Meet the girl that said Nigerian men cant date her,her Daily upkeep is ’50’ k-see what people are saying.

Nigerian women are sometimes accused of always depending on their boyfriends and partners for things they should ordinarily be able to provide for themselves, and the reason for such accusation is because of women like this one right here.

This lady here goes by the name Chioma Pearls on TwitterNG and she took to her twitter account to make some declarations about the kind of men that can and cannot date her. She also gave a reason behind it.

She claims Nigerian guys can’t date her because her daily upkeep is a whooping fifty thousand naira, and she doesn’t repeat clothes.

Can you imagine, fifty thousand naira just because you’re dating her.First thing I would like to point out is that, Nigerian men are hardworking men. They work hard for their money and treat their women right. I’m very sure that the only reason why this lady feels that Nigerian men can’t date her because her daily upkeep is ’50k’ is because Nigerian men are not stupid.

Some girls think dating and being in a relationship with a guy automatically means he should be giving you money like an ATM machine. You have hands and you’re not handicapped in any way, so why not make your own money and spend any amount you wish to on yourself everyday ? Why must it be that a man has to give you everything ?

Real women don’t wait around for no man. They work hard, and support their boyfriends instead of turning them into ATM machines. Only lazy women and ladies with no honor and pride can stoop so low to make such degrading statement on social media.

Her comments incured the wrath of Nigerians as many people called her lazy and jobless.

See what people had to say to her

I love the last question here, “what will you bring to the table?”

Many ladies have absolutely nothing to offer in relationships other than that usual thing, you know what I’m talking. Remove that, and they’re useless.

This Chioma Pearls really needs help.

Or what do you think ? Can you date her and give her ’50k’ daily ?

Meet president Cyril Ramaphosa Handsome Son-Tumelo Ramaphosa.

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s first born son Tumelo Ramaphosa is an entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Studex Wild Life,The handsome young man has the love for animals and he wants to protect endangered species.His mother is the first lady, Dr. Tshepo Motsepe Ramaphosa, Who is a medical doctor by profession and holds a Master’s Degree in public health from Harvard. The first lady is the daughter of the late Chief Augustine Butana Chaane Motsepe.

Tumelo looks alot like his father our President Cyril Ramaphosa, He has good striking looks and his also a fitness bunny because he takes pride in his appearance and works out to have a well-built body which appeals to many ladies in mzansi.

The handsome Tumelo currently works two jobs and is his also the founder and CEO of Studex Wild Life. He has a master’s degree from Hult International Business School.

Tumelo’s mission is to preserve and protect endangered species especially from hunters, predators, diseases, and poachers. His work includes trading these endagered animals in locations they are not needed.

Tumelo Ramaphosa is a good looking man with a bold sense of style he is also a meto male who love to take care of his skin and his beard that gives him a masculine and handsome look. The hunk is not afraid to push boundaries, Sometimes you can spot him looking casual with a very tailored look and he loves to incorporate his casual look with a cap or a beanie which is very modern. He is indeed a style star to watch out for.

Meet Baby Abandoned by the roadsideby mum with a written Note-photos.

An adorable child was found by the side of the road surrendered by the lady who professes to be Ruth. The infant was laid by the side of the road with a written by hand note from the Mom, who said she can’t bear to deal with her daughter once more.

The tragic Note understands therefore:

the mother of the deserted infant composed. “I have arrived at a point where I need to forsake my girl. I have not gotten any help from the dad or family. I am a destitute individual and I trust a decent Samaritan will embrace her. Her name is Purity.

God favor you,” Ruth.

The Baby has been gotten by occupants of the territory and gave over to the police. for wellbeing of the poor mother the zone of the occurrence is covered to hide and secure the mother.

Meanwhile, the baby has been legally handed over to the appropriate authorities for proper check up and possible indentification

My boyfriend forced himself on me while i was asleep-right or wrong

DEAR cadilblog : MY boyfriend forced himself on me and did something sexual to me which I’m just not into at all.We have been together for ten years. I am 32 and he is 35.


 My boyfriend forced himself on me in bed while I was asleep, but he doesn't think he did anything wrong
My boyfriend forced himself on me in bed while I was asleep, but he doesn’t think he did anything wrong

He has always had different fetishes and wants to be adventurous in bed. I go along with it but only so far.Last night I was asleep and what he did really hurt me.I tried to stop him but he continued until he climaxed.I was so shocked that I cried myself to sleep.I don’t know what to think of him now.He just said: “Sorry if I hurt you.”He thinks he hasn’t done anything wrong.Cadilblog SAYS: He’s done something criminally wrong.This was sexual assault – rape if it involved penetration.You said no and he carried on. No wonder you are looking at your relationship differently.Find understanding help urgently through Rape Crisis (, 0808 802 9999).

Police are investigating after horrified dad finds Uber driver ‘raping his daughter’ by tracking her on an app

Meet the Ghanian pastor who use kisses to cast out demons

Image result for pastor kissing cogregant
Pastor Kissing Congregant

In a shocking incident, a pastor was caught on camera in front of a confused congregation deeply locking his lips with those of a young woman in a bid to cast out demons out of her.

The Zimbabwean Pastor is seen locking lips in two phases while ranting in his local dialect and moving around the pulpit.

Embedded video

High Breed | Blaq Bowy🇿🇲@umufiishi

Pastor kisses girl in the name of deliverance in front of the entire church congregation.😱

160 people are talking about this

The pastor’s identity and location of the church, however, have not been mentioned by the owner of the video

This is not the first Pastor to commit such a bizzare act.

In 2017, a South Africa-based Ghanaian pastor threw south africa in a state of shock after he kissed cogregant on live tv.

Just like in the Zimbabwean, the South African Pastor kissed a female congregant during a healing session on the pulpit leaving the congregation emotionally disturbed.

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