King pin Atul Gupta applies To Return To South Africa

Hardly two days after the Acting Public Protector Advocate Kholeka Gcaleka released a report stating that the Ajay Gupta’s naturalisation by former Home Affairs minister Malusi Gigaba was unconstitutional, his brother Atul Gupta has now applied at a Gauteng Court to have his passport issued, potential return on the cards perhaps?

PHOTO: Time Magazine

Atul Gupta filed papers last month at the court last month suggesting that the failure to grant his passport by the Home Affairs director-general, effectively amounted to an unlawful conduct and it was reviewable.

Atul and his Gupta family fled South Africa for Dubai, United Arab Emirates, subsequent to former President Jacob Zuma’s removal from the Union Buildings in 2018.

They are facing a litany of allegations for corruption, theft, fraud, money laundering etcetera; and they are also accused of capturing the South African State during Zuma’s tenure, with a whole commission having set up to investigate their influence in matters of government.

PHOTO: The New York Times

The minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Ronald Lamola, has at many platforms indicated that Union Buildings was engaging with Abu Dhabi relating to the extradition of the Gupta family and their acquitances, however, he recently claimed that their Middle-Eastern counterparts were dragging their feet in the ground, showing unwillingness to cooperate.

“They the UAE told us what we needed to provide, which we did and that gave us hope because discussions went well, including what we needed to provide, however, there has been an apparent lack of cooperation,” Lamola said.

PHOTO: News24

In spite of that on-going process, Atul Gupta has sought for the department’s DG to issue him a 10-year valid South African passport by lodging an application at the Gauteng High Court. Atul accuses Home Affairs minister, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi of having decided that he must not be granted a South African passport based on spurious allegations.

Dr Motsoaledi told media in 2019, that the Guptas had applied for their South African citizenship to be renewed, this was despite their protestations to come back to the country and to answer questions pertaining to allegations of corruption levelled against them.


Gupta though, has stated the application he made in 2018 was for a reissuance of a new booklet and Dr Motsoaledi terribly missed that aspect of his application, as his passport only expires in 2025. Now, Atul intends to have a new booklet since his current one is running out of pages, which has immediate implications as he will not be able to travel.

“In fact, the application was for the issue of the new booklet since I already possess a valid passport which will expire in 2025 and had applied for a new passport since the pages were running out,” he stated in the affidavit.

PHOTO: Financial Times

Relating to the Minister’s comments that he will not be granted an new passport, Atul says his constitutional rights are being trampled upon, as by virtue of not possessing a new passport, he will not be able to travel and conduct his normal business.

“…the failure to process my passport application is a way of punishing me by preventing me from travelling, thereby violating my constitutional right to free movement,” he added.

“My circumstances and business activities in South Africa are well-known and it would not be appropriate to describe myself as having a public profile. I have been the subject of speculation and reporting by the media, much of it which is inaccurate,” he continued.


Gupta went on to say the decision to grant him the passport was within the DG’s discretion and not that of the minister, indicating that he is entitled to a new passport as per the Constitution and the Passport Act, and any decision otherwise is in complete violation of his rights.

The controversial family had been summoned to appear to the Zondo commission of inquiry in 2018 when it started its course, however, they had indicated of their willingness to testify through video link, but Chairperson Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo outrightly rejected that possibility.

What do you make of the Atul Gupta’s application to have a new passport, do you think he should granted a new passport considering the huge allegations against him?

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Kemi olunoyo accused Davido for killing his 3 friends.

Kemi Olunloyo accuses Davido of killing his 3 friends

Nigeria’s self acclaimed investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has pointed accusing fingers at Davidoalleging the singer killed his 3 friends.

The news personality made her case known against the music maestro in a recent tweet she shared on her Twitter page today.

Over the years, Kemi has been a torn in Davido‘s flesh as she tends to criticize whatever the singer and his engaged girlfriend do.

Recall that the journalist who is now an ex-convict recently said that Chioma‘s 2018 cooking show and Porsche car gift were all fake.

Kemi Olunloyo accuses Davido of killing his 3 friends

It all started after Davido took to Twitter yesterday and wrote “this ye(ar) go rugged oh” in Daddy Freeze‘s voice.

Seven hours later, Kemi upon seeing Davido‘s post took to her page and wrote;

“You killed your three friends, your state’s first 3 Corona deaths were your 2 drivers an a contact. You posted on Snap(chat) that you have #Covid19 then deleted it in seconds, pushing it to your baby mama. Living an imaginary life is sure rugged. Marriage my ass.”

