themselves, and the reason for such accusation is because of women like this one right here.

This lady here goes by the name Chioma Pearls on TwitterNG and she took to her twitter account to make some declarations about the kind of men that can and cannot date her. She also gave a reason behind it.

She claims Nigerian guys can’t date her because her daily upkeep is a whooping fifty thousand naira, and she doesn’t repeat clothes.

Can you imagine, fifty thousand naira just because you’re dating her.First thing I would like to point out is that, Nigerian men are hardworking men. They work hard for their money and treat their women right. I’m very sure that the only reason why this lady feels that Nigerian men can’t date her because her daily upkeep is ’50k’ is because Nigerian men are not stupid.

Some girls think dating and being in a relationship with a guy automatically means he should be giving you money like an ATM machine. You have hands and you’re not handicapped in any way, so why not make your own money and spend any amount you wish to on yourself everyday ? Why must it be that a man has to give you everything ?

Real women don’t wait around for no man. They work hard, and support their boyfriends instead of turning them into ATM machines. Only lazy women and ladies with no honor and pride can stoop so low to make such degrading statement on social media.

Her comments incured the wrath of Nigerians as many people called her lazy and jobless.

See what people had to say to her

I love the last question here, “what will you bring to the table?”

Many ladies have absolutely nothing to offer in relationships other than that usual thing, you know what I’m talking. Remove that, and they’re useless.

This Chioma Pearls really needs help.

Or what do you think ? Can you date her and give her ’50k’ daily ?

Men will embarrass you-Nigerians React on clearance peter Dating same girl 14 years.

  • Clarence and Jennifer

Ace Music Video Director, Clarence Peters, the Son of famous music and nollywood icons; Sir Shina Peters and Clarion Chukwurah was heavily criticized by Nigerians for dating a girl for 14 years with marrying her.

Clarence, also called ‘Capital’ has been in the news lately over the death of popular video vixen and dancer, Love Divine Ike aka Kodak.

The dancer is was electrocuted while charging her phone in Clarence Peters home a few days ago in Omole estate.

Several people and blogs have reported him being arrested for her murder. This he has debunked a couple of hours ago, though his girlfriend Jennifer Alegieuno spoke out in his defence a while ago.

Part of her statement reads; “So, as Clarence’s 14yrs long girlfriend, Lemme state AUTHORITATIVELY that CLARENCE PETERS was invited to police command, YABA and he went there willingly. 

He was NOT arrested, neither was he CHARGED WITH MURDER as stated by the press statement from the police command through their spokesperson BALA ELKANA!”

Of all the content in her statement, Nigerians picked and preyed on this; “as Clarence’s 14yrs long girlfriend”.

This made lots of Nigerians blast Clarence Peters on twitter.

Abena Yalley wrote: Girlfriend of 14yrs! Looool Men would embarrass you and make you sound like a deranged woman on Social media.

Osofo Maame says; I like how she’s standing up for him. They should get married after all this is over. 14 years is such a long time.

Here are some other reactions:

Meet The world most handsome Model Gauranj Surti-interesting stories and photos.


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Did work for fashion designers and fashion institute ,

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Business man Dies in a bed with a mistress.

A Gwanda born, South Africa-based Zimbabwean man is reported to have died early last week at a lodge in the neighbouring country, while having sex with his mistress.

The late Mr Jottah Sibanda
The late Mr Jottah Sibanda

The man identified as Mr Jottah Sibanda (67) is alleged to have lost power before he began having trouble breathing and died.

Media reports from South Africa noted that Mr Sibanda’s mistress wrapped herself in a towel and called for help, after he collapsed while they were having sex. Staff at the lodge are said to have called an ambulance as well as police to attend to the scene. Unfortunately Mr Sibanda was pronounced dead on the spot by paramedics.

The incident is reported to have occurred at the lodge, which is ironically situated just two streets away from his home in a farming suburb of Putfontein in Benoni, South Africa. His wife is reported to have been in Durban where she is employed.

“Police are investigating an inquest docket after the deceased died at a plot, where no foul play was suspected. Once the post-mortem results and other relevant statements have been obtained, the case will be forwarded to an inquest court for a decision,” Gauteng police spokesperson Mr Lungelo Dlamini is quoted saying.

Mr Sibanda is said to have been found lying on the floor by police, after security took them to the room.

“His partner tried to assist him but he couldn’t wake up. She called the security and the security called an ambulance; when the ambulance arrived they certified him dead.”

Tenants who reside in a row of back rooms on Sibanda’s property told a South African publication that his wife and family had left for Zimbabwe to bury him.

“. . . We understand that the funeral will be on Thursday in the village of Nswazi in Gwanda,” said one of the tenants.

Mr Sibanda is reported to have retired as a road maintenance manager in 2017 and had ventured into small-scale farming.

Mr Sibanda and the mistress are reported to have been seeing each other for a long time.

“They started dating while he was still staying here in our kasi many years ago,” a neighbour told the publication. Sunday News.

Meet the woman who slit Nieces throat and Drank the blood

The woman was tied to a tree after allegedly killing the six-year-old in front of her four-year-old sister in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India

A woman allegedly slit her niece’s throat and then sucked her blood out

A woman who allegedly slit her six-year-old niece’s throat before sucking blood from the wound has been arrested.

Vamthala Rasmo, 30, faces a murder charge over the death of her niece, Korra Anitha, who she allegedly killed in her home village of Lakeyuputta after getting into a row with the child’s mother.

Rasmo had had an argument with her husband Chiranjeevi so had gone to stay with her brother in his home village of Lakeyuputta, near the city of Visakhapatnam in the south-eastern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

But the woman is said to have turned red with fury after her sister-in-law Chinnammi suggested it was time for her to return to her spouse.

She allegedly struck the child after getting into a row with her mother
The aunt allegedly drank the child’s blood

Police say Rasmo was so furious with Chinnammi that she threatened to kill her daughter, but the threat was not taken seriously.

She allegedly then cut Korra’s throat with a knife after taking the little girl and her four-year-old sister Sandhya out to a nearby hill to look for firewood.

Horrified, Sandhya ran back to the village and told neighbours what she had seen. They found Korra dead and caught Rasmo who they tied to a tree.

The woman was tied to a tree once the neighbours discovered the alleged killing
The alleged killer remains in custody as she faces a murder charge

Villagers claimed Rasmo had been sucking the blood from the wound in her niece’s neck when they found her.

Police, who were called to the scene by Korra’s devastated family, have arrested Rasmo who remains in custody.

The investigation into the killing, and the allegations that the aunt drank the girl’s blood continues.

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