Here is what Donald Trump have to say about Nigeria



*They are good in nothing else but making noise, dancing, marrying many wives, alcoholism, witchcraft, indulging in sex, pretending in church, jealousy, fighting and complaining of bad leadership; but, yet refuse to take a decisive action and protest to remove the brigands from position of power.*

*Let us all accept the fact that the black man is a symbol of poverty, mental inferiority, laziness and emotional incompetence.To make the matter worse, he can do everything possible to defend his stupidity. Give them money for development and they will fight and create hatred and enmity for themselves. Drill oil wells for them and they will not have peace all the days of their life.*

*See, for instance, what’s happening in Nigeria (a Country blessed with abundant resources), Southern Sudan, Malawi, DRC just to mention at few.*

*”This proves to anybody including a stupid fool that Africans do not know what they want. isn’t that plausible”?*

*”They are like monkeys looking for already ripping banana all over the world!!!.*

*Therefore that the white man is created to rule the black man, Africans will always have day dreams.*

*And here is the creature (black man) that lacks foresight but only sees what is near him and still fails to know what to do”*

*A black man is stupid to the extent that he cannot plan for his life beyond a year. Therefore how can they develop and live longer.*

*”Corruption in the west (And China) is a big abomination, but in Africa, it’s so huge that it is slowly becoming an acceptable way of life!!!.*(Shame, isn’t it?)

*They sing and rejoice to their corrupt political leaders.They worship their scandal-ridden religious leaders like their gods. Lest you forget, these so called Africans are praising, dancing and praying for the people that have impoverished them,and who comes to hide their loot here.*

*Then which fool argues that the black man is not born a beggar, grows a beggar, looks a beggar, falls sick as a beggar and dies a beggar. this has been proven beyond reasoning.*

*I wonder why even up to now most Africans still go to school by force, and those who are at school are are just drug addicts who don’t know what took them there. This is a pregnant stupidity in Africa. The body of Africans is a very fertile ground for all diseases in the world because they don’t fear even HIV/AIDS.*

*This leaves me with a question: Are our eyes created the same with those Africans? I hear there are still cultures in Africa that prohibit them from using latrines which is very annoying.*

*”They cried for independence but have failed to rule themselves”. For sure being African is a very untreatable disease that even prayers are not enough.*

*They have minerals but they cannot do anything with it. Therefore let us (whites) go to Africa and pick what we can pick and leave what is of no use. Poverty is a disease to the whites, but to the blacks it is very normal.*

*”Look at what is currently going on in Nigeria National Assembly. Legislators amending the constitution to favor themselves at the expense of two (200) million Nigerians.

*”Majority of these legislators are treasury looters who are intellectually barren but using the ill gotten wealth to oppress the citizens of that great country”.*

*”What a shame”!*

*Black people with black sense. The worst tragedy in Africa is that if you dare stand up and speak up for what’s right, you may end up regretting.*

*”The few wise and open-minded Africans who have tried to educate these fools about civilization have met the worst.They have been pushed hard on the wall, they have been silenced and others have been killed”.*

*Before I finish, let me tell Africans that before you jump and call me a racist, an anti-blacks or whatever term you may wish to use against me,1st tackle runaway corruption, dreadful terrorism, tribalism, poverty, unemployment, diseases, illiteracy, ignorance, and inequality, that have put your whole continent on the verge of collapse”.*

*”Hate me or love me, I don’t care.I know this is the plain truth which will never see the light of the day to the cowards that are afraid to be told as it is”.*

*By- Donald .J. Trump.*


HELP:he sponsored my education and built us a house but I cant marry him cause I don’t love him.

In the last three days. I have not been able to sleep. I have been thinking of how to break the news to this man. It’s even worse because my family loves him too much and would rather disown me than watch me walk away from him.For context, let say I come from a very poor background. We were so poor that my parents made it known early to us that higher education was beyond their capacity. There was no way they could afford to send five children to school at the same time or even at different times. However, they tried their best to ensure that we all went to good secondary schools and graduate with good results.

