LUCKY DUBE:i killed him cause i think he is a Nigerian-killing for hatred.

Eighteenth of October 2007 was one of the most miserable days in Africa, it was breaking news that the Ragga Ruler, Lucky Philip Dube had been killed by looters.

Nobody has an option to execute anybody however in the event that the looters knew what his identity was, they wouldn’t have done as such.

I don’t have the foggiest idea why a few people will simply have contempt and lack of respect forever.

Fortunate Dube was conceived in Mpumalanga in 1964, his mom raised only him and she named him fortunate on the grounds that she had many bombed pregnancies before him.

He was constantly associated with genuine things, he began as a cultivator and when it was not, at this point enough to battle for the family, he began going to class, joined the ensemble and shaped the skyway band where he framed the rastafari development.

All these didn’t make a difference as he proceeded to administer the raggae world in Africa, winning multi grants.

Quick forward to 2007, Lucky Dube was shot dead and when the executioner admitted, he slaughtered him since they thought he was Nigerian.

For what reason would that be? All things considered, Lucky Dube has recently dropped his child and girl in Rosetenville, he was in a Chrysler.

Nigerians do well in SA and they may have felt that solitary Nigerians live in extravagance as the Chrysler is a decent ride.

An ideal clarification of the proverb that says don’t toss stones at home since it might hit your relatives.

The individuals saw as liable were sent to life imprisonment.

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I want a Divorce but he is so good in bed.

Please I have issues that have been bothering me and its concerning me husband who often shy away from his responsibilities in the house, always claiming he does not have money.

I make good money from the business and I can’t keep my children hungry so I provide for the family. And because of this my husband has left his responsibilities for me to handle.

It’s not bad or too much for me to take care of the family since my husband is not financially stable but this man is in the habit of complaining everytime, he also beats me anytime he asks me for money but I say I don’t have.

The last tussle that happened between us was when I withdrew 100k for my children’s school fees, he went there and took 70k out of it because I kept the money in my purse.

I confronted him to give me back the money or at least give the balance if he had spent out of it, what I got was a dirty slap. He claimed I was insulting him because I earned more than him.

I called his mother to let her know about this and I got another shock of my life. She said I was using her son’s destiny and shining with it, that so many prophet has prophesied the same thing.

It was after I told my husband what his mother said that I knew they had already discussed it and my husband believed his mother. Now he beats me at any slight provocation.

I want a divorce but to be honest I don’t have the strength to because my husband is good for one thing, he is good in bed. I have dated other guys but none satisfies me like my husband.

Please help me, I don’t know what to do

In my view you are bad,you shouldn’t be a leader-Bishop oyedepo to Buhari.

Bishop Oyedepo has come out publicly to express his dislike and disgust of the current administration saying that the government of President Muhammadu Buhari is the worst thing that could ever happen to Nigerians adding that it was in fact more like a curse. The bishop is definitely among the magnitude of Nigerians that have lost hope totally in the Nigerian government.

He says that President Buhari is a bad person, one that isn’t supposed to rule adding that he ‘Oyedepo’ was a thoroughly bred and intelligent Nigerian. Hence, he has the right to say what he said. He proceeded saying that he led the first prayer for Nigeria in 1979 implying that the current government has no direction and that their days are numbered.

He further said that the government in this country is making a draconian law – hate speech instigating that if one speaks hatefully, one has committed murder.

He ended up asking the question of who really committed a crime, if it is someone who says I will kill you or the one who actually kills.

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I’m disable still cant find a lover,pls help me-Disable lady cries out.

As we all know that this day’s Social media only full of different kind of things and different kind of people which we can tell, but I was so surprised when I was scrolling down on my Facebook wall and sees this girl post, She says “I’m Disable still yet i Can’t find a Lover, please help me, what am i missing😭😭” as she cried out on facebook for help.

And this will make it twice that I have come across this lady issue on net, in the other side she said “she needs a serious man who can love her for who she is” that money is not problem, all she need is love.

Does these mean that boys are nowhere to found anymore?, because I don’t understand this world anymore, everywhere you go now the % of girls who are searching for boys are more than the boys who are looking for girls.

See screenshot and the reactions of the social media users below

Photo Credit: Facebook post.

See Facebook users reactions below

These are the shots we can take, there are many more of this.

So let hear from you, Will you accept this kind of relationship? Or will you just walk and pass?

You highly recommend to drop your own oppion or advice for this pretty damsel.

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