Here is what Donald Trump have to say about Nigeria



*They are good in nothing else but making noise, dancing, marrying many wives, alcoholism, witchcraft, indulging in sex, pretending in church, jealousy, fighting and complaining of bad leadership; but, yet refuse to take a decisive action and protest to remove the brigands from position of power.*

*Let us all accept the fact that the black man is a symbol of poverty, mental inferiority, laziness and emotional incompetence.To make the matter worse, he can do everything possible to defend his stupidity. Give them money for development and they will fight and create hatred and enmity for themselves. Drill oil wells for them and they will not have peace all the days of their life.*

*See, for instance, what’s happening in Nigeria (a Country blessed with abundant resources), Southern Sudan, Malawi, DRC just to mention at few.*

*”This proves to anybody including a stupid fool that Africans do not know what they want. isn’t that plausible”?*

*”They are like monkeys looking for already ripping banana all over the world!!!.*

*Therefore that the white man is created to rule the black man, Africans will always have day dreams.*

*And here is the creature (black man) that lacks foresight but only sees what is near him and still fails to know what to do”*

*A black man is stupid to the extent that he cannot plan for his life beyond a year. Therefore how can they develop and live longer.*

*”Corruption in the west (And China) is a big abomination, but in Africa, it’s so huge that it is slowly becoming an acceptable way of life!!!.*(Shame, isn’t it?)

*They sing and rejoice to their corrupt political leaders.They worship their scandal-ridden religious leaders like their gods. Lest you forget, these so called Africans are praising, dancing and praying for the people that have impoverished them,and who comes to hide their loot here.*

*Then which fool argues that the black man is not born a beggar, grows a beggar, looks a beggar, falls sick as a beggar and dies a beggar. this has been proven beyond reasoning.*

*I wonder why even up to now most Africans still go to school by force, and those who are at school are are just drug addicts who don’t know what took them there. This is a pregnant stupidity in Africa. The body of Africans is a very fertile ground for all diseases in the world because they don’t fear even HIV/AIDS.*

*This leaves me with a question: Are our eyes created the same with those Africans? I hear there are still cultures in Africa that prohibit them from using latrines which is very annoying.*

*”They cried for independence but have failed to rule themselves”. For sure being African is a very untreatable disease that even prayers are not enough.*

*They have minerals but they cannot do anything with it. Therefore let us (whites) go to Africa and pick what we can pick and leave what is of no use. Poverty is a disease to the whites, but to the blacks it is very normal.*

*”Look at what is currently going on in Nigeria National Assembly. Legislators amending the constitution to favor themselves at the expense of two (200) million Nigerians.

*”Majority of these legislators are treasury looters who are intellectually barren but using the ill gotten wealth to oppress the citizens of that great country”.*

*”What a shame”!*

*Black people with black sense. The worst tragedy in Africa is that if you dare stand up and speak up for what’s right, you may end up regretting.*

*”The few wise and open-minded Africans who have tried to educate these fools about civilization have met the worst.They have been pushed hard on the wall, they have been silenced and others have been killed”.*

*Before I finish, let me tell Africans that before you jump and call me a racist, an anti-blacks or whatever term you may wish to use against me,1st tackle runaway corruption, dreadful terrorism, tribalism, poverty, unemployment, diseases, illiteracy, ignorance, and inequality, that have put your whole continent on the verge of collapse”.*

*”Hate me or love me, I don’t care.I know this is the plain truth which will never see the light of the day to the cowards that are afraid to be told as it is”.*

*By- Donald .J. Trump.*


He spent near $30M on Tattoos But ended his life by committing suicide.

Rick GenesT, who plays Lady Gaga’s single MV “Born Like This,” was found dead at 32 in an apartment in Montreal, Canada. He is also the person with the largest number of tattoos on human bones in Guinness World Records (139). Then why does he need a full body tattoo? Why did you choose suicide?

In fact, when he was very young, he liked stickers with patterns very much. When he was 15, God made a big joke. He was diagnosed with brain cancer and his life was in danger at any time. Even if he is lucky to survive, he will be disfigured. The great pressure caused his psychological distortion, and he was fascinated by death and disease. Later he had a successful brain tumor operation, but this operation made him understand that he should do what he wanted to do. He has had his first tattoo since he was 16. Then, he spent 3 years and nearly 30 million US dollars to tattoo his whole body to make himself a perfect artwork.