After my secondary school, I started work as an apprentice at a fashion designer’s place near my house. However, at around the same time, my younger brother was preparing for WAEC, which means my parents had to pay certain dues.

To pay for my apprenticeship in other to avoid embarrassment, I decided to go and work for some times, at least that way I’ll be able to get money to pay up and even buy my own sewing machine.

It was at my place of work that I met a man, yes, he’s married and a Muslim, But he never talked to me like he wanted to marry me or even date me. Because he’s quite young, we really vibe so much that I was able to confide in him. From there, we got talking more and he offered to help me.

After realizing that I had a good WAEC result, he persuaded me to take JAMB and from there I got admission to study an Education course. Although I keep a good record while in school, I still worked on my fashion designing.

In the long run, it was unavoidable that my family wouldn’t know about him. He became a regular visitor in our house. My parents even call him their son to his face, and behind him they refer to him as their son-in-law, there’s no amount of denial from me that could seem to convince them.

I should confess everything; he is familiar with my family to the extent that he built the family a house. Yes, my dad was able to save money to buy a land after many years, but with this man’s help he was able to complete the house when I was in my second year.

With my business which I was able to set up bountifully, thanks to this man too, I have been able to support the family and send my 2 younger siblings to higher institution.

Now, this man who’s been my helper is the source of my dilemma. A few days ago, he was talking about when I’ll like to get married and settle down finally. Mind you, I’m in my final year, and the thought of marriage has crossed my mind more than once, but I never imagined that I’ll be getting married to him, not at any time.

Now, the way he’s talking it’s like he expects me to marry him. I’m not a wicked person because I’m really grateful for all his help. But will I marry a man I don’t love?

Helen akpabio buries her father in paw paw shaped casket

Actress/evangelist Helen Ukpabio buried her father in a pawpaw-shaped casket.

The 50-year-old, who is the General Overseer of the African Evangelical franchise Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries, buried her late father, Chief Essesien Akpabio, on Saturday, November 23, in Mbente village, Ini Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.

See more photos of the pawpaw-shaped casket below.

Actress/evangelist, Helen Ukpabio buries her father in pawpaw-shaped casket in Akwa Ibom state

Heart breaking : A Beautiful Nigerian bride find out she was HIV positive a week before her wedding.

A doctor who took to Twitter to stress the need for a medical test, disclosed that a Nigerian bride who came in for her test with her husband just found out she is HIV positive with just one week to their wedding.  It was discovered that the bride-to-be was HIV positive. No doubt, discovering that a person is infected with the virus is not another way of saying his or her life has ended.

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Photo credit; Uncle suru

But in this particular situation, the bride-to-be’s ailing health condition was only discovered one week to her wedding with her sweetheart. Now, dealing with this news, and then, planning a wedding – that is if there is still a marriage ceremony to plan – can be very traumatic.

Photo credit; Twitter

The doctor who revealed that the Nigerian bride just found out she is HIV positive with just one week to their wedding, added that the test left him in tears and he can’t stop crying. He wrote on Twitter;

”IDK who need to hear this, Please do your check up some months to your wedding and know your status and that of your partner not when it next week or next day to the wedding. Couples to be just came for it now, The bride is Hiv+! Just week to thier wedding. cant stop my tears”.

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Knowing the shattering effect of this news, the doctor felt really sorry for them. Hence, while he took to sharing this story . He also advised couples to go for medical tests and check their results long before a wedding is even planned as knowing about any mishap just a week to a planning union is not very ideal

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Many people have reacted to this post in quite expected ways. See some of the reactions below: “There is nothing to be sad about. If you allow love to concur.

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HIV is no more the death sentence it use to be. With ARV the bride will have low viral load and won’t be able to even pass the virus to the husband and she won’t die not even in 50 years time. People need more education about HIV.” another user said,

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nikky248: “Now the test of true love comes into play.

” ngwajanengweji: “Most people lack knowledge abt HIV if they could learn and stop living in 1980’s and open their minds to education.”

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_.rubie__: “They can still get married tho.

” uzoukwucynthia: “They can go ahead with d wedding if they want to. Treatment is free and available.”

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