See how Man died trying to satisfy his 5 wives in bed.

Onoja of the Ugbudu community of Ogbadibo local government area of Benue state is dead, as wives queed up for him to satisfy them.

Marrying six wives is no problem but trying to satisfy all six of them one night? That’s the problem, even an adult movie star may not be able to do this with all the drugs he would be given.

Being a rich man with many flourishing businesses, he got married to six different women (for only God knows why) who were always in the mood for Intercourse, as the pressure for satisfaction became more, he allegedly gave up the ghost one of the nights.

Reports have it that he was always forced by his wives to bed, at least 4 of them per night, until this unfortunate day came where he couldn’t go on but was forced until he died there in bed.

People said that the wives were always jealous of each other if he didn’t sleep with one of them, so the result of his death could also be chanelled to jealousy.

This happen in Ogbadibo local government area of Benue state, Nigeria.

My question now is, who killed the man?

Did he kill himself or his wives killed him?

Remember he was not forced to marry so many wives.

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Man killed pregnant girlfriend,buries corpse in his apartment.


The Rivers State Police Command has arrested one Prince Owabie from Rumueperikom community in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of the State for allegedly killing and burying his pregnant girlfriend inside his apartment.

Man kills pregnant girlfriend and buries corpse in his apartment
Man kills pregnant girlfriend and buries corpse in his apartment

The Suspect, Owabie is alleged to have killed the girlfriend identified as Better Ozige Nwabueze and buried her inside his one-room apartment around Wimpy Junction, by Ikwerre Road in Port Harcourt.

The incident occurred on Sunday but the suspect was arrested on Tuesday, by policemen following a tip-off.

It was gathered that the suspect popularly called J-Boy, had confessed to some of his friends about his deed and they alerted the police who moved in and arrested him.

At the time of the report, the body of the slain pregnant lady had not been exhumed from the suspect’s apartment.

Meanwhile, J-Boy has been moved to the State Criminal Investigative and Intelligence Department for further investigation (SCIID).



Man Glued wife’s Vagina cause of cheating.

Man arrested for sealing up his wife’s private part with superglue.

A man simply identified as Denis Mumo has been arrested by the Kitui police after allegedly sealing up his wife’s private part with superglue.

According to reports, the man who usually isn’t always around came back to hear the news about his wife flirting around with some men.

The man carrying out his own investigation, discovered text messages and nude pictures on his wife’s phone.

One of the discoveries that got him really sparked up was a nude picture his wife sent to a man stating that “Next week Will be fire”.

On seeing all these, the aggrieved husband took to sealing up his wife’s private part.

The police have arrested the Mr. Mumo who will be taken to court to face series of charges while his wife is in the hospital receiving serious treatment.

Man who impregnated his Daughter twice is sent away from Nnewi community-photos

A man has been banned at Okofia, Otolo Nnewi in Anambra state for impregnating his daughter for a second time.

In photos shared by a Facebook user, the man believed to be in his 60s, was seen with palm fronds and his daughter who was carrying a baby also had palm fronds tied on her leg to show that they have engaged in abominable acts.

The man and his daughter were then led to a waiting bus where all their properties where packed and shown out of the community by members.

Facebook user, Okoro Abraham who shared the photos wrote;

“Happening now at Okofia Otolo Nnewi, the location of the unizik college of health. This man from Okija impregnated his own daughter for the second time, now they are asked to leave Nnewi.”

Man write down open letter to all the Yahoo boys in Nigeria

A Nigerian writer identified as Paul Geek has penned down an open letter to all internet fraudsters in Nigeria.

In his piece, he tried to sensitize young Nigerians involved in online fraud on the damages it causes on the economy and the victims, and also gave enlightenment on how they could utilise their time on the internet for positive reasons.

He wrote:

You don’t have to be a YahooGuy to make money online. Apart from the fact that illegal wealth isn’t sustainable, illegal businesses are very addictive. You also lose your creative mind. There are 1001 legitimate businesses you could do online & earn a decent income!

You can make livings and meet ends without defrauding anyone or mailing foreigners to send you dollars in the name of 419. Admittedly, most advertised Internet businesses aren’t as profitable as we’re made to believe. However, a lot of them pay.

The biggest challenge with newbies is that they are over expectant and over ambitious, so the moment their expectations aren’t met as hurriedly as expected, they give up & join the millions who say Internet businesses don’t pay. Nothing good comes cheap!

It troubles me a lot seeing millions of our youths wasting precious time debating bitter politics, religion, tribal issues, etc, when such time could be used productively; for people with unemployment challenge. We need to have a sober reflection as youth.

The easiest & fastest skills/profession anyone could learn today are digital skills. With digital skills, your chances of getting a decent job increases by over 50% at the global labour market & you could work from the comfort of your home in Ajegunle, for a client/firm in Canada.

There are hundreds of thousands of Indians who earn a living from the comfort of their homes. They have no govt or corporate job. In fact, a lot of them don’t even have degrees. They only need to learn basic English & they’re good to go. I have hired hundreds of them, too.

We must kill this sense of entitlement we have held for long now. The sense of entitlement that because we are graduates or hold certain qualifications, the govt or our relatives owe us decent jobs & better lives. This may have been the case some 50yrs ago. Not in 2019, my brother!

We are now in an era where what you know (skills) beyond your conventional educational qualifications, is as or even more important than your educational qualifications, and the earlier we accept this reality, the better for us, especially as young people.

Nevertheless, govts at all levels must also be interested in championing this new direction of thinking as a means of solving youth restiveness & unemployment. This could be done through institutional framework restructuring, designing policies policies that will transform our economy into a digital economy and human-capital development. These have proven to create more jobs in the developing nations. Check Rwanda if I lie.

To achieve this, our leaders, especially political leaders, must first realise that they lack basic understanding of the digital world, then make efforts to learn & understand it; because you only give what you have & you cannot promote what you don’t believe. The time is NOW!

More Nigerian youths have access to the internet than Indians youths, but more Indian earn a living online than Nigerians. The difference? They are taught digital skills from primary school, while an average Nigerian attends his first computer training after graduation. What do they teach them? You already know.

The digital industry can employ more than most govt establishments, if govts could create the enabling environment. It would create more jobs & reduce the burden of employments from govt, as serious govts have little to do with direct job creation. They rather serve as ‘enablers’.

Fellas, the time is NOW to birth a new generation of radical thinkers. Are you ready?

Written By Paul Geek

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