In 2011, famous stylist Nicola Formichetti happened to see Rick Genest’s page on Facebook. Attracted by this boy with strong visual impact, he sent out an invitation to cooperate-to hold a show for the French brand Thierry Mugler, and took this fashion album in autumn and winter 2011, so that the fashion circle remembered him.

This zombie boy is popular in the fashion world and has appeared on the covers of various magazines.

In 2014, Rick Genest also advertised the cover brand DelaMaBube, which made everyone see his “real face”.

But all these different appearances are loneliness and fragility that others cannot touch. Rick Genest is a bold artist and a well-known figure in fashion circles. “Zombie Boy” Rick Genest was found dead in an apartment in Montreal, Canada, at the age of 32. Now we can only hope that he will be happy in heaven.

Hausa community in Anambra state vows Never to leave the state-see interesting details

Awka- DESPITE alleged directive by a section of the Northern leaders for their indigenes in the South to relocate to the North in view of alleged insecurity challenges, Hausa indigenes in the industrial town of Nnewi have said they were not contemplating relocating from the state.

Recall that some members of the Northern Elders Forum and the Coalition of the Northern Groups had asked Fulani herdsmen to leave the Southern part of Nigeria following alleged threat against them.

But the secretary to the Hausa community in Nnewi, Alhaji Sani Suleman said it would be difficult to leave the Southern part of the country where they had spent decades of their lives and have been living peacefully with their hosts.

According to him, some of them had lived in the region for more than forty years, insisting that anybody calling for their relocation to the North at this time

He said: “We have been living in the East since 1986 and it will not be possible for someone, after settling down in an area for decades, to just wake up and relocate to his state of origin.

“The Almighty Allah that created Nigeria and brought us together knows the reason he did so. One person cannot just break Nigeria for his personal interest.

“As we are living here in Nnewi, so are people from other parts of Nigeria living in the North and there is no way one can just get up and say Easterners go, Northerners go. It is not possible.”

Suleman said no fewer than 5,000 Hausas were residing in Nnewi and its environs, adding that their greatest preoccupation was to secure parcels of land to build mosques, cemetery and market.

“We have secured a piece of land in Nnewi to build a market, though not big enough. We have appealed to Igwe Nnewi, Chief Kenneth Orizu III to help us secure pieces of land for our needs, but he told us that land belongs to government. We have also appealed to the state government to allocate land to us and we are still waiting for government response,” he said.


Helen Paul in Big trouble after defending Regina Daniels marriage-see details

Uche Maduagwu blasts Helen Paul for defending Regina Daniels marriage

Controversial Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu has taken a swipe at actress Helen Paul for showing her support to Regina Daniels marriage to Ned Nwoko.

Helen Paul while defending Regina Daniels marriage to the politician, gad called other women criticizing the young actress ‘hypocrites’ saying most people would have jumped at the opportunity if they had it.

Uche however asked Helen Paul if she would support her teenage son going into such relationship with a 59-year-old woman.

He wrote,

“Ma, please would you clap for your 19 year old SON if he comes home from school with a 59 year old woman as a WIFE to be? Someone just showed me a video of you, and I just tried to twist the narrative a bit, to know if you’ll still disagree with women who are against a 19 year old girl allegedly getting married to her grandfathers age mate. There is a Yoruba adage that says “its sweet to watch a stranger display madness in the market” but who will ever pray for any member of his family to go through such trauma and agony?

“@itshelenpaul In this modern age, and with all the paraphernalia and gymnastics of feminism, it will be perturbing if we as celebrities, mothers and concerned women, do not viciously question the UGLY narrative of a young girl, who should be in the University studying to liberate the GIRL child from the valley of backwardness in Nigeria in FUTURE, who is now allegedly getting married to a very OLD man, even if other women criticizes such anomaly, we should also condemn it outrightly.

“@itshelenpaul I understand you’re just trying to make people understand that nothing is new under the SUN, but to be honest, whatever would push a 19 year old girl into allegedly marrying her GRANDFATHER age mate in this 21’st century, is certainly an augury of societal collapse? don’t you think so?”

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