Medical Journalist Dr. Kemi Olunloyo@KemiOlunloyo

You killed your three friends, Your state’s first 3 Corona deaths were your 2 drivers and a contact. You posted on Snap that you have #Covid19 then deleted it in seconds, pushing it to your baby mama. Living an imaginary life is sure rugged. Marriage my ass.#Kemitalks709Twitter Ads info and privacy357 people are talking about this

Below is a backup screenshot in case she later takes the tweet down.

Kemi Olunloyo accuses Davido of killing his 3 friends

Despite not mentioning anybody’s name. We all know Davido in recent years has lost some friends.

The part she talked about pushing his Covid-19 positive status to a baby Mama is also a pointer to the fact that she referred to Chioma‘s recent Covid-19 news.

Nigerians who already understand who she was referring to have since taken to her reply section to call on Davido to drag the journalist to court over false accusations.

Nigerians react as Kemi Olunloyo accuses Davido of killing his 3 friends

In other reactions, a twitter user wondered if Davido had once promised Kemi marriage and failed to keep his vow, questioning her hatred towards the singer.

Keep your wife from wizkid-fan warn Ned Nwoko as he poses with the musician


Nigerian billionaire, Ned Nwoko has shared a pose with singer, Wizkid after the duo met at an event.

The innocent pose between the two men has elicited a response from a social media user who warned the politician to be wary of Wizkid and not allow him get close to his wife.

The fan’s advice is coming as a result of the musician’s way of life. The fan who believes Wizkid who currently has three babymamas might not decline offers to add to his list if given the chance.

The fan wrote: “Keep your wife well o. E get reason.”

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List of kelly khumalo ex boyfriend’s,who impregnated her 4times,and who Disvirgined her.

Kelly Khumalo has had a difficult few years when it comes to finding love. Most of her relationships have endured tragic or controversial endings. Three of all her ex-boyfriends have been married men!

One of her first high profile relationships, with rapper Jub Jub, came to an end after he was jailed for driving under the influence. However, this was her second relationship, before Jub Jub, there was Prosper Mkwaiwa, who is now late.

Speaking on Touch HD a while ago, the mother of two revealed how she would be doing things differently before getting into a relationship with someone.

“I’ve always gone into relationships because someone has asked me out. It has never been about, do I want to be with this person? Do I want to date this person? Do I want a relationship with this person? Do I even like this person enough to be in a relationship with them?” she told the show’s host Thami Dish.

“So it has always been about the other party as opposed to me,” she explained.

The Asine hit-maker also made it clear that her interests and happiness would come first before anyone else’s in the relationship.

However, the award-winning musician and actress Kelly Khumalo has been unlucky in the love department. All her past relationships have ended horribly, with some of her former boyfriends ending up jailed or dead.

In January 2015, a sangoma revealed that Kelly Khumalo’s boyfriends will continue experiencing mysterious misfortunes until Kelly agrees to become a spirit medium as per her ancestral spirits demands.

Sangoma Dumezweni Mahabuke from kwaThema in Ekurhuleni said Kelly Khumalo never did things the right way in the first place.

“She never gave herself time to mourn Senzo Meyiwa the right way, and she still has not had a proper cleansing ceremony. And she has already moved on to the next man,” said Dumezweni.

The sangoma said his bones were showing him the new man in her life but a dark cloud is still with her. “The new man in Kelly’s life is a brave man,” he said.

In the same month of January 2015, Kelly was reported to be all loved-up with a new man – Zamokwakhe “Bhaka” Nzama, an ‘inyanga’.

According to Sunday Sun, pictures of the rumoured couple made their social media rounds, with the pair being spotted at the Saxon Hotel in Sandton, a mere three months after her Bafana Bafana baby-daddy boyfriend Senzo Meyiwa was murdered at her home. According to the Independent newspapers, the wife of the Durban traditional healer was forced to watch helplessly as her husband rode off in his car with the controversial musician.

Kelly’s hit song Asine was blasting from the car speakers when they drove off on Thursday night from Bhaka’s Malvern home at midnight on the fateful day. The pair sat at the back while Kelly’s sister, Zandi, sat in front with Bhaka’s driver. The incident come shortly after a cosy picture of Kelly and Bhaka in matching outfits was posted on social media.

Kelly’s other ex-lover, musician Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye, languished in jail and was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

He is the father of Kelly Khumalo’s first born child, Christian, and his life, just like other Kelly’s former boyfriends, turned into a mess when he decided to fall in love with the Asinne hit maker.

