If you can play well I will pay you well-a lady lawyer declares.

Today many the reason why we need a companion and a soul mate is to satisfy one’s desire and to cover all the journey of life. Relationship this days are mostly parasitic.

You know, sometimes if one person in the relationship is having difficulties or challenges in the relationship, they will no longer remain comfortable in the relationship, which may lead to wrong decision making and depression.

Though it is hard to find true love, the is, this is she doing the right thing by asking for on social media. I know she must have said this because she has hard too many heartbreaks.

I was going through on the media and I saw a post that got my attention a very beautiful lady identified as Rita took to her Facebook page to tell the world what she craves.

She wrote on her wall;

“My name is Rita, age 30. It’s hard to find love if you can play well I will pay you well, don’t be shy to message, let’s talk if you like me. I will reply asap.”


If your husband cheat on you kill him and Destroy his car – vivian chidinma says.

Things are now getting out of hand. Since ladies now devise means of getting rid of cheating husbands. In Nigeria marrying more two women is not crime, though it is a sin in Christendom and the bible frowns at it.

A lady named Vivian chidinma took to her Facebook page and made a comment on extraordinary mums and singles Facebook group. In her speech, she said that “if your husband cheats, don’t stab or use hot on him, simply go and remove is car break, my dear only tension will kill him when the car fails break, if he survives it either the spinal cord will break or his two legs. With that, he will only be facing you”

The statements made by her has generated a lot of mixed reactions on social media especially on facebook .

Reports has it that, immediately the statements was made, Facebook fans snapped her comments and sent it to her husband. As soon as she knew that her statement has gotten to her husband, she quickly deactivated her Facebook account so that her husband wont have any evidence.

Funny enough, her husband got the reports about her and sent her packing immediately. Recently her statement was sent out on Facebook groups and many of her fans reacted about her statement. See pictures below

My take on this is that, it is unlawful for a woman to even think of persecuting her husband if found cheating on her. But her case has made her helpless

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If you interrupt my parents Burial- I will hunt down your children-Nnamdi kanu Tells Abia police commissioner.

Yesterday the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, threatened Ene Okon the Abia State Commissioner of police. He stated that if the burial ceremony of his parents is interrupted he would make sure to hunt down his children.

Mazi Kanu shared this warning on his Facebook page. The threat came a few days after the Commissioner warned residents and visitors to steer off the burial grounds.

Issuing a press release the commissioner stated that “there would be a war between the Police and the IPOB on the burial grounds. He also stated that he had resounded a warning to the Traditional ruler of Afaraukwu (Mazi Kanu’s community). Telling him that IPOB and its followers should not be seen close to the community.

And consequences would be attracted if they failed to comply. Furthermore he said if the community should ask for police protection they would oblige. On the condition that IPOB members, Biafra flag, IPOB insignia are not be seen on the grounds.

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