LUCKY DUBE:i killed him cause i think he is a Nigerian-killing for hatred.

Eighteenth of October 2007 was one of the most miserable days in Africa, it was breaking news that the Ragga Ruler, Lucky Philip Dube had been killed by looters.

Nobody has an option to execute anybody however in the event that the looters knew what his identity was, they wouldn’t have done as such.

I don’t have the foggiest idea why a few people will simply have contempt and lack of respect forever.

Fortunate Dube was conceived in Mpumalanga in 1964, his mom raised only him and she named him fortunate on the grounds that she had many bombed pregnancies before him.

He was constantly associated with genuine things, he began as a cultivator and when it was not, at this point enough to battle for the family, he began going to class, joined the ensemble and shaped the skyway band where he framed the rastafari development.

All these didn’t make a difference as he proceeded to administer the raggae world in Africa, winning multi grants.

Quick forward to 2007, Lucky Dube was shot dead and when the executioner admitted, he slaughtered him since they thought he was Nigerian.

For what reason would that be? All things considered, Lucky Dube has recently dropped his child and girl in Rosetenville, he was in a Chrysler.

Nigerians do well in SA and they may have felt that solitary Nigerians live in extravagance as the Chrysler is a decent ride.

An ideal clarification of the proverb that says don’t toss stones at home since it might hit your relatives.

The individuals saw as liable were sent to life imprisonment.

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I’m looking for the Nigerian man who impregnated me and ran away-Turkish woman.

I am looking for the Nigerian man who impregnated me and ran away – Turkish woman laments

A beautiful young lady who identified herself to be Turkish has revealed that she has been searching for the Nigerian guy who slept with her, got her pregnant and ran away from her after she had given birth.

The pregnant Turkish woman who was on a live insta-video session with a popular comedian known as Michael Blackson explained that she has been searching for the Nigerian father of her child for a while now after he noticed that she had taken in and about to deliver a baby.

According to her, she only wants him to render child support, she said she has been taking care of the baby herself and it has not been easy, the only reason she is out in search for him is for him to make sure he supports her in taking care of their child.

She revealed that the man is a Yoruba man and also how she has grown so much hate for Yoruba men, in her words “I hate Yoruba men”, her hate obviously was brought about by the ordeal she had gone through with one of them.

She revealed that she loved him even with all the things he has been doing to her, impregnating her, beating her and running away. The comedian jokingly asked her if she had a specific amount of money she wants from “the runaway Yoruba man” but she said no that she just wanted him back to their life.


I’m lonely and I need a boyfriend-Nigerian lady cries out.

A young Nigeria lady who goes by that name Charity has took to her Facebook timeline to share her love life.

In her post on Facebook. She wrote:

“I feel lonely and bored alone at home let’s have a video chat send me a message, now using the send button i am online and i don’t reply to comments”

She started by posting her pictures on her timeline and a lot of Facebook users have related and reacted to her post on Facebook.

See the screenshot of her post below:

See More Pictures Below:

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I’m enjoying sleeping with 8 guys, uncircumcised men is Total shit.

Bad Black is bad news!

Real names Shanita Namuyimbwa is a legendary street girl who has seen it all.

She prides in her trade on the streets which has made her what she is today.

In an interview with cadilblog, the loud mouthed queen of the street revealed she still holds men high.

She went on to burst out that she is bonking eight guys and has no problem with them.

Bad Black shocked: “I am bonking 8 white guys, I give them everything they want without any of them complaining.”

She went on to say that she wants guys with circumcised casssavas and anything short of that receives a big no.

Four rescue,80 still missing after immigrants sink in Tunisian coast.

More than 80 migrants have gone missing after their boat capsized off Tunisia on its way from Libya to Italy.
More than 80 migrants have gone missing after their boat capsized off Tunisia on its way from Libya to Italy.

More than 80 migrants have gone missing and only four were rescued after their boat capsized off Tunisia on its way from Libya to Italy, Tunisia’s coast guard said Thursday.

The Red Crescent and the navy told AFP that three Malians and an Ivorian were rescued off Zarzis in southern Tunisia on Wednesday by the coast guard who had been alerted by local fishermen.

The Ivorian, however, died in hospital and one of the Malians has also been hospitalised in intensive care.

Those rescued had told Tunisian officials that 86 people were on board their inflatable boat when it left from the Libyan town of Zuwara, west of Tripoli, on its way to cross the Mediterranean to Italy.

“About 80 migrants are feared dead. More updates are needed in order to confirm what happened and the actual number of missing,” Flavio Di Giacomo, a spokesperson for the International Organisation for Migration, tweeted.

Libya, which has been wracked by chaos since the 2011 uprising that killed veteran dictator Muammar Gaddafi, has long been a major transit route for migrants, especially from sub-Saharan Africa, desperate to reach Europe.

On Tuesday night, 44 migrants were killed in an air strike on their detention centre in a Tripoli suburb.

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