Meet the king of Beggar that own five houses, 20 cars, and a water Company.

Alhaji Umar Dikko is a poor man, but it is a big difference to other faiths. He is the Emir of Morocco in Ajegunle, Lagos State. Despite his disability, Alhaji Umar owns a wealth of assets and has four wives and 18 children. He has five buildings in Kano State.

Describing his disability, Alhaji Umar Dikko said that this happened to him when he was only three years old. He used to wander the streets to find something to feed himself for his parents’ release.

“I lost my leg at the age of three because of polio. My parents and other family members didn’t care about me and cared about me. My mom is struggling and has seven kids. At the age of 6, I started to look after myself because I couldn’t get the money. One of my cousins ​​goes to the market to beg me but the money goes to our mother who cares for us.

“When I was 15, I decided to come back to Lagos. It was after my arrival that I met the Hausa people at Agege and we went out together last year. But there is someone who gives us a day’s sleep, who takes all the money we earn and gives us only food.”

“After three years with him, I moved to Ajegunle where I met one of my hometowns. He is my Englishman but I owe him a portion of our income. It was then that I began to save my money so that I could buy a rental car”

“Then I bought another car from which I started the transportation business. I have more than 20 vehicles traveling from Lagos, Kano, Abuja, Kaduna, Jos and other northern states.”

Dikko said he moved from here to Kano where he built a house and put tenants in it. But it also didn’t stop last year to make it look like a business.

He then built four more houses, renting two and putting his four wives and 18 children into it. According to him, he has done the pilgrimage three times and is looking after his family properly.

“In the last five years and ago I was appointed king marokan Ajegunle and I watch the events last year to mediate between beggars. But I have stopped begging now. ” he said.

Meet chioma uzodinma the first young lady in imo state.

Meet Chioma Uzodinma, The Young First Lady Of Imo State

Chioma Uzodinma has become the first lady of Imo state following the swearing-in of her husband, Senator Hope Uzodinma as the governor of the state.

Recall that senator Hope Uzodinma emerged as the governor of Imo after the Supreme court, on Tuesday, sacked Emeka Ihedioha from the position.

Chioma Uzodinma is the governor’s wife from his second marriage and she’s a young 30-year-old graduate of law graduate from Imo State University. The governor was formerly married to Augusta Uzodinma for 17 years and the marriage produced five children.

Meet Chioma Uzodinma, The Young First Lady Of Imo State
Meet Chioma Uzodinma, The Wife of Hope Uzodinma, Young First Lady Of Imo State
Meet Chioma Uzodinma, The Young First Lady Of Imo State
Chioma Uzodinma

Meek mill think he will be killed if he returns to his old hood

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Since being released from prison in 2018, Meek Mill has gone the extra mile to reform both his life and the justice system. He’s made many strides in his reform efforts. In April, his criminal justice reform bill was introduced to the legislature in Pennsylvania. Meek’s come a long way since growing up in Philadelphia, but he hasn’t forgotten his old hood. Meek started an #AskMeek thread on Twitter, where the “Going Bad” rapper answered a series of fan questions. In one answer, Meek revealed he thinks his old hood wouldn’t give him a warm welcome upon his return.

A fan asked Meek if he would be “paranoid” to visit his old hood, or if his fame would earn him respect in the area. Meek responded that fame wouldn’t help him. “I stay on my toes I know they will kill me in the hood ….. it’s no morals involved with these streets …. most importantly I stay away from them,” he responded.

Meek Mill


I stay on my toes I know they will kill me in the hood ….. it’s no morals involved with these streets …. most importantly I stay away from them


#askmeek @MeekMill u be parnoid wen u go back 2 yo hood ? Or u feel u done earned yo respect and ain’t no nigga goin try it ???

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“Trying not to overdose off fame!” Meek said in another tweet.

The rapper also answered some not-so-serious questions on his thread. One fan asked Meek to smoke a joint with him. Meek jokingly responded, “If I ever get off probation it’s possible.”

Meek is still on probation, but his prison reform bill aims to change the way people are on probation. The rapper was thrown in jail and sentenced for 2-4 years for violating his probation on a decade-old gun charge. The proposed bill will prevent those who break probation for non-violent and technical reasons from going to jail.

