Ghanian woman fell and died cause of coronavirus infront of a restaurant.

A Ghanaian woman in the United States of America has felt her untimely death infront of a restaurant.

Ghanaian woman just fell and died from coronavirus infront of a restaurant

The woman collapsed and died infront of Popeyes Restaurant in Bronx, United States of America.

People close to the scene fear to touch her with fears that she might’ve died from the dreadful coronavirus.

The woman went there to get food and after leaving the restaurant with the food, she collapsed and died.

She collapsed infront of a car belonging to another Ghanaian who also came to the restaurant for food.

Ghana becomes the first African country to lift lockdown, Despite recording 1042 cases for covid 19.

London, April 20, 2020 (AltAfrica)-Ghana has announced a suspension of its three week lockdown on major cities in the country despite the tally of coronavirus cases hitting 1042.

This makes Ghana one of the first countries worldwide to ease restrictions on movement during the pandemic

President-Nana-Addo-Dankwa-Akufo-Ghana becomes first African country to lift coronavirus lockdown despite recording 1,042 cases

Addressing the nation in a televised broadcast, the President said the lockdown will be lifted from 1 am on Monday, April 20

Accra, Tema, Kumasi and Kasoa cities were placed under a three-week lockdown when the country started recording cases.

The partial lockdown was meant to help contain the spread of the virus in the cities deemed the epicenter in Ghana.

Restrictions however remain on public social gatherings while borders are also remaining closed for the mean time.

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(Warning Graphics)Newly Released video of ISWAP terrorist beheading christains on Christmas day.

(WARNING: Graphic) Newly released beheadings video could signal a re-emergence of the Islamic State

Islamic State affiliate (ISWAP) in Nigeria has

During the Obama regime era, which seeded the rise of ISIS following the premature U.S. withdrawal of all troops from Iraq, ISIS beheading videos became a regular feature on Youtube and other video sites. When Youtube began censoring them, they moved to the Dark Net, but were still readily available for viewing (as those who have been BNI readers for a long time likely remember).
In the past few years, as ISIS suffered major defeats in the Middle East, the videos also disappeared. But apparently, an ISIS affiliate has started beheading Christians in Nigeria, a country that is approximately 50% Christian and 50% Muslim, with Muslims working hard to become the majority.
NY Post The Islamic State has released a video which purportedly shows the brutal execution of 11 blindfolded Christians in Nigeria, the day after Christmas, in revenge for the killing of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and IS spokesman Abdul-Hasan al-Muhajir, accordign to Ahmad Salkida – a journalist who was first sent the video.
The barbaric act that was clearly timed to coincide with Christmas, according to reports.
“This is a message to Christians all over the world,” a masked man says in the one-minute video posted online late Thursday by the terror group’s Amaq news agency. No details were given about the victims, but ISIS said they were “captured in the past weeks” in Nigeria’s northeastern Borno state, according to the BBC. One captive was shot dead while the other 10 were beheaded.
The executed Nigerian Christians
Below is the censored Twitter video which shows the lead-up to the beheadings but not the actual beheadings.


GRAPHIC CLIP: 11 Nigerian male Christians including soldiers, Aid workers & civilians abducted by Islamic State Wilayat Gharb Ifriqiyah were on Christmas day Beheaded excluding one who was shot execution style.

N.B (Edited Video only posted for research, Intel purposes)

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In recent months, ISWAP has ramped up its attacks on Christians, security personnel and aide, setting up roadblocks on highways and conducting searches, according to Agence France-Presse.

Below are graphic photos from one of the infamous ISIS beheadings in 2015 of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya.

An affiliate of Islamic State in North Sinai started an insurgency after the Egyptian military’s ouster in 2013 of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.The photos are from the ISIS video entitled “A Message Signed With Blood to the Nation of the Cross.”

Also in 2015, the Islamic State (ISIS) slaughters and beheads 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya.

In the video, an ISIS terrorist affirms that they will continue killing Christians until “polytheism” is destroyed, that is, until the belief in the Trinity is destroyed.
A masked man wielding a gun says that Christians must convert to Islam or pay a special tax as prescribed by the Quran. The video then alternates between images of captives in the south who shot dead and others in the east to the beheading on a beach.

And then there were the American and British aid workers that ISIS beheaded in Syria:


GHANAIAN lady cries out after she noticed Sugar Daddy saves her number as ‘Bolar Bird’

Ghanaian Lady Cries After Finding Out That Her Sugar Daddy Saved Her Name As ‘Borla Bird’

But what name was she expecting her sugar daddy to save on his mobile phone; honey, sweetheart or love? This Ghanaian lady must be an idiot for thinking she has a special place in the heart of her sugar daddy.

A Ghanaian lady with the name Akosua Oduraa Kaakyire Makafui says she is surprised that her sugar daddy saved her name “Borla bird” and she announced this on her Facebook timeline.

What do you expect to be called when all you know is following married men? Obviously, these are some of the names such idiots deserve.

“Borla Bird” is the perfect name for Akosua and I agree with her sugar daddy for putting her in the right category.

On Facebook, Akosua posted; “You won’t believe my sugar daddy saved my name borla bird”.

Perhaps, side chicks should now be called “Borla birds” because it perfectly fits their status.

Four missing Ghanian girls was sold in Nigeria for N1.8M each-suspect.

Prime suspect in the case of three missing girls from Takoradi, Ghana, Samuel Udoetuk, has reportedly revealed that the females were sold for N1.8m each in Nigeria.

According to Bureau of National Investigations sources, Udoetuk confessed that the girls were sold to an operator of a baby factory at Onitsha in Anambra State.

He further admitted to carrying out the act together with two other suspects, John Oji and Chika Nnodim, who have also been arrested in relation to the crime.

Priscilla Bentum was the first to have been kidnapped and reportedly transported to Nigeria in December by John and Chika, while Priscilla Kuranchie and Ruth Quayson were sent in January through the Aflao border, according to The Chronicle, a Ghanaian publication.

The victims were heavily sedated when they were being transported to Nigeria to avoid the risk of them raising the alarm.

After receiving information, the BNI reportedly followed up on it and confirmed the existence of a baby factory ring in Onitsha where young girls are sold off to kingpins for the purpose of making babies for adoption by rich families in Nigeria and elsewhere.

Investigations into the disappearance of the three girls are still ongoing with a forensic team from the Ghana Police Service expected to arrive in Takoradi to collect DNA samples from their families.

This is to enable the team carry out the necessary tests on the body parts found in the uncompleted residence of Udoetuk in Takoradi believed to be the remains of four people suspected to have been killed by him.

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