Another Kelly Khumalo’s ex boyfriend, businessman and music promoter Prosper Mkwaiwa, died in February 2015. Prosper was on his way to seek medical treatment after complaining of having a fever when he passed away. Prosper Mkwaiwa, who was originally from Zimbabwe, was first introduced to the masses when he married actress Tina Jaxa in 2000 in an extravagant wedding. The couple soon became tabloid fodder with their many fights and their habit of airing their dirty laundry in public.

They went their separate ways after siring two children. Mkwaiwa then “poached” singer Kelly “The Virgin” Khumalo from her management and became her new manager, business partner in ProKelly Entertainment and later fiancé. That relationship also bit the dust in a public and messy way.

There are also reports that Prosper life started courting mysterious misfortunes after he allegedly broke Kelly Khumalo’s virginity in 2007. Back then, Prosper, who was meant to get married to Kelly, told the media that he had had sex with Kelly.

“Yes, we have done it,” said a bold and proud Prosper, but he would not be drawn into the details of when or where, though reports say Prosper broke Kelly’s virginity in 2007.

In 2009, Kelly claimed that she miscarried her first child with a convicted singer, Jub Jub, due to the stress she suffered because of his cheating ways, before controversial music promoter Prosper Mkwaiwa admitted, during an interview in 2010, that Kelly had suffered another miscarriage when she lost Prosper’s baby.

Prosper however, died over in February 2015 and has become the second ex-boyfriend for Kelly Khumalo to die. This in turn means that Kelly Khumalo was impregnated four times by three different celebrities though she only gave birth twice.

In 2018, Kelly Khumalo and Chad da Don first sparked dating rumours in October when they were pictured looking cosy on the set of the music video for Kelly’s new song, Dance Comigo. They continue to drop hints on social media… they both shared a picture on Instagram a few days ago showing them locked in a passionate embrace.

After weeks of swirling speculation surrounding their relationship, Kelly and Chad decided that it was time to make their first public appearance together when they rocked the red carpet at the annual Feather Awards in Johannesburg in November 2018.

The lovebirds totally worked it for the frenzy of cameras and squashed any further speculation. Chad planted soft kisses on Kelly’s face, while she giggled like a love-struck teen.


WATCH | Kelly and Chad all loved up as they take pictures🥰🥰🥰
“One more,” she says after Chad whispers something in her ear

Embedded video

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In February 2019 reported that Kelly and her rapper lover, Chad da Don, had called it quits. The former lovebirds were engaged and set to get married. The pair started dating towards the end of last year and were so in love that they even got matching tattoos with each other’s initials on their ring fingers. It’s alleged that Kelly’s decision to answer her ancestral calling got in the way of their relationship.

However, Chad’s mom and other loved ones managed to mend the fallen relationship, and within a couple of weeks or months, Kelly and Chad had resumed dating.

During their happier times, the stars made some hasty decisions. Both ditched their management teams. The Jehova singer dropped long-term manager, Linda Mooketsi, while Chad ditched his publicist and handed things over to his mom. The couple would often perform together at Kelly’s gigs.

After almost 6 months, the couple then broke up for good and Chad da Don quickly moved on from Kelly Khumalo and replaced her with model Carlla Poggenpoel.

We saw her wearing a wedding ring; we saw him proposing on Top Billing, we saw her call him her “husband”, we saw him hint that they should make a little “KK” — these two were so in love that we were ready to plan the wedding for them. And then in August the mood changed as when they started dropping hints that things weren’t okay.

The duo had an on-and-off relationship which kept people wondering if it was real or just for publicity.


Khelly khumalo vow to fight with her last breath,on New SENZO MOYIWA Case finding

“I Will Fight Till My Last Breath” Kelly Khumalo On New Senzo Mayiwa Case ‘Findings’. Reports are doing the rounds that at least 8 people are about to be arrested for the murder of Senzo Mayiwa. Although the names have not been released it goes without saying that many feel his baby mama Kelly Khumalo.

The singer has endured backlash from the public since Senzo’s death to date. Although she has ignored most of it Kelly has definitely had it and pored her heart out in a statement. “If you strongly feel, believe and have evidence that I had something to do with my daughter’s father’s killing or I’m somehow protecting the killer, the by all means lock me away and throw away the key,” Kelly said.

According to her, the only mistake she made was fall in love with a dishonest married man. Kelly further said that she has cooperated the law and gave out necessary information.

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I will fight till my last Breath!

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