Man caught Red handed having illicit affair with mentally deranged woman.

What a world we live in!!

A young Nigerian man have been caught having illicit affair with a mentally deranged woman.

Some eyewitnesses reported saying that the young man identified as Edwin Ugonna was seen several times taking the deranged woman into his room every night to allegedly have s3x with her before releasing her the next day.

Eyewitnesses reported that some curious neighbours started monitoring Ugonna and his lover’s movement, and finally caught them in the process of quenching their s3xual thirst.

The residents arrested the young man and handed him over to the police for investigation and possible prosecution in accordance with the laws the Of the country.

According to Edwin the deranged woman forced her self on him.

Meanwhile, some social media users have been reading meanings into the smile on the woman’s face, suggesting that Ugonna might not necessarily have been hurting her after but giving her what makes her happy.

But looking at the picture the deranged woman is happily smiling which is not really clear on what reason it might be.


Man stabbed to death by wife in portharcourt.

Man who left his house to settle a fight in a Bar was stabbed to death in lagos state.

A middle-aged man simply identified as Ifeanyi, has died after he was allegedly stabbed to death during a fight he went to settle at a beer parlour in Alausa, Lagos state on Thursday January 23rd.


According to an eyewitness who sent the story to LIB, a young man went into a beer parlour in the area to cool off in the evening. However, his attempt to smoke a substance locally known as ”Jedi” was turned down by the beer parlour owner. This caused an argument between both men which soon degenerated into a fight.


Ifeanyi who resides in the neighborhood was said to have come out to seperate the fighting men. The one who wanted to smoke the substance reportedly left the beer parlour and this allegedly angered the owner of the beer parlour who felt Ifeanyi’s intervention caused the man to speak to him rudely in his own office.


According to the eyewitness, the beer parlour owner allegedly stabbed Ifeanyi in the neck, chest and stomach, and he died on the spot.


Police officers from the Alausa Police station were alerted and Ifeanyi’s alleged killer was arrested.



Man kill his own brother After Brutal fight over Dog meat.

A man has reportedly been shot dead by his own brother after clashing with him over dog meat.

The deceased Attah Azimma died
age 30 during a fatal fight with his brother after confusion erupted over who deserved
the head of a cooked dog meat.

According to reports, the deceased
brother identified as Kwaku Kandarira, 35 was the one who cooked the meat but Attah
wanted to outsmart him by taking the most enjoyable part of the meat which
Kwaku did not agree to.

This led to a brutal fight
which ended in a loss of life after Kwaku went to his room, took out a gun and shot
Attah in the head.

This unfortunate incident according to reports happened on Thursday, 17th January, 2020 at Papaase in Assam in the Ashanti Region.

The corpse of Attah has been deposited at the morgue whilst Kwaku Kandarira, the suspect is in police custody. learned that the gun Kwaku used has been picked up by the Police as an exhibit.

Interestingly, the suspect and
the deceased according to residents lived in the same house.

Marrying a foreigners going to be impossible-SA government set to change marriage rule

THE government has new plans to consolidate the country’s existing marriage policy, which will legally recognise a variety of nuptials.

It will also look at banning teenage marriages and introducing stricter rules for marrying foreigners.

The Department of Home Affairs is consulting with different stakeholders before drafting what Minister Aaron Motsoaledi says should be an inclusive marriage regime based on equality, non-discrimination and dignity.

Three different pieces of legislation govern legal unions in South Africa: the Marriage Act of 1961 for monogamous, opposite-sex marriages, the Customary Marriage Act of 1998 that recognises polygamy, as well as the Civil Union Act of 2006 for monogamous partnership for same-sex or opposite-sex couples. Muslim, Hindu and Jewish marriages are still not recognised under any of these laws.

“The reason we want to change the current marriage policy is because it is wrong and it is not working for South Africans,” said Motsoaledi.

“And none of the three recognise Muslim, Hindu or Jewish marriages or the marriages in traditional royal families. We can’t go on excluding so many people. Any citizen who takes us to court based on the mentioned gaps wins, so we were instructed by the courts to change the laws.”

Motsoaledi was speaking at a consultative meeting with religious and traditional leaders in Cape Town this week concerning what a new marriage policy could mean for different sectors.


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