“I’ve lost too much time away from my son, my family, my friends and fans in Philly because of outdated probation laws,” Meek said. “So I want to make sure people don’t have to go through what I did.”

Jay-z rap about kanye West in new meek mill song

Kanye West has designed a new clothing line supporting ‘Blexit’, a movement that encourages black voters who vote democrat to leave the party. Veuer’s Mercer Morrison has the story.

Jay-Z and Kanye West have always had a tenuous relationship – which may have just become more complicated with the release of Meek Mill’s new song, “What’s Free.”

The “Story of OJ” rapper contributes a guest verse to the track off Mill’s new album (out now on Spotify) in which he seemingly refers to West and the Make America Great Again hat he has been known to wear thanks to his relationship with President Trump.

“No red hat, don’t Michael and Prince me and Ye, They separate you when you got Michael and Prince’s DNA, I ain’t one of those house (expletives) you bought, My house like a resort, my house bigger than yours,” he raps.

Shortly after the mention starting making waves, Jay-Z tweeted to clarify he wasn’t trying to go after West.

“The line clearly meant don’t pit me against my brothers no matter what our differences are (red hat)…” he wrote.

Mr. Carter


The line clearly meant don’t pit me against my brothers no matter what our differences are (red hat) now go pick up Meek album . Drake and Meek on there together .

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Still, the two have had a rocky friendship.

Back in 2016, West ranted about Jay-Z in an onstage tirade shortly before canceling his Saint Pablo tour, in which he dissed the rapper for not allegedly “calling him.”

“It’s a complicated relationship with us,” Jay-Z told the New York Times in 2017. “Cause, you know – Kanye came into this business on my label. So I’ve always been like his big brother. And we’re both entertainers. It’s always been like a little underlying competition with your big brother. And we both love and respect each other’s art, too. So it’s like, we both – everyone wants to be the greatest in the world … And then there’s like a lot of other factors that play in it. But we gonna always be good.”

After appearing with President Trump in the Oval Office in October while wearing his red MAGA hat, West subsequently walked back his political platform, claiming he’s “been used to spread messages.”

