Man caught Red handed having illicit affair with mentally deranged woman.

What a world we live in!!

A young Nigerian man have been caught having illicit affair with a mentally deranged woman.

Some eyewitnesses reported saying that the young man identified as Edwin Ugonna was seen several times taking the deranged woman into his room every night to allegedly have s3x with her before releasing her the next day.

Eyewitnesses reported that some curious neighbours started monitoring Ugonna and his lover’s movement, and finally caught them in the process of quenching their s3xual thirst.

The residents arrested the young man and handed him over to the police for investigation and possible prosecution in accordance with the laws the Of the country.

According to Edwin the deranged woman forced her self on him.

Meanwhile, some social media users have been reading meanings into the smile on the woman’s face, suggesting that Ugonna might not necessarily have been hurting her after but giving her what makes her happy.

But looking at the picture the deranged woman is happily smiling which is not really clear on what reason it might be.

Man kills Daughter for having boyfriend

Police Coffin

Man kills daughter for having a boyfriend. iHarare has learnt from the Chronicle that Benjamin Mpanduki murdered his daughter, Pamela Believer, after assaulting her all over the body with a grinding mill belt for dating a local boy, Pride Chando.

The incident happened in Mpanduki of Village Mabhena under chief Malisa in Silobela.A 42-year-old Kwekwe man fatally assaulted his 15-year-old daughter with a fan belt for allegedly having a boyfriend. Appearing yesterday before Bulawayo High Court judge, Justice Martin Makonese, facing murder charges, the accused pleaded not guilty to murder but to a lesser charge of culpable homicide.

Prosecuting the case, Mr Mandla Ndlovu told the court on the day in question Mpanduki arrived home and indicated that he wanted to discipline the now-deceased for being romantically involved with Chando.

It is said that on July 11 at around 9PM Pamela Believer Mpanduki was at home with her mother and siblings when her father Benjamin Mpanduki started accusing her of having an affair with a local boy. The father started assaulting Pamela all over the body with a grinding mill belt made of rubber several times all over her body. Pamela’s mother tried in vain to restrain Mpanduki.

After the assault, the court heard that Ms Mupasa took her daughter to her bedroom hut whilst Mpanduki went and slept in their tuck shop. The following morning at about 6AM the mother went to check on her daughter only to find her dead. The matter was reported to the police who attended the scene and observed injuries on her body.

Mpanduki was arrested after being on the run for some time. In the courts ruling, presiding magistrate, Justice Makonese sentenced him to five years in prison. Whilst passing judgement Justice Makonese said that parents should exercise restraint when they discipline their children.

It will be a miscarriage of justice if the accused got a non-custodial sentence. Children have rights too especially the right to life even if they have erred in the eyes of their parents.

Man Arrested for allegedly defiling his two sons in Abuja.

A man, identified as Chukwukelu Adumah has been arrested for allegedly defiling two of his children, a four month old and his one year old son.

The post shared by an activist, Harrison Gwamnishu
The post shared by an activist, Harrison Gwamnishu

The story was shared online by an activist, Harrison Gwamnishu.

His full post reads;


Mr. Chukwukelu Adumah from Obichukwu kindred in Aja Ani Ichida in Aniocha LGA of Anambra state who live in Gwagwalape Phase1 Abuja is currently detained in Nyanya Divisional Police station for sexually abusing his 4-month old child and engaging in Anal sex with his 1-yr 10-month old son.

In 2018, Lagos Nigeria, Chukwukelu Adumah was arrested and released by the police for raping 13-year old neighbours daughter. 

The victim sustained serious injury and currently receiving medical treatment.

If you reside in Abuja, we need to lend your voice on this current case.

You can’t keep silent in such cases as Paedophiles are nearby. Don’t be the next victim. Join us #FightAgainstPaedophile.

Efficient Grace Ume is following up and we want you to join her as we are currently receiving threat to withdraw from seeking justice.

Gwamnishu Emefiena Harrison
DG, Behind Bars”

See evidence below:

Phone messages
Phone messages to withdraw the case
Medical report from an hospital
Medical report from an hospital

Many Arrested foreign nationals have documentation

The Johannesburg Law Clinic has cautioned South Africans not to label all the suspects rounded up during last week’s raids in the Johannesburg CBD as illegal immigrants.

Joburg Raids
Pic Courtesty: Sibahle Motha

The organisation maintains many of the foreign nationals taking in for verification by police were in possession of the necessary documentation.

At least 600 people were arrested last week when police swooped on several shops and buildings in the CBD.

They were kept at Johannesburg Central Police Station for verification.

The raids came after clashes between traders and police with shop owners pelting stones at police vehicles.

The clinic’s Jessica Lawrence says not all those who were arrested were in the country illegally.

“Within the narrative, it’s important to not collapse all migrants into the category of the illegal migrants because that’s simply incorrect and not true and it’s also important to not collapse all goods within the category of counterfeit goods.

“A number of migrants are significantly contributing to the informal economy within the Johannesburg inner city and it’s important that in this narrative, not all individuals are illegal.”

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