Gunmen invaded police station killed SARS officers and free prisoners in Enugu.

Recall that owing to high handedness and brutality of some SARs operatives towards some Nigerians, especially the youths who move about with expensive phones or cars, coupled with reports of intimidation, harassment and outright extortion by officers of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), many Nigerians have called for the scraping of the Police force unit.

Moreover, although, the IGP, M.A Adamu, on Sunday, has banned the personnel of the FSARS and other Police tactical squads from routine patrols, many of the SARs officers were reported to be carrying out illegal duties and harrazement of innocent citizens.

Consequently, in another news that filtered in on Tuesday, it was gathered that some gunmen has allegedly invaded a Police station in Enugu, set prisoners free, burn down the Police station and reportedly killed some SARS operatives, just has many were said to be injured.

According a resident of the city, Mirabel, who shared the news online, it was further revealed that there is apprehension among the residents of the area at the moment.

In her words, she said:

BREAKING NEWS: Gunmen CLASH With SARS Officers At Their Police Station In Enugu State, 6 SARS Operatives killed, Many Injured, Prisoners Set Free And Their Station Set Ablaze. More Details Coming Soon.”

Consequently, many who reacted to the report, have said that it is high time the government listen to the citizens on call for the dissolution of the Police unit, to avoid this kind of ugly development.

However, in your view, do you think the government and the IGP are showing seriousness towards taming the activities of the SARS men ?

Traffic Jam-Nigerian man calls helicopter to pick him up while stranded in a Traffic-video


A man has shocked many motorists and other commuters on the Lagos-Benin Expressway after he called a helicopter to lift him out of traffic.

Many of the commuters were left shocked as the helicopter landed and picked up the unidentified man before flying into the sky.

The mesmerised commuters took out their phones to record the incident.

Watch video:

Embedded video



@gidifeedtv: Nigerian Man Who Stuck In Traffic For Over 2 Hours On The Lagos Benin Expressway Called An Helicopter To Come Pick Him Up!!! @Gidi_Traffic

Mama peace rocks in a new photo looking Adorable-wife of goodluck Jonathan-patience Jonathan

The wife of an ex-president of Nigeria, Patience Jonathan appears all-smiles as she arrives Government house, Port Harcourt with her hubby, Goodluck Jonathan.

The couple’s visit to the Government House, Port Harcourt, Rivers State is in effort to attend the public presentation of a book chronicling the achievements of Governor Wike.

See photos below;

I remove my manhood long time ago

Nigerian Business tycoon and crossdresser Bobrisky, has revealed what he did to his manhood.

In his recent post on Instagram, the effeminate shared a photo of himself wearing a red body-fitted catsuit and captioned it;

“Okay, let me help you all, those of you asking where is my (manhood) I don cut am since. What would a fine girl like me be doing with a gbola. I hope I have answered all your questions.”

A fan went on to ask in the comment section;

“Bob, Sorry for asking ooo did you feel any pain then when cutting it and since you have cut it what is now there?”

Bobrisky picked interest in that comment, he replied;

“small pain”

See the Instagram post below,

Guys Use this simple Rule and you can win over any Nigerian lady

Women can be very difficult when they want to but at the same time very easy to win over by a man. There are a few simple rules that a guy must follow to win most women over. These rules are not for those stalking a lady or increasingly bothering her. If she says no to you initially, you may want to let go. Below are a few rules including Dos and Don’ts;

Image result for Simple Rules on How to Win a Lady Over

Do not compliment her on her legs instead, compliment her personality.

Show her that you’re a gentleman by just shaking her hands after introducing yourself to her.

Do not touch her in invasive spot instead touch her in a non-invasive spot like her shoulder. If she’s receptive, then you can touch her more.

You can offer her a seat if she’s standing in a crowded bus. They may say chivalry is dead but not to every lady.

You can ask her questions about herself but not boring ones.

Image result for Simple Rules on How to Win a Lady Over

Be confident when speaking to her and stare into her eyes during a conversation but let her catch you checking her out later on.

Feel free to tell her funny stories or jokes that are true not made up.

Do not talk about other girls while in a conversation with her and do not look at other girls either.

You can ask her about the types of movies she likes and her favourite TV series.

Complement her whenever she says something negative about herself.

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Allow her to borrow your jacket if she’s cold.

If you hooked up through a dating app, mention something about her bio, not her picture.

Like her selfies.

Do not immediately make the conversation sexual it could seem annoying to her, if possible, let her initiate it.

Do not make her guess what you want but rather tell her often how much you like/love her.

If you have muscles, wear clothes that show them off sometimes.

When she hugs you do not let go too quickly.

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If you invite her over, make sure your apartment is tidy so that she’ll know you’re a responsible adult.

Do not forget to let her know that you’re smart by starting conversations on topics you’re knowledgeable about.

It’s okay to let her see you’re jealous when another guy looks at her but don’t let her see you get pissed. It’s a huge turn-off.

When she sits on a bench or couch, do not sit at the other extreme but rather sit next to her.

When you have food with you remember to offer her some.

You can tease her playfully in a way that let her know you’re not mean to her.

Related image

If you have pets could be a dog or a cat, introduce her to your pets.

You can give her a cute nickname or play name something personalized not ”baby”

Never forget pointless little things about her like her best friend’s name, her favourite snack etc

When you’re caught staring, smile at her so she doesn’t get creeped out.

Ask her to dance.

Introduce her to your friends and parents.

When you ask her out, invite her to a dinner where you can actually have a conversation.

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