Maybe the plan was for a brief photo-opp with rapper Kanye West and former NFL great Jim Brown to meet with President Donald Trump, before a lunch to talk about policies concerning blacks in America, but Kanye has an audience so...
We show you Kanye from all angles in the Oval Office on Oct. 11, 2018. Click ahead to see more.
Maybe the plan was for a brief photo-op with rapper Kanye West and former NFL great Jim Brown to meet with President Donald Trump, before a lunch to talk about policies concerning blacks in America, but Kanye has an audience so… We show you Kanye from all angles in the Oval Office on Oct. 11, 2018. Click ahead to see more. OLIVER CONTRERAS /POOL/GETTY IMAGES
Rapper Kanye West, center, speaks during a meeting with President Donald Trump in the Oval office of the White House.  Former football great Jim Brown sits to the left of West.
It may be the presiden’ts office, but West was the center of attention during the meeting. Jim Brown sits to the left of West. OLIVER CONTRERAS /POOL/GETTY IMAGES
Rapper Kanye West speaks during a meeting in the Oval Office of the White House with President Donald Trump. They discussed one of the president’s favorite talking points in touting his administration’s success: The record low rate of black unemployment.
Kanye didn’t wear a tie, and he kept his MAGA hat on the whole time. EVAN VUCCI/AP
Kanye West meets with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office.
He called the 72-year-old president “bro.” SAUL LOEB/AFP/GETTY IMAGES
Kanye meets with Trump and plays to the press.
He also became the first person to publicly use the word “mother(expletive)” in the Oval Office.  SAUL LOEB/AFP/GETTY IMAGES
Kanye speaks in the Oval Office.
His monologue lasted about 10 minutes and covered a variety of topics. Some quotes:  SAUL LOEB/AFP/GETTY IMAGES
West gestures.
“There was something about when I put this hat on that made me feel like Superman.” OLIVER CONTRERAS /POOL/GETTY IMAGES
West gestures.
“You, Day 1, solved one of the biggest problems.” (In reference to nuclear proliferation in North Korea.)  EVAN VUCCI/AP
Kanye West gestures while speaking in the Oval Office, Thursday.  West, who is a Trump supporter, met with the President to discuss prison reform and other issues.
“So there’s theories that there’s infinite amounts of universe and there’s alternate universe.  So it’s very important for me to get (prisoner Larry) Hoover out, because in an alternate universe, I am him.”   MICHAEL REYNOLDS/EPA-EFE
President Donald Trump speaks with rapper Kanye West in the Oval Office.  At left is White House Senior Adviser Jared Kushner.
“I think the way the universe works, it’s perfect. We don’t have 13 floors, do we? You know, so the four … gentlemen that wrote the 13th Amendment didn’t look like the people they were amending. Also at that point, it was illegal for blacks to read – or African Americans to read. And so that meant if you actually read the Amendment, you would get locked up and turned into a slave.”  EVAN VUCCI/AP
Kanye West listens to President Trump.
“What I need ‘Saturday Night Live’ to improve on, or what I need the liberals to improve on is, if he don’t look good, we don’t look good. This is our president.”   SAUL LOEB/AFP/GETTY IMAGES
Rapper Kanye West smiles as he talks with  Trump during their meeting.
“Let’s stop worrying about the future. All we have is today. We just have today. Over and over and over again, the eternal returns, the hero’s journey.”  EVAN VUCCI/AP
Rapper Kanye West holds his phone with a picture of a plane after he showed it to  President Trump during the meeting.
West also unlocked his phone while the cameras were rolling (password 000000) …  OLIVER CONTRERAS /POOL/GETTY IMAGES
West shows a cell phone depicting the image of an aircraft to President Donald Trump during their meeting.
… to show the president his plan for “iPlane 1,” a hydrogen-powered aircraft he wants Apple to build to replace Air Force One. MICHAEL REYNOLDS/EPA-EFE
President Trump meets with Kanye West in the Oval Office.
When the initial soliloquy was over, President Trump said, “That was quite something.”   SEBASTIAN SMITH/AFP/GETTY IMAGES
Rapper Kanye West smiles as he listens to a question from a reporter during a meeting in the Oval Office.  West has taken a lot of heat for his support of Donald Trump and wearing his MAGA cap.  Today, West remarked the cap made him feel like Superman.
“It was from the soul. I just channeled it,” Kanye responded. To which the president could only add, “Yeah.” EVAN VUCCI/AP
Ivanka Trump is all smiles greeting West after his meeting with her father.
After the Q&A, West met Ivanka Trump before going into lunch for more talk.  SAUL LOEB/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Meet Genevive Nnaji Daughter,who first got married before her mother.

Meet Genevieve Nnaji’s daughter who got married before her mother (Pictures)

Genevieve Nnaji is a household name when it comes to the Nollywood industry. Personal life of celebrities is always a big questions among all fans and average folks. Genevieve Nnaji is not an exception. We share some interesting details about her daughter in this article Genevieve Nnaji has always been a person who keeps the details of her personal life under wraps. However, it is difficult to hide everything from the public.

We live in the age of social media and the internet, so information will always find a way to leak. It is important to understand which information is true and which is false. A lot of pictures have popped out online claiming to be Genevieve Nnaji’s daughter. But none of them could be proven as true. So, who, really, is Genevieve Nnaji’s daughter?

Related image

Her name is Theodora Chimebuka Nnaji. Not much is known about her as she has been well protected from the public and the paparazzi. According to the Nollywood actress’s interview, she gave birth to her baby girl at the age of 17.

She explained that she didn’t know she was pregnant until her mom discovered it. Since she was from a Catholic family she had to keep the baby as abortion was against their beliefs. After her birth, Chimebuka was raised by her grandmother.

Genevieve and her daughter were spotted together at the celebration of her (Genevieve’s) mother’s 60th birthday when all the family got together. According to reports, Dora, as she is popularly called, went to Federal Government College Akure. She was awarded a university degree from Nnamdi Azikwe University. She finished her NYSC in 2013. Now she owns her makeup business known as NAJ Artistry.

Through her mother’s influence, she has been in charge of the makeup of many Nigerian celebrities. In 2016, it was reported that she had her wedding introduction ceremony in Mbaise Imo State. And there were some pictures from the wedding.

Chimebuka and husband

Isn’t she a beauty? And for those of you curious about her age, do the maths yourself.. Genevieve is 39 and will be 40 years by May this year. She gave birth to Chimebuka when she was 17.. So how old is she now??

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